by Bearcat & Company
Hey, it's just fun to find  hidden surprises... sort of like "Where's Waldo?"

A Bad Reflection On You: Part I

Just before the end Baloo is in the cockpit and Kit is in the cargo hold. Kit has the porthole behind him. As Baloo starts to right the plane (from his perspective) the horizon is seen moving upside down in a close up of the porthole. At least, that's what is supposed to be seen.

In the PC version the Disney people cut that close up of the porthole. The entire effect of the Duck going inverted is lost.

Here's another item. Same episode, but earlier on. When Kit catches the little baby bear her feet have toes. No claws yet. I don't recall if you did a review of "...Bad Reflection.." yet, so I'll wait on writing more.

A Baloo Switcheroo

Bearcat:  Now we all know that the Disney people are trying very hard to make everyone happy. But happiness can only go so far. Take the episode, "A Baloo Switcheroo". For the most part the episode is intact. There's just one little problem.... What they took out was not offensive.

 Here are some examples. ACT I: Don Karnage has just cut Prof. O'Bowen's  whip into tiny bits of leather. He then grabs the "Idol of the Spirit  Switcher" from the professor. O'Bowen's warning about the idol switching  DK's spirit with that of another is heard, but ignored. In fact DK's response is supposed to be, "Who cares about that? I just want the jewels". It's this last line they cut. Why? He wants to rip the precious  stones out of the idol because they're more valuable. Yet, they still cut  the line. That's crazy! The bums. Later on O'Bowen's is swinging from  vine to vine yelling "Just passing through....". After landing he says,  "Huh. This is almost too easy". A statement that comes back to haunt him  as Don Karnage, Dumptruck and Maddog catch him in the jungle. When questioned about  the idol the professor holds his ground and refuses to tell anyone where  the idol is now. To force the information DK puts the tip of his sword to the underside of the professor's chin and O'Bowen's says, "The bear and the kid have it. They're taking it back to Cape Suzette". Now the only reason I see for cutting of this last sequence is the sword at the chin of the professor. But they left the sword play in the rest of the episode.  Karnage's way of 'cutting class'? I know... booooooo....

ACT II: They left  the shot of the sword's tip getting put into the electrical outlet. Gee. Weren't the censors worried about a kid putting something into an  electrical socket .
(P.S. - Kids and Adults...NEVER DO THIS).

ACT III: One of the things we all seem to notice, from time to time, is a dialogue problem. Lines don't match the mouth. This is no more true than  in Kit's case. At the end he's back in his own body again. So is Rebecca,  DK and Baloo. Kit is so happy he say's, "Me too. I can see my feet" (obviously Baloo can't see his). But Kit's mouth never moves with this dialogue. Not once!

Gidget:  Really? I don't think I noticed that particular sequence. 

Bearcat:  There were so many instances of bad Baloo/Kit dubbing, that slipped by me. It's just another indication of sloppy animation. The best animation for the series  was done in France, the worst in Asia. Well, I guess we can't win them all, can we?

Gidget:   The animators just wanted to punch the time clock and go home.   Art... phfffft!! (wipes mouth) 

The Balooest of Bluebloods

Sometimes it takes several viewing to spot a boo-boo.

In the "Balooest Of The Bluebloods" there is a scene where Rebecca and Wildcat arrive at the castle. As Baloo is beginning to talk to Rebecca look over Baloo's head. There's a hint of a crystal chandelier over his head. The same kind we see in the halls and in the main dinning room. Seconds later it seems to have vanished.

The second mistake is in the dinning room itself. Next time you watch the episode fellow Spinners, look at Baloo's chair, and then Rebecca's. Specifically the backs of their chairs.

Baloo's chair has a pattern similar to a "Clubs" symbol on a deck of cards. As the scene plays out it becomes more symmetrical, then changes to a diamond. Now look at the back of Rebecca's seat. It too has a diamond pattern.

