Air Pirates

Jungle Aces
Louie's Monkey Staff
Sally's Alley
Robed Thugs
Walla Walla Bingbang Denizens

Note:  Don Karnage is listed under Elite Eight since he's one of the principal players.  Of the air pirates, only Dumptruck, Mad Dog and Gibber have distinct personalities, as opposed to the 'group mentality' explored here.  


A ragtag bunch of sleazy-looking canines (although, Hacksaw (the big Cockney one with a weird bauble around his ears is a cat, I think) whose idea of fun is terrorizing hapless cargo pilots by shooting at them in a dogfight, robbing them of their cargo and sometimes even shoving them off their own plane.  Fortunately (and too coincidentally, every attacked pilot has his parachute handy).  It is extremely doubtful if any of these guys ever have used a bathtub, although they may have seen a picture of one once.

Voice:  Chuck McCann
Big, slowmoving, thick-headed mastiff... speaks with a duh-Swedish accent.

Voice:  Chuck McCann
Scruffy little canine pirate who always whispers suggestions in Don Karnage's ear.  Possibly the smartest one in the group.

Voice:  Charles Adler

Hal (cat pirate)
Voice:  Frank Welker

Mad Dog
Scrawny, whiny canine with long Fu Manchu mustache... kinda resembles a weasel.  That's Weasell!"

(atmospheric/non-speaking characters)

Accountant (A Star is Torn and From Here to Machinery)
Voice:  Ed Gilbert
This bespectacled turkey with a nasal voice is the much abused accountant for Kitten Kaboodle's Starrywood film.   Briefly whines about the 'accidents' to Rebecca before a big wooden box falls on top of him.  In From Here to Machinery, he's defects from Higher for Hire to use Professor Torque's mechanical pilots instead.   Rebecca, of course, is livid.
"But we had phone calls!  Meetings!" She shakes him violently and screams in his ear, "I listened to your frozen okra stories for a solid week!"

Alligator Policeman (Bullethead Baloo)
Voice:  Rodger Bumpass (I love that last name!) 

Amelia Airhead
(hen?) (non-speaking)
Female pilot who appears in A Baloo Switcheroo (audience at the Fly-Offs); Bearly Alive (captured by Howard Huge).

Baloo Doppelganger (brown twin) (Louie's Place)
Dances around Baloo and Louie in The Ransom of Red Chimp.

Brutus (A Star is Torn (La Rotune Restaurant), For Whom the Bell Klangs (restaurant in Gaphia)
Gorilla bouncer who seems to work at the places the Maitre 'de does.  Throws out people who aren't movie stars on command.

Chauffeur (A Star is Torn)
Voice:  Jack Angel
"Frankly, my dear, I don't have a dime."
Monkey driver of the limo that takes the gang to Starrywood.

FLAP Clerk (A Wing and a Bear)
Voice:  Ed Gilbert 

Hog Salesman (The Bigger They Are, The Louder They Oink)
Voice:  Jack Angel
Unctuous hippo whose "Yesssssss?" drawl belies his sharp instincts for an easy mark.  He knows exactly what to say to get slob-shy Rebecca to buy a truffle-hunting monster pig.

18th Class Postal Clerk (Your Baloo's in the Mail)
Voice:  Howard Morris

Clopstokia Finance Minister (Whistlestop Jackson, Legend)
Voice:  Jack Angel
Obviously modeled on late character actor Peter Lorre, with his sibilant, oily, Igor mannerisms, this (weasel?)'s future depends on the delivery of fireworks.  I forget why.  I'll find out when I review the episode someday.

Hyena Guard (The Bigger They Are, the Louder They Oink)
Voice:  Pat Fraley

Kit's Spelling Teacher (Vowel Play)
Voice:  Linda Gary

Lady Pig (Louie's Place) (non-speaking)
A huge porcine party-loving regular at Louie's
Appears in:  Louie's Last Stand and The Ransom of Red Chimp.  She has curly brown hair, long eyelashes and a beauty mark.  Can hug several people at once.

Lady Rhinoceros (Lost Horizons, Louie's Last Stand, Plunder & Lightning, Vowel Play)
"Wait for a dryer like everyone else!"
Dark brown hair pulled in a topknot, Irish brogue.  Teddy (see below) has been seen with her, so he may be her son. A very gullible woman who Detective Thursday tricks again and again into looking out the Laundromat window at 'that dancing bear that juggles... and chews gum at the same time!'  When she finally wises up, she tells him off (see above quote), only to be shoved roughly out of the way and told 'this dryer is a deputized member of law enforcement.  Now kindly step aside, ma'am."

