(appeared in one or two episodes)

Ace London (Mach One for the Gipper)
Voice:  Phil Hartman
Egotistical wolf pilot who tells stories about himself to an enraptured audience wherever he goes.  A childhood rival of Baloo's, he never misses the chance to humiliate Baloo and crush the bear's attempts to succeed.  A liar and a cheat, Ace will go to any lengths to get the glory...and Baloo's goat.
Quote:  Every time a group of admirers yell, 'Ace London!", he cockily responds: "Ya got that right!"

Air Official (I Only Have Ice for You, From Here to Machinery)
Voice: ? (might be Ed Gilbert)
Brown canine who withholds Baloo's license (Ice) and referees the Air Aviator vs. Baloo race (Machinery). Has a very gruff voice and wears a trench coat and fedora (much like Detective Thursday).

Air Scavenge Hunt Official
(Feminine Air)
Voice:  S. Scott Bullock
Goat judge with an appetite for anything in reach (chews stuff while interviewing Baloo as a candidate for the Air Race.   Wears a bright blue blazer, white shirt and a red bow tie.  Looks like a milquetoast, and mild-mannered with a slow drawl, but don't be fooled:  He's a no-nonsense guy...rules are rules, according to his code.  Not even Coolhands Luke can intimidate him.
Quote:  "Well, I'll be dipped!" (also said by Crazy Edie (The Sound and the Furry)

Austin Featheridge
(The Balooest of Bluebloods)
Voice:  Ed Gilbert
A crane attorney from the firm of Featheridge, Featheridge and Nowinski, who informs Baloo that he's the long-lost thirteenth Baron of Bruinwald.  An estate, including a booby-trapped castle with 600 rooms, a firepit, invisible bathrooms, and the most hideous bedroom you've ever seen.  Oh yeah ---, and murderous servants.

Amelia Airhead (see Groups, Pairs and Cameos)

Dr. Axelotte and Mel (Bullethead Baloo)
Voices:  Rodger Bumpass - Dr. Axelotte; David Lodge - Mel
A mad scientist alligator (who sounds suspiciously like Christopher Lloyd as Dr. Emmett Brown in Back to the Future) and his unpredictable robot try a little too hard to impress Shere Khan.  Not a particularly memorable or frightening villain. 

Barney (Jumping the Guns)
Voice:  Jack Angel
Quote:  "No, but I've seen it done a million times!"
Retired, short, grizzled pig (worked the cliff guns to prevent invasions for 40 years).   Extremely irritating and clueless and a liability to anyone he tries to help.

Bob (fishmonger) (Pizza Pie in the Sky)
Voice:  Jim Cummings
Irritatingly dense but honest pelican owner of Bob's Discount House of Fish, who reluctantly sells Baloo a barrel of anchovies for a dollar.  Baloo proudly presents it to Louie, who falls over in a dead faint.  "Can I smell a bargain or what?"

Bobbo  (Flight School Confidential)
Voice:  Edan Gross
Quote:  "There goes the only kid who flew a plane... sort of."
A timid, decidedly unambitious Thembrian boar boy, whose dream is to shave ice for a living.  Constantly cautioning Kit about breaking the rules at the Thembrian Flight School.  Frankly his whiny warnings remind me of Boo Boo from Yogi Bear cartoons.  "The ranger isn't going to like this, Yogi!"

Bobo  (Double or Nothing)
Voice:  Frank Welker
His scat mannerisms remind me of Louie, but that's where the similarity ends.  Actually, he's a very sly grifter rabbit who charges Baloo for every piece of information.  

Broadcast Sally (The Time Bandit)
Voice:  Sheryl Bernstein
A large hippo with a very sultry voice who terrifies Baloo with her playfully aggressive passes at him.   She's a lady who knows what she wants and isn't above blackmail (holding a history of favors over Baloo's head) to get a date with him.  Sexy, and very strong (can pick up Baloo like a sack of potatoes and carry him off)  Wears flower print outfit, big picture hat and a dash of perfume to snag the shy bruin.  She's a radio DJ who captivates her audience, including Sergeant Dunder, who 'never misses a chance not to listen to her either'.