After seeing this I wonder if the dinning room set was to mimic a deck of playing card suits?

Is this a (ahem) trumped-up idea? Maybe. I'll be checking this episode closely for more surprises.

Bullethead Baloo

Or:  How to Tick Off a Tiger.

First, about MEL (Mechanical Electronic Laborer) - Doesn't it look a bit like R2D2? It's got wheels in it bottom (like R2's) and about the height of a trash can (like R2). But, that's not as bad as the head on MEL. It looks like a reject from Dr. Tourque's development of "The Auto-Aviator."

And what about Buzz's lab? Take a good look at the exterior, when Baloo is going to visit Buzz (same images are seen when Kit & Baloo visit in "Baloo Thunder"). It's typical Art-Deco and is similar to designs seen in the old movie, "Brave New World," from the late 30 or early 40's. Multi-colored glass,
tube-like elevators that people on the street can see into...

Cool in my opinion.

"The LAB. The LAB..." (a little Fantisy Island joke)

But, there's a lot of activity within Buzz's lab too. Especially when the rocket pack Baloo finally aquires gets loose. As Buzz is shooting through the air, we get some idea of what Buzz works on. Much of it is chemical related, due to the beakers, test-tubes, bunsen burners, and other laboratory

But Buzz taking a airborn jaunt around the lab isn't the end of his troubles. The rocket pack drives itself right through Baloo. The rocket pack does hit Baloo right in the tummy, but then so does Buzz.

Buzz Decks Baloo! -- Now when Buzz does hit Baloo, it's a bit of a pain for big bear. For not only does Buzz impact Baloo's belly in an upside down position, his beak... Well, his beak hits Baloo...Ah, well...   Let's just say one wonders if Baloo will sing at a higher pitch from this point on.

It's one of those sight gags the animators placed into the shot, and one wonders how it got past the sensors. But, it's obvious he got hit. Baloo's eyes went cross-eyed. For those who wish to look for it, put your tape on slow-motion. If you have an uncut (or non-PC) version of "Bullethead" you should see it.

Ticking off the Tiger...

"I am not amused."  "I am still *not* amused," were just two of lines Shere Khan had to express his disgust at the exploits of Baloo, MEL, the Jungle Aces (a half-baked gang Kit's joined) and the damage to his office.

After MEL crashed into Khan's office, MEL kidnaps Khan. A result of some 'pre-programming' by the good doctor who had plans to get even with Khan. MEL, in a move similar to an ice skater, lifts Khan at his midsection. Khan looks like he's about to be spun around.

Blind-Bears Bluff...

The best scene of panic I've ever seen on Baloo is when Khan has been kidnapped, and Baloo lies unconscious on the floor of Khan's office. When he comes to, he screams out, "I'm blind. I'm blind!" Makes me wonder how Baloo will handle the day he's told he can't fly anymore due to failing eyesight.

Overall the one thing I like about this episode is the tongue-in-cheek play on the Disney movie, The Rocketeer. Makes me want to shout, "Head of steel. Fists like granite. Brave defender of our planet!"

Follow - up comments & additions are welcome:-)

Double or Nothing

Mondo Booboo in 'Mondo Bobo'
(Or - Umbrella's are red. Umbrella's are black):

Baloo and Kit have umbrellas to trade in Mondo Bobo. Trader Moe was going to trade with the natives (Hippo's in this case). The umbrella's are going to be used by the high diving Hippo's bent on winning the hand of the princess; and the high divers are diving off a cliff without water below.

When Baloo and Kit arrive the umbrella's are all red in color. They are caught by Trader Moe and his goons and soon face a fall to the rocky bottom of the diving platform. But thanks to Baloo's quick thinking (and the stupidity of the goons) Trader Moe makes the trip. Does he get smashed to bits? No. Here's why. He's got one of the umbrellas.