Maitre 'de (A Star is Torn (La Rotune Restaurant), For Whom the Bell Klangs (restaurant in Gaphia)
Voice:  Jack Angel
"We only serve movie stars.  Brutus!"
Practically the Hog Salesman's evil twin, only in a tux.  Not adverse to having troublemakers thrown out on their rear (especially people who don't have a reservation or worse --- are not movie stars.

Pigmies (The Bigger They Are, the Louder They Oink and cameo in Sheepskin Deep)
Voice:  Frank Welker?
In 'Bigger', these short but dangerous alligator natives try to cook Rebecca and Hogzilla.  In 'Sheepskin Deep', Baloo mistakenly delivers knitting needles for their marching band.  

Teddy (bear) (non-speaking)
A Baloo Switcheroo, Lost Horizons, Vowel Play
About 12, light brown fur, stockily muscular with a nasty smirk.  The coach in A Baloo Switcheroo is possibly his father.  You just know this guy's destined to be a jock... the kind who enjoys pushing other kids' heads in toilets.  The Nelson Muntz (Simpsons ref.) of the TS world.

Tiny (bear)
Bringing Down Babyface
"The name's Tiny... and I ain't never heard of him (Babyface)."
Huge bear (even bigger than Baloo);  proprietor of Tiny's Grill (a bar/restaurant)  He's big, pale gray, and mean-looking.  Wears a bartender's apron and has a high voice that belies his gargantuan frame.  Acts as his own bouncer... Baloo is about to get the trouncing of his life out in the alley when... but when he comes back into the bar...
Rebecca:  "How'd you stop him?"
Baloo:  "I didn't ---  a truck hit him."


Time Waits for No Bear (a few lines) and A Star is Torn (non-speaking, except for grunts of pain)
Stork Husband 
Voice:  Corey Burton

Hippo Wife
Voice:  Jodi Carlisle
Wildcat (as a flight attendant) offers them refreshments.
"What kind of sandwiches?" then squeals in disgust when Wildcat offers her the sandwiches from his pocket!
In A Star is Torn, this same couple is sunbathing on a Starrywood beach set until Becky and Kitten both trample them with stilts)

Waldo (chimp) (a few lines) (Jolly Molly Christmas)
Voice:  Richard Karron
Wears an elf costume to give 'Santa's Workshop' atmosphere, reads Molly's letter out loud and has brief, hurried exchanges with Louie as they run around trying to keep the illusion alive.  Tries to keep Louie's customers out so Molly won't find out she's in Louie's Place. 
"Come on, Waldo, we always spend Christmas eve at Louie's." Apparently these guys don't have homes (*G*). Customers include a loud-mouthed fox (the leader), a bear I recognized as a member of RL Disneyland's Country Bear Jamboree, and a few Thembrians.  
Oscar Wiggerstomper (badger) (Bearly Alive (at the end)
Appeared in 
"Uh, excuse me... pardon me... but has the pilot position been filled?"
A mild-mannered pilot famous for having never done anything historic in Bearly Alive.   In fact, he served as a sort of running gag.  Answered Rebecca's ad in Flyboy Magazine to replace Baloo at H4H when she believed he wouldn't return from the Bearmuda Trapezoid.

Appeared in another ep (silent) but I have to check where.  You'll live.


Babyface Half-Nelson's Gang (Bringing Down Babyface)
This felonious gang, headed by Babyface Half-Nelson and his mom, Mrs. Half-Nelson (A cross between Ma Beagle and Ma Barker), is a small group (canines, I think).  Babyface cracks safes with his head to increase their cash flow, with his loving, equally felonious mommy behind him all the way.

Garth and partner (Save the Tiger)
Garth, a gray panther and his partner an short-but-tough unnamed tiger, kidnap Baloo at Khan's orders in order to teach the pilot a lesson in greed.  Garth is the taller, more urbane one and obviously the second-in-command.  However, he narrowly escapes getting his kneecaps broken during a telephone conversation with his ominous boss when he yells at Baloo to shut up.
"Oh no, not you, sir.  Yes sir, I like my knees very much, sir!"

The tiger goon is muscle, plain and simple.

