Glossary of Gidgetisms
(special thanks to everyone for their contributions)

(bee-an-bee) n. 1. The concept that Baloo and Becky should pursue a romantic relationship, possibly leading to marriage.  Hinted at in the show, but never given a chance to occur.  

B&Ber (bee-an-bee-er) n. 1. One who believes in and supports the concept of B&B.

(bee-ell wer-thee) adj. 1.  Artwork, fiction or anything related to B&B or TaleSpin that is generally considered interesting, creative and fun (and spelled correctly).  ;)  Coined by Schroeder on the TS High Flight Board.

(ba-loo-per) n. 1.  Any kind of error spotted in a TaleSpin episode; stems from the word 'blooper'.

(ba-loooo-zer!) n. 1.  Compound word combining "Baloo" and "loser".  Derogatory term for Baloo, coined by Ted "Brahma Bear" Heinz.

Bearents (bare-rents) n. 1.  When Baloo and Rebecca form a united front in disciplining Kit (Stormy Weather, end of I Only Have Ice for You)

(kod-e-ness) n. 1. The state, quality or degree of being endowed with insight or sarcasm characteristic of my co-reviewer, Cody.

DID (did) n. 1. Abbreviation for 'damsel in distress'.  Derogatory referance to female characters who keep getting kidnapped, tied up, shriek like ninnies, and pound the villain's (or hero's) manly chest with her fists.  (eg:  Katie Dodd of For Whom the Bell Klangs).  Also known as D.I.D.

Dismorphic (dis-mor-fik) adj. 1.
Usually in art -- something that is disproportionate or deformed-looking.  Term coined by Cody. n. 2.  A deformed anthromorphic character (furry).  

Fan Femme (fan fem) n. 1.  Female fan of a fictional male character (usually cartoon characters).

Fan Fic (fan fic) n. 1.  A work of fiction written by a fan of a TV show or film, borrowing existing characters and creating new ones.

Feigned Incompetence (faynd in-kom-pe-tense) n. or adj. 1.  Pretense of being too sick, unfit or incapable of carrying out an unpleasant task, like housework in order to avoid having to do it.  Unwilling participant generally does such a poor job that the person who made them do it gets impatient, shoves them out of the way and ends up doing it themselves.  One of Joanna Midway's old tricks (of the Gidget fanfics).

Free Boo (free bü) n. When someone else pays your way into a really bad movie ("Booo!").  Inspired by my brother's experience when I took him to see Final Destination 2 (he loved the first one, though).

Gidget (gid-jet) n. 1.  Compound word combining 'girl' and 'midget' (girl midget).  Originally stems from the 1959 film starring Sandra Dee as a naive young beach bunny who learns to surf.  
2.   Webmistress of Baloo Lagoon; name adopted from film (see 1) .  Hates swimming and can't surf at all.

Gidget Seal of Approval, The (gid-jet seel uv ap-proo-val) n. Imaginary non-monetary reward given to TS fan-fics without spelling or grammar errors (except when necessary, like when Baloo speaks) .  Coined by Lizzy Blackwell on the TS High Flight Board.  Not to be mistaken for awards for excellent surfing.

Gidgetism (gid-je-tiz-zum) n. 1.  A word or phrase invented by Gidget (yours truly) for the purposes of Baloo Lagoon and the amusement of Spinners.

Gidgmogrified (gij-mog-ri-fyd) n. 1. -"To fully succumb to taking on interests, influences, theories, personal traits, etc. recognizant of Michelle "Gidget" Beaubien, particularly after prolonged RL or online corresponding. Coined by Schroeder on the High Flight Board.") :-D 

Good Corn (gud korn) n. A sweet/romantic/inspirational movie that's undeniably sappy and sentimental (corny), yet still moves you to tears every time.  (eg:  Always, Field of Dreams, It's a Wonderful Life, Mask, Mr. Holland's Opus, The Sound of Music)

H4H (hyr-for-hyr) n. 1.  Abbreviation for Higher for Hire, the hub of all activity at the start of most TaleSpin episodes.    

K&K (kay-an-kay) n. 1. The alternate concept that Kit remained a pirate and stayed with Don Karnage and the Air Pirates instead of Higher for Hire.   2. A significant bond between Kit and Karnage as mentor and protégé, even father and son.  Originated by Ted 'Brahma Bear' Heinz.

K&Ker (kay-an-kay-er) n. 1. One who believes in and supports the concept of K&K.