The umbrella is one of the red ones brought in by Baloo and Kit. Problem... The remaining umbrella's are all black. They remain black for the rest of the scene. Just another tidbit to show that even the best animators can mess up big time. (I think the artists need an eye doctor)
Gidget: Yeah... they'll need one after we get through with them. *POW*

Buddy? Can you spare a 'clam'?
This is one inside joke I just can't pass up passing on. For those not up on the old slang of the 30's, clams referred to cash. So if you happen to see the "Cash-4-Clams" sign toward the end of this episode... Well, I'm warning you now. (Ahem) Cash in on the fun.
Gidget:   Good eye. Money thanks.

For Whom the Bell Klangs

Bearcat:  Now, onto some Tale Spin booboos. I watched "For Whom The Bell Klangs" last night, and I noticed a few. Can't remember if you've done a review of the episode yet, but here's a few things for your "Quibbles and Bits" section.

*Opening:  Baloo and Louie are running from an animal with heavy parkas on. When they get tossed into the Sea Duck by a huge wave, they are back in their street clothes.
Gidget:   I noticed that too.  Rolls eyes and rends clothing in despair (will they never learn to be consistent?)

*Katie Dodd's rescue: Camel runs off into distance as Sea Duck flies onward with Louie, Baloo and Katie. In Gaphia, the camel is outside the police department waiting for Katie. It ran all the way, and lived?

Gidget:  BTW, ever notice how tall Katie is (as she's walking to her room with the guys).  She's much taller than Becky.  Becky barely reaches Baloo's chest.

* Louie in drag & Baloo sent to rescue Katie: Louie's grass skirt starts out gray, and ends up green. 

* Best effect!

Normally we never see character breathing. But when Louie and Baloo are  staked to the sand, Baloo's belly is heaving up and down with each breath he takes. Louie too. Nice touch by the animators. Yeah.  And they sweat too (I think)

*Big booboo: When Baloo & Louie are tossed out on their ears by the local police department, Louie says, "Watch who you're tossin'!"
Gidget: I noticed that too!  Augh! 

The problem is, it's Baloo who's got his mouth moving. This error also can be seen in "The Road to Macadamia". It occurs twice in "...Bell Klangs". The second time is when Baloo, Katie and Louie are in the city ruins. The robed thugs are chasing them and Louie (with Baloo's mouth) said, "Then again..."


From Here To Machinery

Having some of the cels from this episode, you would think I'd notice all the
little continuity errors. But, I caught two recently, as I ran the episode

First Act:

Baloo is confronting Prof. Torque in the cockpit of the Sea Duck. As he
enters, we can see that the door separating the cockpit from the aft end of
the Duck is open.

When Baloo is shocked by the electrical charge from the Auto-Aviator, he slams
into the doorway, and the door is now closed. However, when he gets up (with
Kit's help) and says, "Ohhhhh. I'll show it hostle intent," the door has
vanished. Not just a little, but completely! This isn't the only interesting
visual in this part of the episode. There's something interesting about Kit.

Now, as we are aware of, Kit and Baloo were sleeping upstairs in Higher For
Hire. Both ran downstairs in night shirts (or long gown-like sleepwear). Ever
notice Kit's nightshirt? Well, take a really good look at the right sleave.
Can you guess what's there?

If you guessed an elbow patch, you're right! But, the patch isn't yellow, it's
a dirty gray color. It does indicate one of two things about Kit's wardrobe.
(1) He's always wearing hand-me-downs (because Baloo and the rest aren't all
that wealthy), or; (2) Kit leans on his right elbow, and wears out the sleaves
in that one spot.

Either that, or the animators just wanted to make the relationship with Kit's
sweater. Probably the latter. At any rate, keep looking around spinners. There
are many surprises in these wonderful episodes.