Buzz (Baloo Thunder and Bullethead Baloo)
Voice:  Kenneth Mars
A bug-eyed bird (not sure what kind) scientist for Khan Industries.  A loyal company employee (even captain of the company chess team), Buzz is an inventor of gadgets that make sense only to him and future generations (his Quazenark is a really a helicopter prototype).   Baloo has known him all his life.  Although eccentric, he is definitely a genius and very amiable.  Like Dr. Zibaldo, he takes an almost childlike joy in figuring out how things work.

Captain Hotspur (Bad Reflection of You)
Voice:  Frank Welker
A lion, and gravel-voiced captain of Khan's navel fleet.

Captain William Stansbury (Her Chance to Dream)

Voice:  Peter Renaday
Another lion captain, wears a 19th century naval uniform and sword.  Always the gentleman, he will skewer anybody who insults the fair Rebecca Cunningham.   Perhaps too good to be true.

Clevenger, Clementine (Citizen Khan and a cameo in Sheepskin Deep)
Voice:  Kath Soucie
A beautiful, somewhat earthy cat, 'Clemmie' is the secretary/court reporter/Girl Friday of the corrupt Sheriff Gomer Cleghorn, who enforces slave labor in Khan's mines.  Blonde, wears a cowgirl outfit, speaks with a strong Southern accent and is considered, 'a whole lot of woman'.   She takes a liking to Wildcat and helps to bring the Sheriff's little empire down.

Coolhands Luke (Feminine Air)
Voice:  Ron Feinberg
One of the most unlikable, vicious, mean-spirited villains in the series, in my opinion.  A large polar bear, he wears a heavy blue fur-trimmed coat and a dirty red woolen cap with goggles and a perpetually sour expression.  His huge pink bottom lip,  jagged teeth and shifty eyes make him ugly.  A dedicated misogynist, Coolhands makes it his business to make others miserable, particularly Baloo, and taunts him mercilessly for working for a woman (still a sore point with Papa Bear).   Attracted to large female pilots with a mean right hook. ;-)

Covington (Mollycoddled)
Voice:  Jim Cummings
A toxic Don Juan, this smooth-talkin' jaguar isn't above romancing a certain lonely businesswoman to attain access to a valuable doll clutched in her daughter's sticky little hands.  Although Rebecca falls for his flowery declarations of amour, little Molly isn't fooled for one second.  Very well-dressed and refined, Covie sports a pencil-thin mustache and keeps his toupee perfectly groomed.

Crackpotkin, Professor (Gruel and Unusual Punishment)
Voice: John Stevenson
This elderly Thembrian mad scientist (how do our heroes keep meeting these guys?) with a mother-fixation and inability to change his diet cons Baloo into helping him escape a brutal Thembrian island prison.  Very adept at breaking boulders with one tap of his sledgehammer.  
Greatest fear:  Gruel

Daring Dan Dawson (Stormy Weather)
Voice:  Cam Clarke
Proprietor and stuntman of an air circus.  Nearly destroys the fragile bond between Baloo and Kit with his own brand of psychology.  His MO:  Pretends to share the same background ("An orphan?  Me too!") and chips away at Baloo's insecurities and shameless flatters Kit into believing stardom in his future.   Goes by several aliases and couldn't be sincere if he tried.  And his nose is barely attached.  What IS he, anyway?  A rat?

Detective Thursday (Vowel Play)
Voice:  Jack Angel
Hardnosed, Bogart-like canine chief of Cape Suzette Police Headquarters.  Gruff, persistent and genuinely shocked by poor report cards, even if they are evidence.

Dr. Debolt
(Plunder & Lightning)
Voice:  Rob Paulsen
Very nervous rabbit scientist who still overcomes his almost paralyzing terror of Khan to do the right thing.  Short, grey and wears glasses.  

Dr. Zhivaldo (The Incredible Shrinking Molly)

Voice:  Dan Castellaneta 

Doc Cooper
(The Old Man and the Sea Duck)
Voice:  Alan Young
Irascible turtle who is annoyed with what he thinks is a wild goose chase until he realizes that it's something no one can explain.  His revelation changes Baloo's life. 

Douglas "Don't call me Dougie" Benson (Louie's Last Stand)
Voice:  Mark Taylor
Short gray tabby businessman with a tendency to trip and make a fool out of himself.  Determined to have power over everyone, if they would just let him.

