Pearl Clambake

Appears in:  AFTR

Species:  Cat (White Angora Cat)


Chubby, vacuously pretty, with a taste for tight-fitting clothes and heavy make-up; voluptuous; large blue eyes

  March 8 (Pisces)

Favorite Color: 
Pastels like pink, yellow and baby blue

  Romance and the whole damn thing:  flowers, perfume, jewelry, flattery

  Being alone, prettier women, herself (tries too hard to disguise her flaws under heavy cosmetics and perfume ...the outcome is a pathetic clown --- almost the female version of Strummer) 

  Whiny, self-pitying, eager for attention, giggly and easily led.  She sees herself as dainty and flower-like and wishes to be treated as such.  Despite this, she has extremely low self-esteem, therefore... capable of dangerous rage.

  Dying an old maid; can't bear to be alone for long

   Her shrill voice can carry over a mile away.   Can disarm opponent  with one well-placed, piercing shriek.  Very strong physically --- her enthusiasm (or rage) and solid build can be a formidable combination.  Would make a good goon.

  Emotionally very needy and tends to cling.  A bit childish and inclined to temper tantrums.  Her healthy libido can turn into an unhealthy attachment to any man unlucky enough to cross her path.

  Inept carnival nurse

  Grade 12, with mediocre grades.  Her 'nursing' degree consists of a few first aid sessions with Helen.  Probably shouldn't wear a nurse's uniform, but does anyway.

  To marry Prince Charming and have lots of kids

Man-watching, imagining the 'perfect' wedding

Marital Status:
  Miserably single (like Ally McBeal without the law degree or the cute outfits or the willing boyfriends)

Dream Voice:
  Arleen Sorkin (Harley Quinn on Batman)

Design Notes:

Size:  Pearl is rather short --- about five heads in proportion.

Face:  Round, with two chins.  Her eyes are set evenly on either side of her nose, her snout is small and she has a cute little pink nose. 

Eyes:  Larger than other characters’ eyes --- wide and innocent --- almost vacuous.  Her eyes are baby blue, with lots of white showing.  She has heavily made-up baby-doll features.  Imagine a chubby feline with delusions of being Marilyn Monroe.

Eyebrows:  Light brown and thinly arched, like a flapper.  Has a constant “surprised” look.  

Teeth:  Small and pointed, but rarely shown.   

Body:  Round, soft and voluptuous.   

Markings:  Pearl ’s fur is white and fluffy (she’s an Angora cat, after all).  Don’t forget her big, fluffy tail!  

Hair:  Blonde and tightly curled (or marcelled, like a 30’s starlet).  

Hands and Feet:  Small and dainty.  No shoes unless she’s at a dance or something.  

Clothing:  Her nurse’s uniform is crisp, white and conservative and she wears a perky little white cap with a red cross on it.   Pearl wears frilly, very feminine dresses, never pants.  She loves pastels and ‘girly’ designs, like polka-dots, hearts, anything ‘cute’.  And she likes to show off her curves, and wears clothing that is very tight (a size or two smaller than fits her).

September 2004

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