The Idol Rich

Annette:  In the Idol Rich ep when Baloo tells Becky about his "sick aunt' she is
reading the paper called The Tribune you can see it when she says Don't
hurt yourself carrying all that loot and then laughs. The paper is labeled
Vol 1 however in another ep

From Here to Machinery when the paper boy ref (pig) hollers extra extra robot
wins race ..! The paper he's showing is The Tribune and its labeled Vol 1
too! Unless both episodes happened the same day (TS timeline of course)
which I doubt it's a flaw unless of course after Baloo saved Khan ,He went
with Kit to look for the idol the day after, but of course they went to
Louie's after to celebrate Baloo's triumph over the robot so I guess it is a
flaw, or Becky is reading an old paper.

My head is on a spin
See ya!

Wouter:  Maybe you've already read this on the board, although I thought you had a few problems with computers, so I don't know if you did. Bearcat told me it could be my first contribution to the Baloopers Page, as the "mistake with the idol is a classic".  

This is the thing I found out about the Idol Rich (forgive the poor English, I wrote it down as I thought of it in Dutch).

"After Kit and Baloo have turned upside down everything in Spigot's plane, Spigot 'believes', seeing the Idol's show-case hanging on the ceiling. Then he rushes to it to get rid of the Idol.

Now imagine: the Idol is hanging on the ceiling. Spigot opens the showcase on the top-side, we all see the top of the Idol as he takes it out. Wouldn't he know by then it's hanging on the ceiling? I mean, he has to climb to it (not making any remarks about his height..) and when he takes it out, it shouldn't be possible because it's stuck with glue to the show-case. If it were not the Idol would fall out the moment Spiggy opens the case.  Imagine the outburst of laughter of Kit and Baloo :D

I really jogged on the video to watch the scene image after image a few times, because I couldn't imagine it, but it was there. 

The Incredible Shrinking Molly

As I was reading 3 things came to mind about that episode.

First the reference to the shrinking machine. The plug was not the only thing that appears to change size. The whole machine does. Look at how the machine looks with Kit as the episode plays out. It gets larger.

The second item is Baloo. After Zibaldo (Yikes, didn't the writers realize they named him after a Pigmy country?) sees Baloo and panics, Baloo is seen standing next to the shrinking machine.

Baloo moves back and forth in a herky jerky motion. Very bad animation here...obviously cutting corners in art at the end of the series.

The last deals with the "Molly & The Giant Toaster" bit. The interchange of "Molly"; "Molly"; then "Butter" dialogue reminded me of a margarine commercial. A product called "Molly McButter". I have a bad feeling this is where they got the gag from. (Oh, really original, writing staff - Not!)

Jolly Molly Christmas

I also noticed the dialogue didn't match the mouth movement. That is due to sloppy animation.

I will have to look at that episode again. The only problem is...the tape is at home, not at Tahoe. One scene that I found interesting was Molly's look of panic, pain and confusion when the bar patrons crashed Louie's, then proceeded to laugh it up. At Molly's expense of course.

It did bring home the fact that kids dreams are fragile at that age. It's probably one of the few times in TaleSpin were I really feel sorry for Molly. Poor kid.

You can say the same of Wildcat too. When he found out Baloo and Kit were taking Molly to see Santa. WC still got tons of little kid in him. Poor guy.

The Old Man and the Sea Duck 

I noticed something odd.

When Baloo, with the memory loss, is trying to take the controls under Joe's encouragement, Baloo sits in the pilot's seat with his parachute on.

Yet, as soon as Joe's runway lights start up and the camera cuts back to Baloo, our Bear has suddenly chucked the parachute.

What's strange is that he had just taken hold of the controls when those lights came on; Baloo didn't have enough time to dislodge himself from the parachute and take the wheel too.

Can we say...OOPS! 

Polly Wants a Treasure

Well it's been a while since anything new was added to Bearcat Country. The wait is over. I have something new. It's short, but I think everyone will get a kick out of it.

