I Would Give You the World...

by Mark
July 2000

I have watched the autumn breeze,

and the golden blue waves,

In the shimmering starlight,

And the dark of dawn.


I have little to call my own.

And less I could give away.

And yet...and yet....

I would give you everything.


A world of glories, and splendors.

Of sunrises, bursting over emerald forests

Gentle breezes shaking the first rose of summer.

And sunsets burning across desert sands.


Of rain refreshing, renewing, rebuilding,

Of the crystal white snows,

Covering the land. All this

And ever so much more, I would give to you.


We are closer than you may know

For we share a dream, and a hope.

You see him every day

And I see you, looking at him.


He deserves you, you know that.

And you deserve all of the best.

Close your eyes, look around

See everything around you.


Let your imagination find its desire.

Let your desires take hold

Smile and sigh, Sigh and Smile

And let me give you the world.

Plea to Those Beyond

 (An Adult Molly Reflects)
by Mark
July 2000

I have searched so long,

for a light so dimmed,

And I can't find it.


There is a mist in my sight,

and fog at my feet,

and cool grey stone before me.


It seems so little,

to give back to a life,

which meant so much.


I wished so much,

that you could have,

been closer to me.


Looking back, now,

I see that your love

was a kind I could not see.


You worked, and you earned

you tried, and achieved.

When all I wanted was you.


Now all I can do,

is kneel by your grave,

and weep for lost time.


You must be an angel now,

so come back to earth,

wipe these tears from my eyes.


Let your dove white wings,

shelter me from the storm,

that rages in my heart.


Let me see you smile,

once more, hear you say:

'I'm so proud of you...'


But I see it in the stars,

some nights. Now and then

You're there looking back.


Nothing else, no miracle

could make the stars to shine,

or the sun to rise.


I love you...Mom,

I always did, and now I see

Truly, how much you loved me.

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