Edie, or  Crazy Edie (The Sound and the Furry)
(see Criminals in Groups, Pairs and Cameos)

El Gato (Destiny Rides Again)
Voice:  Jim Cummings
Big ugly cat with Mexican (?) accent.  Wears a colorful poncho and favors braids.  His pet condor is 'Max' the dog to his 'Grinch'.  Not above vandalism to terrorize little old mediums.

Ernie (see Jungle Aces in Groups, Pairs and Cameos)

Featheridge, Austin (The Balooest of Bluebloods)
Elderly barrister representing the Von Bruinwald estate.  Very thorough:  In proving the true heir, will even examine said heir's teeth if necessary.  And will find a way to take the estate back.  He's the anti-Santa.

Garth (Save the Tiger)
A short stocky cat (tiger?) flunky in Shere Khan's employ who sees bumping someone off as a possible solution.  Not sure who the taller cat with him is, except that he 'likes
his knees very much'.

General Patton(?) (Mach One for the Gipper)
Big gravel-voiced bulldog admiral covered with medals who congratulates Baloo for breaking the sound barrier without resorting to flatulence.  Even bigger than Baloo.

Girl in the File Room (Louie's Last Stand)

Voice:  B.J. Ward
Ladylike bear clerk with poofy brown hair, a pink blouse and a modest skirt.  She has a Southern accent and is quite knowledgeable about deeds and squatters's rights, as she works as a records clerk at Khan Enterprises.  She was perched on a ladder while laughing at Douglas Benson.

Girl with the Map (For Whom the Bell Klangs)
Voice:  Susan Silo
Can't tell what species, since the turban hides her ears (bear?).  Has very bad timing when offering opportunity for treasure-hunting, while shimmying her hips.  Wears a brief harem costume and a turban.  Later, wears a map around her neck, wondering, "What did I say?"

Col. Grogg (War of the Weirds)
Voice:  Michael Bell
Overzealous soldier hell-bent on revealing a Martian invasion.  A spaniel, he wears green fatigues and carries a riding crop.  Pushy and extremely excitable. 

Health Official (Pizza Pie in the Sky)
Voice:  Jim Cummings
Hapless but determined porcine fellow who pursues Baloo and Kit after they 'advertise' their pizza by littering the streets, and accidentally drop-bombing on on his head!

Heimlich Menudo (Vowel Play)
Voice:  Kenneth Mars
Leopard gangster with Italian accent.  Loves diamonds (his teeth are made of the stuff).  Has a right-hand henchman named Weazel who tricks H4H into skywriting felonious messages to other criminals.
Quote:  (chokes on a diamond and survives, no thanks to Weazel) "You idiot!  Couldn't you see I couldn't breathe?"
Weazel: " I was too busy thinkin' about your Heimlich Maneuver to notice you was chokin'!"

Herman D. Grapple (My Fair Baloo)
Voice:  Michael Bell
Snobbish hyena executive (owner of Grapple Electric) who makes 'those darling little light bulbs', according to Rebecca.  Was once told to stick his light bulbs up his nose.  The unwitting target of Mrs. John D. Rockefeather's affections, if you read between the lines.  Nasal voice and kind of snorts when he talks.  Short, squat and wears large round glasses.  Last seen wearing nothing but boxers.

Howard Huge (Bearly Alive)

Voice:  Charles Adler
Greedy, nasal-voiced hippo kidnaps pilots to use their airplane parts for his grand opus the Titanium Turkey.  Has a weakness for Choco-Thrillers.  (obvious parody of the airplane designer Howard Hughes, who built the Spruce Goose)

Ignaz (Polly Wants a Treasure)
Voice:  S. Scott Bullock
Obnoxious parrot who's a living treasure map, as well as the former companion of the late Captain Wontoomany.  Colorful (to Kit) and looks like the losing end of a pillow fight (according to Baloo).

Inspector of Mid-Air Gas Station (For a Fuel Dollars More)
Hard-nosed goat inspector of air-craft (gotta check).
Quote: "One slip-up, lady, and I'll be all over you like mud on a pig!"
Agrees with Baloo that a mid-air refueling service is 'dangerous and unnatural'.