Dumptruck needs a brand new hat:


Okay, now that your stumped let me explain. Remember I told all my fellow spinners to keep your eyes open for the little screen items? That they might fly past you when your not looking? Well there was one that got by me numerous times and I just saw it last night.

It's at the beginning of "Polly Wants A Treasure." After Baloo and Kit take off with the Sea Duck stuffed with junk Dumptruck and Mad Dog fly in looking for what we later find out is a sea chest with a parrot. The part of the scene to keep your eyes open for is the one involving the goose who tends the air field. He's first grabbed by Mad Dog, then Dumptruck. Watch carefully when Mad Dog grabs the goose again. His hat's missing (not Mad Dog's, the goose's hat).  Where did it go?

Where you watching? If you caught it, it ended up on....

A finger. Specifically Dumptruck's middle right finger. Now before you all start saying that Dumptruck is giving the bird his hat back (got ya didn't I?) it's never seen again.

So hats off to old Dumptruck for the disappearing, reappearing hat trick.

Save the Tiger

Bearcat:  Has anyone got a can of DDT?:
One of the clever little details in this episode is the way Khan reacts to his various situations. Take the point where Baloo has now taken Khan's gratitude that inch too far. He calls in one of his henchmen (Garth) to take care of Baloo. He has a few lines about the situation. But it's not the lines we need to hear, it's what you need to see.

Shere Khan, over the intercom, says, "Send in Garth. I have a job for him. I do deplore PESTS!" and slams his fist down on the desk. Look closely just before he does this. He's smashing a beetle or bug of some kind.
Gidget:  Wow... I never noticed that! I thought he was just slamming his fist. Shows how he views the world.

It's a small item, but TaleSpin is always full of these little surprises.
"Just what I need. A hood ornament.": Baloo's line from 'Stuck on You".
Anyone who drives likes to detail their vehicle. Right? Baloo's no exception. He details the Sea Duck after buying it from Becky, using the money he receives from Khan. Paint...Fine. Excess gear? That's okay too. It's garish to say the least. Did you ever notice the hood ornament? Look at the Sea Duck's bow. You're not seeing things if you saw a duck in flight. Yet, it doesn't stop there. Take a look at the Limo! It's got a hood ornament too. One of a plane in flight (like one of the old "Texan's" flown into battle during W.W.II by the US).

Bridging the gap:
When the ransom is about to be paid for Baloo's life, Rebecca and Kit have to make the exchange under Clapton Bridge. The bridge looks like the same one blown to bits in P&L: Part 4; the one that Baloo hid the Sea Duck under.
Gidget:  I think I need an eye doctor. Totally missed that one.

A room with a view (and a Murphy brand bed):

I'm not quite sure about this last item, only because the tape's a bit fuzzy. When the hotel, where Baloo's being held is first shown, the sign comes into view. It looks like the name is "Red Dog Hotel" or "Red Bug Hotel". It's up to you to decide.

As DK has said, "Keep your eyes peeled...". There are surprises out there.

A Spy in the Ointment

Bearcat: When Baloo, Becky and Jack get to the Sea Duck, something happens with the door.  First the Duck is seen. Then we see Jack going up to the Sea Duck ahead of Baloo and Rebecca. The door is open. Open??

Who opened the door?  Captain Stansbury?

A Star is Torn

Setting: The studio grounds

Bearcat:  As the audience sees some of the studio grounds we are shown a café. Several are sitting on stools eating. In the background, as this short seen plays, you can see a building.  On the front of the building the sign "Animation" is clearly seen (Gee. Wonder what cartoons look like in the TS universe?). 

Right after this is "...another accident". As the two diners leave their spot, the unfortunate victim of this *new* accident is seen.

It's the accountant for Kitten's picture. But here's the twist. This turkey is the very same Turkey from "Here To Machinery". (Boy! Rebecca's clients sure get around don't they?)