Khan's Klones
(kawnz klonez) n. Gidget's nickname for Shere Khan's panther pilots, who all look exactly alike.

(nee-kapz) n. and interj.  n. 1. The bones at the front of the knee joints. 
interj. 2
.  A playful threat, stemming from the episode Save the Tiger where the hit man hired by Khan replies to a threat from him on the phone.
"Yessir, I like my knees very much, sir!" ;)

Mad Kit (mad kit!) interj. 1. Battle cry of the Brahma Bear when he sees a screen grab of Kit looking crafty or evil (as opposed to his usual sunny expression).  (eg:  When Kit steals the stone from the Iron Vulture at the beginning of Plunder and Lightning.)

Mary Sue (mair-ee soo) n. 1.  A character created for a fan fic who ends up stealing the limelight instead of being a supporting player.   Unrealistically good-looking, brilliant, virtuous and self-sacrificing.
See Mary Sue Litmus Test.  

Mollyfied (mol'é-fyd) v. 1. Anything nauseatingly cute, namely artwork where the characters have big animé eyes, long eyelashes and hair bows.

(mol¢é-fobe) n.  1.
  A Spinner who suffers from this mysterious condition.  They must be treated with compassion and understanding.  They function best in rooms with soft, dim lighting and jump at sudden noises.  Just sing to them, trim their fingernails regularly and make sure their rooms are locked from the outside at night.  Don’t leave anything sharp lying around. J

Mollyphobia (mol¢é-fo-bee-a) n. 1.  Morbid fear of all things associated with Molly Elizabeth Cunningham.  2.  A common psychological condition shared by Spinners.  The source has been traced to one little girl bearcub, Molly Cunningham, hence the name.  Those afflicted may suffer from these symptoms:  toothaches (tooth decay in extremely severe cases), advanced diabetes, uncontrollable shivering, hallucinations, nausea, and diarrhea.  Other maladies with similar effects:  Shirley Temple Syndrome, Arnold Drummond Disease, Webster’s Disease and the most recent, Olsen Twin Syndrome.

Mollysitting (
mol¢é-sit-ing) v. 1.  Babysitting Molly Cunningham or somehow duped, tricked or forced into spending time with her while everyone else gets to have fun.  

Poptarts (pop-tartz) n. 1.  Coined by Scarlet and Joe.  A cyber-word meaning reward, comfort or affection.  Generally typed in emails or posts. (colons represent the sprinkles)
eg: [::] 

Red Scarf (red skarf) n. 1. The red bandana that Don Karnage gives Kit after he betrays Baloo in Plunder and Lightning.  "So... you are back with the pirates, yes-no?  Happy?"
"Yeah... couldn't be happier."  2.  Symbol of Kit's affiliation with the Air Pirates.  When he's with Baloo, he wears the blue-and-red baseball cap backwards.  When he fights with Baloo (Storm Weather), he throws it to the ground and stalks off. 

Snarkasm (snar-kaz-em) n. 1.  Combination of 'sarcasm' and 'snarky'.

Spinner (spin-er) n. 1. A rabid fan of the show.

Steamroller (Steeeem-rol-lar!) interj. 1. An exclamation similar to 'Uh-oh!' when the subject of B&B comes up in lascivious, wanton or lewd context.  Refers to the probable cause-and-effect consequences of Baloo and Becky... together.  Imagine the possibly disastrous coupling of Bluto and Olive of King Features' Popeye fame).

Superpukeykyootified (soo-per-pu-kee-kwoo-tee-fyed) adj. 1. A nauseatingly adorable picture.  Coined by Katarina.

Torture the Becky (torch-er the bek-kee!) interj. 1. A gleeful cry when Rebecca is tied up over a fiery pit in a 600-room castle or put in front of a Thembrian firing squad on live radio and scolded by Miss Tuttle, her third-grade teacher.  Coined by Ricia (see Links:  The Riciaverse)  

Wildcat's Goody Bag (wyld-katz good-ee bag) n. 1.  Possible explanation for Wildcat's personality. Also known as 'Wildcat's Stash'.  Coined by Katarina.

Winged Monkey (wing'd mon-kee) n. 1.  A company spy or tattletale.  Term derived from the Wicked Witch of the West's air-born simian minions in The Wizard of Oz.

Wrath of Becky (rath uv bek-kee) n. 1. Rebecca getting angry over an idea that is not working or just plain upset --- especially when Baloo is the cause.   Coined by Gregory Weagle.  

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