Inspector Barrow of ACHOO (All's Whale That Ends Whale)
Voice:  Jim Cummings
His professionalism is impeccable. "...clean, not to be confused with dirty.  But I don't want to give any too many trade secrets!"  Seymore the sleazy aquarium park owner has him snowed until Baloo and Kit show him up.

Instructor (no name) (Pizza Pie in the Sky) 
Voice:  Jim Cummings (?)
Unconventional tiger instructor of the two-day seminar that Rebecca attends --- the Businessmen's Boot Camp seminar, held at the Takeover Hostel.  He starts out barking orders, telling his students to growl, for instance.  His unorthodox methods include ending the seminar with a free lunch because, "It challenges their preconceived notions."

Jack Case (A Spy in the Ointment)
Voice:  Brian Cummings
Rabbit spy (actually he's a mailman enacting fantasies of espionage to make his job more exciting).  Leads B&B on a wild goose chase to Thembria to make an 'important delivery'.

Jacques Toujour (The Ransom of Red Chimp) (See Pairs, Groups and Cameos)

Joe the 'Barber' (Save the Tiger)
Voice:  Jim Cummings?
A multi-phobic leopard who briefly replaces Baloo as pilot for H4H after the latter quits to enjoy short-lived wealth.  Quite possibly the worst pilot in the world --- he's afraid of heights, the dark, platypuses, and strawberries.  He's called the 'Barber' because he flies so low that he shears the top of everything in his path, and almost beheads Rebecca and Molly!

Joe McGee
(The Old Man and the Sea Duck)
Voice:  Hal Smith
An old canine pilot who teaches Baloo to fly after he crash-lands, losing his memory.  Incredibly patient, Joe must contend with Baloo's terror of flying and lame excuses with a certain degree of cunning.  War hero-turned-flight instructor who wears a brown leather jacket and goggles.  More than what he seems, Joe leaves more than a memory when he and Baloo part. 

Katie Dodd (For Whom the Bell Klangs)
Voice:  Ellen Gerstell 
Vixen archaeologist with long red hair, bright red lipstick and a temper to match.  Wears khakis and a pith helmet and gloves but also nicely fills out a strapless evening gown too. Obsessed with lost cities and the mysteries of the past.  Bossy, arrogant and impatient, but capable of softening occasionally.  Has an annoyingly piercing shriek.  Baloo and Louie both think they have a  chance with her. 

Kitten Kaboodle (A Star is Torn)
Voice:  Tresse MacNeille
Glamorous lioness movie queen who manipulates a star-struck Baloo and antagonizes Rebecca.  Blonde, curvy, baby blue eyes and a mole on the left side of her mouth.  Her silky, sexy voice mask a selfish, egotistical, spoiled brat.
Quote:  "It's all so...terrible!" 

King Amuck (The Road to Macadamia)
Voice:  Howard Morris (sounds a lot like Mayor McCheese of the old 70's McDonalds commercials)
Rabbit monarch (King of Macadamia... think Arabia)with a foxy daughter (see Princess Lotta Lamour); manipulated by Chancellor Trample into assuming blame for the fall of Macadamia's economy.  Seems childlike but actually very shrewd.  Not overly generous with rewards.

Louise Lamount (Louie's aunt) (The Ransom of Red Chimp)

Voice:  Jim Cummings
Louie's millionaire aunt (think of Louie the Ape in drag crossed with Auntie Mame) and an ace pilot (won the Air Race five times in a row) reckless and fun-loving to a fault, this old lady loves to dance and party (much to her little Louie's dismay), chases men, terrorizes a certain pirate captain and will always survive to love again.

Mary Lamb (Feminine Air)
Voice:  Susan Silo
A sweet-voiced lamb pilot who's an old friend of Rebecca's.   Wears pink outfit with straw boater trimmed with pink ribbon.  Appears to be in her 50's or 60's (white all over, with fuzzy white eyebrows and granny glasses). Easily fooled by male bears in drag.  Dislikes Coolhands Luke intensely. 
Quote:  "That's...some grip you've got there, Tan!" and "That Coolhands is the biggest meanie I ever met!  Just ignore him, Tan."

McNee (Mommy for a Day)
Voice:  Jim Cummings
This irascible canine is one of H4H's nastiest clients.  A child-hater and a poacher, McNee will go to any lengths to bag the rare and gentle creature that Molly adopts as a pet 'buffalo'.  Do not get in his way.  He would probably go hunting with a similarly unpleasant, yet smoother hunter: O'Roarke (Paradise Lost)
Quote:  "I've had enough!"