Setting: The restaurant

Baloo and Kitten go into a fancy restaurant for lunch. Rebecca follows because she knows this could be Baloo's last meal. After sneaking into the restaurant she's walking toward the bear. Look close folks at the character in the back as she's walking toward Baloo.

It's the driver of the Limo. Yes, the same Clark Gable monkey man who Rebecca had to tip. And considering how tight Rebecca is, I don't think that tip went very far.

Setting: The air field (just after Baloo saves Becky)

Bearcat:  Baloo and Rebecca come in for a landing just before Kitten is taken away. The plane they're in looks as if it's landing in the hanger behind Kitten. As the scene plays they land on the grassy field. What's going on?

Did Baloo fly through the hanger (living up to the barn storming reputation) or did he fly past the hanger to the grassy field?

The "Ace of the Base" will never tell.

Cyndi Gardner:   Get a good look at the paper Kit holds up in front of Rebecca the next day after Baloo saves Kitten.  It has a photo of Baloo with Kitten after he saved her but she's wearing the white dress she wears for the rest of the ep.  Where did the dark blue evening gown she wore when Baloo saved her go?  I think either the artists forgot to check the previous scenes or they were asleep when they did that particular scene.

Time Waits for No Bear

Schroeder:  When Moe's goons continue firing at him, his hat is blown down to the brim. When he attempts to climb into the motorboat, it magically becomes intact again! :-)

...the male stork tourist in "Time Waits For No Bear" (voiced by Corey Burton) sounds and acts quite close to Bob Newhart! The female hippo one (Jodi Carlisle) is sort of stock "proper British grand dame" but the male is quite obviously based on Newhart's comedy routines.

Trader Moe's gonna need a new hat...;-)

A Touch of Glass

Bearcat:   I'm having fun with that one. Well, did you notice the plane Louie and Rebecca get into? Granted there's no engine, but the engine cover (or bonnet) pops off as the boat tows it out. I didn't see the cover part. Thanks. The monkey driving the boat is also the same monkey from "The Jungle Book". He's known in that movie as "Flunky Monkey". I did notice that monkey from the JB. Clever in-joke, if you ask me. Don't ask me why. I have no idea.

In the first act, when Rebecca locks Baloo into the back kitchen the door knob is on Becky's left. But when Baloo bashes down the door, after finding out that Becky's going to use the deed to the Duck as insurance, the knob is on the right. It continues to be on the right until Baloo says, "Are you out of your so-called mind?" in response to him painting the Duck. 

Now, as for Muffy and Buffy. Muffy's walking on her toes while Buffy (Buffy's the male) walks on the entire foot. But look close in Act II. There's one point where Buffy is walking on his toes too. At least with him the artists didn't stay consistent on his feet. (The blames a Foot - Yes, it was a pun). 

When Rebecca goes upstairs to change, look through the door she's opened. It's hard to see unless you freeze frame, but it's a medicine cabinet mirror. It's faint, but it's there. So she must have used the bathroom to change. That makes good sense. Who'd want to change in Baloo & Kit's room? One half neat and the other sloppy.

Jeff: Rebecca actually did go into Baloo and Kit's bedroom, not the bathroom. There is a distinct configuration of pipes on the wall between the two doors, on the second floor; with the bedroom on the left, and the bathroom on the right. I know I saw a medicine cabinet mirror there.

In this shot, Rebecca was entering the door to the left of those pipes -- in other words, Baloo and Kit's bedroom. (Of course, their room has a door to the bathroom as well...) Well, the artists did mess up on continuity before. They could have done it with the door and the pipes too.

Bearcat:  Baloo pulls the brim of his pilot's hat over his eyes when Louie kisses Rebecca's hand. Guess he felt embarrassed. 

Louie is reading a comic book when Baloo comes in looking for Rebecca's purse. It looks like a Roger Rabbit comic (from the long ears I saw on the cover). Oh, and Louie was shaking hands with Muffy and Buffy using his (ahem) other pair of hands.

