Kit Cloudkicker

by Cody



Species: Bear (male)

Age: 12


Appearance:  Deceptively cute, boy-next-door type with moments of what Spinners call “mad Kit” where he looks murderous

Eyes:  Dark and intelligent


Hair:  Short and brown, same color as his fur

Body Type:  Wiry and athletic


Clothing:  Usually a white turtleneck under a green sweater with a yellow patch on the right elbow and blue and red baseball cap, though he has been known to wear a gangster suit and fedora (Time Waits for No Bear, Bringing Down Babyface), a white tank top and blue running shorts (Baloo Switcheroo), an odd purple coat and yellow bandana (I Only Have Ice for You), a blue jumpsuit, complete with helmet and goggles (Stormy Weather), a cowboy outfit (A Star is Torn), and even Don Karnage’s blue and red coat (A Bad Reflection on You 2).


Personality:  Remarkably well-adjusted, Kit is easy-going, resourceful, and clever. He has seen the rough side of life, but this has not made him cynical, jaded, or suspicious of everyone. Though he is not a paragon of virtue and goodness, he is more mature than most twelve-year-olds and often acts as Baloo’s conscience. He is not afraid of hard work and has an apoplectic fit when Baloo uses his money in a “get-rich-quick” scheme (Double or Nothing). He is daring and doesn’t mind “taking chances” (Stormy Weather). Kit can be stubborn and his pride often makes him do foolish things to prove himself, such as join a shifty weasel’s air circus and try to fly a Thunderyak solo. Though he and Baloo are pals and he considers Higher for Hire home, he is more than willing to leave and try to make a name for himself (Stormy Weather, Flight School Confidential, and to a lesser extent, A Star is Torn). He hates being laughed at and people telling him he can’t do something really irks him to the point that he will go to any lengths to prove them wrong (Flight School Confidential, Stormy Weather).


Voice:  R.J. Williams; Alan Roberts (a few episodes)



Comments by Others:

“That kid is somethin’ else!”

-- Baloo (Plunder and Lightning)


“…I know, but Kit is talented. Maybe he’s cut out for something better than hauling cargo.  And if he is, who are we to hold him down?”

-- Rebecca (Stormy Weather)


“This here’s Kit Cloudkicker, the best navigator in these skies and if he says we can do it, we can do it!”

-- Baloo (A Bad Reflection on You, Part 2)


“That boy of Baloo’s is less than something to me.”

-- Don Karnage (Captains Outrageous)


“You’re a good pretender, Kit. That looks like it really hurt.”

-- Molly (It Came From Beneath the Sea Duck)


“Some cloudsurfer you are!”

-- Molly (Mommy for a Day)


“You’re an ace, Li’l Britches. Don’t know where I’d be without you.”

-- Baloo (Stormy Weather)


“The only good thing about you is Kit!”

-- Baloo and Ignatz (Polly Wants a Treasure)


“I love that boy.”

-- Baloo, admiring Kit’s sneakiness and daring after he takes a peek at Becky’s “trespassers-will-be-shot” calendar that she keeps locked in her desk. (Mollycoddled)

Best Episodes


Plunder and Lightning

Stormy Weather

Flight School Confidential

It Came From Beneath the Sea Duck

A Bad Reflection on You




Best Lines:


“Stuff it in your windsock!”  (Plunder and Lightning, Part 1)


“Friends? I don’t have any friends!  I walked here.” (Plunder and Lightning, part 1)


“You can’t tell me what to do! You’re not my dad!” (Stormy Weather)


“Gee, Baloo. That’s putting your money where your mouth is.” (The Bigger They Are, the Louder They Oink)


“Oh, yeah. Gobs of fun.” (Time Waits for No Bear)


“Isn’t this a little like…stealing?” (Pizza Pie in the Sky)


“Make me.” (Plunder and Lightning, Part 4)


“You’re nothin’ but a cheap crook, Karnage.” (Plunder and Lightning, Part 4)


“I sorta… moved the dynamite.” (Louie’s Last Stand)


“That’s a plan? Look, I’ll just swim home!” (Time Waits for No Bear)


“Oh yeah? Well I’m going where they’ll let a kid like me get his wings!” (Flight School Confidential)


“Whew! I hope nobody saw that.”  (Flight School Confidential)


“Forget her, Baloo! Remember the treasure.” (Plunder and Lightning, part 2)


“Yo, Captain. How’d I do?” (Plunder and Lightning, part 3)


“Can it, rudder rump.” (Plunder and Lightning, part 3)

Love Life:  Yet to be.  Definitely not on his list of priorities.  He’d rather cloudsurf.




Why I like Kit:

Kit does have a somewhat shady past, but he hasn’t let a less-than-perfect childhood turn him into a dark, brooding, trust no one type (I’m glad the writers didn’t do that because it’s so trite). I like his combination of maturity and innocence as well as his ability to get himself into terrible scrapes because of his pride. Like Rebecca’s greed, Kit’s pride adds a realistic flaw to his character. He is also not a child-lover. He doesn’t dislike them, but he baby-sits Molly not because he loves her as a sister and wants to spend time with her, but because “the money’s good” (It Came From Beneath the Sea Duck). He would make a good mercenary. J Kit also has this little quirk that makes me laugh. He was a pirate for a year and who knows what he did before that. Yet more than once in the series (The Time Bandit, Pizza Pie in the Sky), when Baloo has wanted to “borrow” something or play a trick on Becky, Kit has protested that he’s stealing or that he doesn’t think they should, as if that’s a deadly sin that a “good widdle bear cub” like him would never do. Except of course when it’s convenient to him, such as when he wants to get rich (Plunder and Lightning) or blow a certain psycho-businessman to kingdom come (Louie’s Last Stand). Sometimes he can get a little neurotic about things, such as Baloo using Kit’s life savings on a stupid scheme (Double or Nothing), but most times he’s very laid back and tolerant of the insanity that goes on around him, such as when Baloo tries to prove the existence of Santa Claus (Jolly Molly Christmas) or wants to cook pizzas in a volcano (Pizza Pie in the Sky). Kit is a character that I admire, not only for his somewhat questionable past but for his ability to adjust quickly to new situations and his clever way of manipulating people.



November 2001


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