Hans and Helga
(The Balooest of Bluebloods)
Voices:  Hans - Stan Jones; Helga - Joan Gerber
They're not technically gangsters, but they are crooks.  When Baloo finds out he's a baron, he inherits a castle and two servants.  Hans is a raccoon butler and Helga is a shrew housekeeper... they come from a long line of servants who have been bumping off Baloo's ancestors to inherit the castle.

Krazy Edie (The Sound and the Furry)
Voice:  Billy Hayes
Bird mechanic who sabotages planes so she can change outrageous rates.  Her cohort is a crocodile named Al (doesn't speak), who keeps her enslaved 'gremlins' or 'lobsters' in line (4 furry creatures she forces to wreck planes) 

Owl Capone's Gang (My Fair Baloo)

Lefty (heavy-set black bird... crow?) is a gangster and a capable pilot who managed to get the Spruce Moose craft out through the cliffs.  The other two members of the gang are twin white ganders.

Miners (Jim Citizen Khan)
Giraffe: Ron Feinberg

Trader Moe
(Double or Nothing, The Golden Sprocket of Friendship, Time Waits for No Bear)
Voice:  Jim Cummings
Quote:  "I gotta get me better goons."
A very short, foul-tempered alligator gangster who keeps a huge arsenal in his desk drawer.  Deals in illegal import/export of dubious goods and jewel theft.  Sort a reptilian Yosemite Sam.

Trader Moe's Goons
Voice:  Jim Cummings (Ape Goon)
Quote:  "Duh... sorry, boss."
Two HUGE thugs (a rhino and an ape) who run errands, take messages and steal.  They're extremely violent (will shoot anyone without question including at their own leader ("Readyaimfire!")), stupid (they make Homer Simpson look like a genius) and easily fooled (as Baloo and Kit have proven in the past).  They are more a hindrance than a help to their boss, who's always muttering, "I gotta get me better goons!".  They're probably still together.

Muffy and Buffy Vanderschmere (A Touch of Glass)
Voices:  Frank Welker (Buffy); 
Snobbish fox couple who employ H4H to transport their family jewels (couldn't resist) to Hyenasport.  Muffy (the wife) wears a blue dress and hat and (occasionally) shoulder-length blonde hair.  Buffy (husband) dresses like a golfer.
Quotes:  "Have you seen what's written in the restroom?"


Bullethead Baloo, Captains Outrageous

Voice:  Whitby Hertford

Oscar Van Dersnoot
A small group of Kit Cloudkicker's friends who have formed a club.  Ernie, who's listed in one/two-shot character page is the unofficial leader of the Jungle Aces.  Members include a hippo (need to check the rest of the them).  Oscar Van Dersnoot is the latest member to join, as shown in Captains Outrageous.


Flunkey Monkey (that white-haired monkey waiter) (From Here to Machinery, A Touch of Glass)
who reveals the discarded jewels ("Hey, boss... look what we found in the bushes.") and yells, "Jump!  Jump!"  and "Go get 'em!" when Louie and Rebecca chase foxy Muffy and Buffy in Glass. I suspect that his design was based on the annoying "Flunky Monkey" in 1967's The Jungle Book (insists on showing off his vocal range during King Louie's signature song,  I Wan'na Be Like You)

(the lead 'elf') in Jolly Molly Christmas.  Also see 'Cameos' on this page.

(piano player) in Louie's Last Stand, A Touch of Glass

Waiters (too many to mention)  There was even a monkey waitress somewhere.

Gas attendants

They fill up the visiting pilot customers' gas tanks while they enjoy a meal inside the club.  One cantankerous mechanic (Danny Mann) has a speaking part in Glass.


Emperor of Pandala
(Last Horizons)
Wan Lo
Voice:  Robert Ito 
Deceptively benign panda ruler of Pandala, and father of three.  A very hospitable host to visitors with connections to conquerable lands.  Wears a long red robe and is quite cultured... unless he gets so mad that he hops up and down.  Has two stupid sons and a cute little daughter, whose innocent playfulness reveals a dangerous secret.  A gracious host with ulterior motives, so don't don't enjoy the hospitality too much!
Quote:  "I do love the smell of conquered territory in the morning."


Freelance Pilots

Hippo pilot
(Feminine Air, The Sound and the Furry (speaking part)
Filler character whenever there's a need to show pilots in a group.  In 'Sound', he makes a crack about his mother-in-law, so we know he's married.   He's crude and obnoxious and definitely has a mob mentality (witness how easily he follows the crowd in attacking Baloo in 'Sound').