Jeff:  That wasn't Roger Rabbit on the cover of Louie's comic book, but some weird-looking dog superhero in purple tights. There are long ears on the character. The head is just visible above Louie's left hand.

Bearcat:  If you watch Rebecca's eyes closely she *sees* the melon as she's spun by Louie. Then grabs it and shoves it in Louie's face at the end of the spin. I love the "I'm better than YOU are!" look she gives after nailing Louie in the face.

Later, when Louie's confronted by Baloo again (because of the pearls this time) Louie's sniffing the melon (Gross huh?).
Gidget:  That Louie's one randy fellow.

Jeff:   It didn't look like Louie was smelling the grapefruit; rather, it looked more like he was about to sip some juice from it or something when Baloo barged in. There was even a sipping sound from Louie just before Baloo entered. When Baloo barges into Louie's office (where he says, "You creep. You stool Rebecca's purse and necklace") Louie is sniffing the melon.

Bearcat:  Buffy gives a little smirk when Muffy announces that "...we're taking the plane.  Ha!"

Jeff (note to Gidget):  Great job on your "A Touch of Glass" review, as always; I thought it was very well-written. A few corrections are needed, though:
- Louie said "Pluck my bass," (as in the musical instrument), not "Pluck my face." See above for info.
Also, a few tidbits:
-Muffy's hair may not be distinct from her fur, like Rebecca's is, but that doesn't mean she's "bald". Nor is Buffy, nor is Don Karnage for that matter. In fact, the tufts of fur on Muffy's cheeks do give the appearance of some kind of hairstyle (furstyle?) apart from her wig. You're right though: Muffy and Buffy do look like twins.

-When Louie dances with Rebecca, the audience in that scene is entirely composed of monkeys/apes, rather than the usual diverse mix of pilots and party-goers. Hmm... Slow day for Louie.

-Louie's four-man band might be a parody of the Monkees. Notice that the left-most band member is wearing a cap ala Mike Nesmith. I'll have to look that over again.

-Among the items Baloo tosses in his search for the net is a Rubik's Cube. (Just before he finds the net.) 

Bearcat:  Now *that* I will check. I must have missed it. Did you see the Pogo Stick?
Jeff:  Why doesn't Baloo sink right away after hitting the buoy? Simple -- he floats. (Remember Baloo floating downstream in The Jungle Book and "Gruel and Unusual Punishment"?) Otherwise he would've drowned before Louie and Becky picked him up.That, and he's got a natural inner tube for a floatation device.

-Here's a good one: Rebecca's necklace disappears right in the middle of her dance with Louie. How did Muffy and Buffy manage to plant it on Louie?

-No wonder Baloo didn't remember posing for that picture - it wasn't a photo, probably just an illustration of some kind. Otherwise, how could Baloo not have remembered posing, and look so slim and trim in the picture?

-Typical closed-captioning error: Baloo clearly says "Thembrian icebox", but the captioning reads, "Vamprian icebox" (What the heck???) Not relevant to the episode but an interesting bit of info nonetheless.
Keep up the good work,

Bearcat:  In going through this episode again, I noticed something strange about Rebecca's filing cabinet. 

During the first act, Rebecca tells Baloo that the ad in the magazine cost 500 smackers. When Becky opens the file drawer, which hits Baloo in the shin, he then kicks the drawer shut saying, "Now where did you get that kind of dough?" 

Take a good look at the drawer, compared with the others. There's no label window. It was there to start with, but vanished when the drawer was to be opened. 

Oops! They goofed again. This isn't as big a boo-boo as Rebecca's disappearing/reappearing eyebrows, but it's close.  Looks like the animators also forgot to keep the same perspective when they set up the drawer to open.