Morrisey (Mrs.) (Sheepskin Deep)
Voice:  Susan Tolsky
I think she's supposed to be a be shrew or something.  Anyway, when Baloo returns to school to complete grade school, they recognize each other right away --- after about thirty years!  She's as motherly and stern as ever, she treats him exactly as though he's a kid, despite the fact that he's a grown man.  

Mummy, The (In Search of Ancient Blunders)
Not sure what kind of animal he used to be before he started dressing in bandages.  Formerly a construction foreman for the Pharoah until he read the blueprints incorrectly and built the pyramid upside-down, earning the Pharoah's wrath and a curse.  Hates being yelled at.

Myra Foxworthy (In Search of Ancient Blunders)

Voice:  Liz Georges
Yet another fox archaeologist who Baloo meets and shares an adventure.  Petite with shoulder-length dark brown hair, glasses, and a pith helmet and khakis, Myra is serious and truly fascinated by her work.   A truly nice person (unlike Katie Dodd), Myra can conjure up strength when necessary.  And she doesn't take crap from mummies with temper tantrums.
Quote:  "Will you knock it off?  We didn't put the curse on you!"

O'Roarke (Paradise Lost)
Voice:  Jim Cummings
An obnoxious, raspy-voiced bull who tricks Baloo and Wildcat into taking him to a mysterious land of dinosaurs, presumably to start a touring business.  His motives are considerably darker than what he leads Baloo to believe.  He and McNee are two of a kind --- big game hunters who kill for that big ol' moose head on the wall.

Owl Capone (My Fair Baloo)
A gravel-voiced owl crime boss (sort of a cross between James Cagney and Robert DeNiro's portrayal of Al Capone in The Untouchables).  Leader of a gang of bird criminals (see Groups, Pairs and Cameos).  Not above jeering at a victim who doesn't own any jewelry.

Plane Jane (Waiders of the Wost Tweasure)
Heavyset and homely, yet likable female hippo pilot who learned to fly from Baloo (took about a minute) and can't resist letting him know she's better than him.   Went to finishing school with Pwincess Gwace but 'never finished'. Don't let her appearance fool you... she's crafty and not entirely trustworthy where races and treasure-hunting are concerned, but in her defense, she has to be.   She's sort of a female Baloo.
Jane:  "I hate to admit it, but it looks like we're going to have to work together, Baloo."
Baloo:  "Then it's every pilot for himself!"
Jane:  "Herself."
Voice:  Susan Silo

Prince Neverhasbeenbroke (I Only Have Ice for You and a cameo in The Golden Sprocket of Friendship)
Voice:  Jim Cummings
Always accompanied by his veiled harem, this royal leopard speaks with a clipped East Indian accent (?) and his picture is mysteriously printed on Cape Suzette shaboozies.  You'd think it would be on his own currency, right?  Whimsical (orders a ton of ice to make a ski slope for his desert palace). He also has about 6 or seven wives
(cameo in ___?)

Prince Wudolph (Waiders of the Wost Tweasure)
Voice:  Dan Castellaneta
Evil lisping black swan, cousin of Princess Grace, who challenges her for the right to rule Walla Walla Bing Bang.  

Princess Grace (Waiders of the Wost Tweasure)
Voice:  Victoria Carroll
Lisping goose ruler of Walla Walla Bing Bang.  When challenged by her cousin Wudolph for the throne, she appeals to Plane Jane to 'we-tweive the wuby wings of Queen Mawine' as proof of her rightful heritage.  Doesn't take the loss of souvenir paper weights lightly.

Princess Lotta Lamour (The Road to Macadamia)
Voice:  Kath Soucie
Sexy, soft-spoken foxy daughter of King Amuck... innocent object of contention between best buds Baloo and Louie (ever see those Hope-and-Crosby road movies?  Same formula)

Perry (Mr.) (Baloo Thunder)
Voice:  Michael Bell
A smooth and unscrupulous executive of Khan Industries, this sly cheetah has no qualms about selling a secret project to a rival company (Miniversal) and framing an innocent person for espionage.   Truly despicable.