Jacques Tourjour
(Ransom of Red Chimp)
Quote:  "But madam, I have an air race to attend!"
Aunt Louise:  "Not anymore, my little croissant!"
The hapless recipient of Aunt Louise's affections at the end of The Ransom of Red Chimp.
French pilot who Louie inadvertently gets in trouble with Aunt Louise, but it's a toss-up as to what's more painful, her wrath or her passion.

Wiley Pole (A Bad Reflection on You, The Sound and the Furry)
Voice:  Frank Welker

Cranky old codger lion.  Short, mustachioed and more of a background character (either sits in the back of Louie's Place or off-screen (communicates by radio).  He's a big jerk in most of  his appearances.

Khan's Flyboys (those darn panthers!)
Interchangable dark gray panthers who bear a a startling resemblance to Bagheera of Disney's 1967 The Jungle Book. Sightings include:  Khan Towers (where they receive orders), Louie's Place (to relax).  As far as being good guys/villains, let's just say they're flexible.  Depending on Khan's agenda, they'll either be good little flyboys or else try to blow the Sea Duck out of the sky.  The closest thing is an individual in the bunch are the pilots who resentfully carry out out Khan's 'orders' (actually instigated by Douglas ("Don't call me Dougie") Benson in Louie's Last Stand.  They laugh at him and contemptuously call him 'Poindexter'.


For Whom the Bell Klangs (Parts 1 and 2)

Those red-robed guys, true to form, are the simple-minded followers of their leader, Thadeus E. Klang (see One-Shot Characters).  They ride horses, have no qualms about tying beautiful archaeologists to a camel and sending it stampeding into the desert. They are very much like the Jawa tribe in the first Star Wars movie (muttering incoherently, shuffling in long hooded robes that obscure their features).  No one is quite sure what kind of creatures they're supposed to be.  One of them is an aspiring singer until Klang snarls, "I said B, not B flat!"  Klang's species is also 'cloaked' until the end of the show.


Mach One for the Gipper

This combination cafe/pool hall is Ace London's favorite hang-out.   He appears to be a regular, the way Baloo's a fixture at Louie's Place. 
Sally (Maggie Roswell) is the proprietor, with a ponytail, shades, a mole and a sexy voice.  Ace calls her 'Sal, my gal'.
Female Groupie: Blonde ponytail, pretty. Her one line is an adoring, "Golly, Ace!  Did it work?"


The Flight of the Snow Duck, Flight School Confidential, Flying Dupes, Gruel and Unusual Punishment, A Spy in the Ointment, Time Waits for No Bear

Thembrians are blue-gray warthogs with rigid mindsets, with the exception of Dunder, who's a real sweetheart.  Their obsession with rules and very strange laws cause the H4H crew a lot of grief.  Their justice system is determined by kangaroo courts (Time Waits for No Bear)

Colonel Spigot

Voice:  Michael Gough
"I'm Colonel Spigot...perhaps you've heard of me?"
Very funny little fascist with a Napoleonic complex.  Bullies Sergeant Dander, his second-in-command.

Gameshow Host

(Think of a cheerfully sadistic Richard Dawson... or else see The Running Man with Arnold Schwarzenegger)
Radio program:  This Was Your Life (prisoners or "contestants" are introduced to people in their past before being put before an eager firing squad)

High Marshall

Flying Dupes, A Spy in the Ointment

Voice:  Jack Angel
The law of Thembria who rules with an iron...hoof.  He has a very thick Thembrian accent (read: Russian) and absolutely no sense of humor.

High Marshall's wife  
A Spy in the Ointment

Voice:  Sheryl Bernstein
Ugly female boar who never speaks...  just grunts, "Hmmph!" with displeasure when her hubby makes eyes at a certain folk dancer.  Extreme jealous streak (although who'd ever want her husband I'll never know) Has a mean punch.

Sergeant Dunder
Voice:  Lorenzo Music

Slush Parade Announcer (Flight of the Snow Duck)

Slush Police Officer #1
(Flight of the Snow Duck)


Waiders of the Wost Tweasure

Pwincess Gwace (white swan) (see One-Shot Characters)

Pwince Wudolph (black swan) (see One-Shot Characters)

Guards (black swans)  Notable for running around in a horse's costume at the ball.  

Party Guests (at Masquerade Ball)
Not positive, but I suspect that 'good swans' are white and the 'bad swans' are black in this episode.  

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