Whistle Stop Jackson, Legend

I've split the list by acts:
Act I
* Movie newsreel is called "Movietoon" newsreel, as opposed to Paramount's "Movietone newsreels".
Gidget:  Yeah, that was neat.  Especially that projectionist cranking away and the sepia tone of the newsreel.  A similar effect was used in the monster movie in The Incredible Shrinking Molly.  Really made me aware of how truly nostalgic the spirit of the show is. 

* When Whistle Stop and Baloo are in the Sea Duck, and the plane is seconds from denting a dirigible, the two of them are seen from behind. Look close. Baloo's not wearing his yellow flight shirt. No, he's not naked, but instead he's wearing a brown flight jacket; with a fur collar.

This is the same jacket we see when Baloo is going after Whistle Stop in WS's biplane.

Act II
* Khan's office, and the radio broadcast. The Klopstokia Independence day is on a Friday, the 13th (of June).
Gidget:  That explains why everything went ka-blooey!

* Khan's office again - minutes later: Flashback of the Khan's contract with the mail service being canceled. Khan's got brown hair on his head. Since he does not have it now, does that mean the tiger is bald?
Gidget:  That occurred to me too.  Khan... baldly going where no tiger has gone before.  He's not only the president... he's also a client.

* Klopstokia - More than a passing reference to Holland. All the residents there are Elephants.

* President Myron - He's not an Elephant. He's, I think, a Beaver.
Gidget:  I believe that character was a parody of the 1940's character actor, Peter Lorre (he shows all the creepy mannerisms)

* Sea Duck (with Jackson & Baloo) - 4 bullets go through the pilots door. 3 in the door and one through the glass. And Baloo's not grazed, bleeding or dead? Maybe the bear carries a rabbit's foot.

* Khan's wristwatch - "Roarlex" Gold too! What else would he have. Only the best for Mr. Khan.
Gidget (Khan's voice):  Indeed.

* Whistle Stop's eyes - I've always liked the following effect. Even though his eyes are in shadow you can see his eyes narrow as he takes aim at a Khan pilot.

* Whistle Stop's scarf - I saw this and felt it was a bit lame. His scarf is blowing in Becky's office. I didn't see an open window.

Well, just thought I'd pass these on for you. That way you've got ammunition for the future.

More from Bearcat:

"Whistle Stop Jackson: Legend":  ( Or, "Who's Got The Bigger Ego?" )

Remember during Whistle Stop's flashback to years gone by? He and Shere Khan had been competing for a mail contract with the government. The official that gave the contract to Whistle Stop and tore up Khan's contract was a frog.

Jump to the present and the final few minutes of this episode. In Klopstokia we see Khan and president Myron's aid sitting together. As they discuss the fate of Whistle Stop (and Higher for Hire) we see something. A character we've seen earlier. Could it be? Is it possible?  Look into the bleachers (upper left corner). You just barely make out...The FROG! That's right, the very same frog can be seen in this small part of the frame. Look quick, because he's not on screen that long; Or that much. You see, the only part of him that's visible is a leg and lower part of his jacket.

Trust me, it's the frog and not anyone else. It took some fast pause button pushing to confirm it, but it's him.

Ribbiting isn't it? (Okay, I had to get a bad pun in there. So sue me.)

There are tons of hidden items in Tale Spin episodes (Like the "Where's Waldo" from a few years back). Keep looking spinners. You don't know what you'll find.

Your Baloo's in the Mail

Opening scenes:

Becky's upstairs when she hears the news that her ticket is the winning
ticket. To get downstairs she slides down a firepole. I've wondered, is this
a shortcut Baloo put in for himself, for Kit or is it a hold over from years
before. Maybe the entire building used to be a fire station for Cape Suzette

Just taking a "pole" here.

Lissette ~_~: In the episode "Your Baloo's in the Mail" The episode where Rebecca wins the Bazooza Sweepstakes!) 

Anyways, in that episode, Baloo says, "Becky must've fallen asleep!" when he returns to Higher for Hire after delivering the letter. Doesn't Becky have her own place? Hmmm... :)

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