Pomeroy (Mr.) (Sheepskin Deep)
Voices:  Alan Oppenheimer
The stern-but-fair principal of Baloo's school when he returns to complete grade six.  His retirement is long-overdue, judging by his limited patience and yearning to be somewhere else, fishing.

O'Bowens, Professor  (A Baloo Switcheroo)
Voice:  Patrick Pinney

Rick Skye
Voice:  Simon Templeman

Rockefeather, Mrs. John D.
(My Fair Baloo)
Voice:  Russi Taylor
Baloo calls her 'Rocky'.

Seymore (All's Whale That Ends Whale)
Voice:  Hamilton Camp
Unctuous fox owner of Seymore's Sea Quarium.

Sheriff Gomer Cleghorn (Citizen Khan)
Voice:  David Doyle
Very unattractive hog in a small-town sheriff gear.  His abrasive voice can etch steel.  Tries to swindle Khan by not informing him that his mines are producing valuable (and dangerous!) ore.  With his cohort Wendell, forces any passersby to work in the mines.

Slammer (Gruel and Unusual Punishment)
Cruel Thembrian warden of Bedevilled Island Maximum Security Prison. 
Quote:  *sighs* "It can be so tiring being so cruel and sadistic." 

Snarly, Mrs. (2-shot) (Baloo Thunder & Bullethead Baloo)
Voice:  Jennifer Darling
Tough, elderly shrew (?) receptionist who's also acts as Khan's watchdog.  She screens calls and makes his appointments and generally keeps the general public from bothering His Nibs.   No disguise fools her and she's like the Terminator ---- she cannot be reasoned with and feels no pity.  Once Baloo tried to get past her by pretending to be a special delivery package; she just got a big 'ol needle and said, "Ah, here's the giant pincushion Mister Khan ordered.  I wonder if it really works?" and proceeded to do a pseudo-magician's sword trick, nearly skewering him.  

Tan-Margaret (Feminine Air)
Voice:  Ed Gilbert
Baloo's alter-ego when he disguises himself as a female pilot in order to get the Daughters of Aviation to sponsor him so he can enter the Great Air Race Scavenger Hunt.   Wears blue fur trimmed jumpsuit, a jaunty little navy flight hat with short blonde curls peeking out.  Unfortunately, Coolhands Luke is smitten by the comely Miss Margaret to the point of proposing marriage.

Thadeus E. Klang (For Whom the Bell Klangs)

Voice:  Tim Curry
Reptilian features, wears a black trench coat and hat and has a a vicious steel trap jaw. Species is revealed at end of the show.  Power-hungry terrorist who seeks the ultimate weapon, and not above kidnapping or leaving victims staked out in the desert to die in a sandstorm.

Kathy Throgmorton (A Wing and a Bear)

Voice:  Sherry Lynn
Bratty know-it-all granddaughter of Ralph Throgmorton.

Ralph "Love to Flunk 'Em" Throgmorton (A Wing and a Bear)
Voice:  Ken Sansom

Martin Torque, Professor  (From Here to Machinery)
Voice:  (Michael Gough?)
Arrogant Doberman inventor whose 'Auto Aviator' robots are bought by Khan and nearly destroy the pilots' livelihoods.

Chancellor Trample (The Road to Macadamia)
Voice:  Jim Cummings

Track Coach (A Baloo Switcheroo)
Voice:  Charles Adler
Irascible ursine coach at Kit's school who wonders why "Kit" is running around the hurdles and answers him in a deep man's voice.  Obviously favors Teddy, Kit's rival (perhaps they're father and son?)

Una (gypsy fortuneteller) (Destiny Rides Again)
Voice:  Mitzi McCall

Oscar Vandersnoot (Captains Outrageous)

Voice:  Ben "Ryan" Ganger 

Mrs. Vandersnoot (Captains Outrageous)
Voice:  Edie McClurg

(Vowel Play)

Voice:  David L. Lander (remember Squiggy?)

Wendell (Citizen Khan)

Sadistic deputy and cohort of Sheriff Klegghorn, who helps him keep miners enslaved in Boomstone.    Nasty coyote with in cowboy garb and a drawling, reedy voice.

Whistlestop Jackson
(Whistlestop Jackson, Legend)

Zabaldo border guard (The Bigger They Are...)

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