Fan-fiction adaptation by jb

Based on the Tale Spin #6 comic book; story by Bobbi J.G. Weiss

Disclaimer: The following story is based on the television series, characters and situations, created by Jymn Magon & Mark Zaslove, Tale Spin  © 1990-1991 Buena Vista Television/Walt Disney Company and W.D. Publications. This is an adapted work of fan-fiction, using characters and property of the Walt Disney Company without consent and for non-profit use. Some artistic liberties were taken to add more dramatic and humourous effect on the storyline.


                                                PART TWO  


            Baloo had been flying along the Cape Suzette coastline in the Sea Duck for about a good hour or so, as Molly scanned the horizon with her binoculars in search of the skyjacked Frosty Pep cargo plane that had disappeared without a trace.

He partly did it just to humour her, even though Rebecca would probably give him the usual lecture on “wasting company resources” – better known as fuel and plane mileage time – on a little joyride. But what the Boss Lady didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him – or his ears.

Besides, he really didn’t mind going along with Molly. In the last year, he learned to be a little more playful and patient in letting his imagination flow with her at times. He loved the little girl dearly like she was his own daughter, which kind of made him happy, proud – and a bit uneasy at the same time.

Whoa… he thought, I’m gettin’ domesticated here or somethin’?

“I don’t see the Frosty Pep plane anywhere, trusty sidekick,” reported Molly.

“Me neither, Molly – I mean, Danger Woman!”

“Baloo, what if we don’t find it?” she said forlornly. “What if it’s gone and there’s no more Frosty Pep ice cream ever again?!”

The pilot knew very well that the possibility of that happening would never come into being, but to any six-year old, what could be more tragic than no more ice cream in the world?

Thinking quickly, he snapped his fingers.

“I got it! How ‘bout we go to Louie’s? If anybody’d know where to look for ice cream, ol’ Louie would! An’ while we’re there, you can have a big Krakatoa Special to cheer ya up, okay?”

“Oh, boy!” gleefully shouted Molly, then remembering, “Um, I mean – good idea, trusty sidekick! Put the Danger Plane in Super-Dooper High Gear and set a course for Louie’s Place!”

“Aye-aye, Captain Danger Woman, ma’am-sir!” chuckled Baloo lightly, as he headed starboard. Any excuse to go to Louie’s Place, even to cheer up Molly, was always a good one for him



Within twenty minutes, the Con-Wing L-19 had landed at the popular refuelling station-cum-pilot’s watering hole, where Molly eagerly ran up to the nightclub. She loved coming here and seeing Louie a lot more than Baloo did, even though her mother would highly disapprove with the atmosphere she would be exposed to that she feared the most – having fun.

Opening the door, a blast of mirthful jazz permeated the two ursines’ ears, much to the delight of the grey bear. And there to greet him with the widest smile as always was the orang-utan owner himself in his usual tropical shirt, lei and hat, Louie.

“My main man!” exclaimed the primate, giving Baloo their customary handshake.

“Hey, Lou – what’s new?”

Louie gestured the bears over to a huge crate that sat near the bar and pulled out a small rocket. “Baloo, dig these firecrackers! I’m catering a big shindig tonight on Pair-O’-Dice Island!”

“That floatin’ casino place?”

“You got it! Dinner, dancing, the whole shebang – even a fireworks display! Man, it’s gonna be some wild party!”

“But never as wild a party that goes on here, right?”

“Right on, Fuzzy!” he laughed jovially, giving him a high-five.

It was then that the primate turned his attention to the she-bear cub.

“So what brings you to my place, young-short-and-gorgeous?”

“Tee-hee!” giggled Molly. “Ice cream! Baloo said you’d make me a Crack-Your-Toe Special!”

Louie’s smile turned into an uneasy grimace.

“Uh…gimme a sec with Baloo, will ya, sugarplum?”

Taking the huge bear out of earshot from her, Baloo asked him: “Whazzup?”

“I don’t have any ice cream, cuz!” he whispered. “My shipment didn’t come in this morning!”

“Aw, great,” whispered back the crestfallen pilot. “I didn’t know you were supplied by the same cargo run as Cape Suzette!”

Molly could tell something was up between the two adults. Like most children her age, she could figure out with the obvious body and facial language that bad news was in store and she wasn’t going to like whatever it was in store.

“No ice cream, Baloo?” she sighed, trying to hide her disappointment.

“Don’t you fret, Cutie Pie!” Louie responded. “I’ll get you the next best thing – Louie’s Pile-To-The-Sky Fruit Delight with whipped cream and a cherry on top!”

“Okay!” she agreed, brightening up to the alternative.

Good ol’ Louie, smiled Baloo. He sure has a way with kids…

“Felicitational greetings, one and everybody!” a familiar voice sang from the doorway. “It is I, the pirate of the hour – Don Karnage!”

Within seconds, the music came to a screeching halt and every firearm was whipped out from almost everyone in the nightclub, clicking off their safety locks in synchronicity, aimed at the Air Pirate leader and two of his cronies flanking his sides, Gibber and Dumptruck.

Aww, pony pucks! Louie frowned.  Just what we needed around here…the main party-pooper of all of Asia-Pacifica in my joint!

       Baloo just held Molly close to him, hoping that things wouldn’t get ugly, feeling a protective instinct over the she-bear cub.

       “Now, now, gentlemen,” said Karnage in the calmest manner, casually raising his empty palms. “I have not a weapon in my hands, look-see?”

       “What’re you doing here, Karnage?” Louie demanded, walking up to him.

“Stay put, Danger Woman,” the pilot instructed Molly as he went to join his friend.

Molly nodded. There are times when even Danger Woman knows when not to leap into action…

“I come to buy a round of your most tasty drinks for all these thirsty patron-types!”

“HUH???” went the surprised clamour of everyone in the nightclub, that suddenly all the guns lowered and dissipated the tension a little.

Right,” Baloo snorted, not hiding his distaste for the newcomers. “And I sell propellers door-to-door! Now what are you really after, Karny?”

“For the uptimillionth time, Baloo, my name is Karnage – Don Karnage! And I am after nothing today but a birthday – mine!

“Ya don’t say!” guffawed the nightclub owner. “So how just how many candles will you be puttin’ on your cake this year, you ol’ pirate you?”

Mycandles…” sneered the wolf, “are none of your cotton-plucking floor wax, you snoopsy simian!”

“But, Captain,” interjected Dumptruck, “you said you vere twenty-nine years old dis morning!”

Karnage shot the half-witted Dane a very poisonous glare at him.

“But come to tink on it,” he continued, dumbly oblivious to his leader’s growing anger, “you said dat last year, too! And da year before that! And da year be – gack!

The wolf pirate had grabbed Dumptruck tightly by the throat and brought him face-to-face while crushing his windpipe, constricting his oxygen supply.

“Remind me to shoot you when we get home!” he snarled slowly in a hushed tone, making every word sink in.

“Err,” squeaked Dumptruck, “sorry, Captain!”

Baloo tried very hard not to laugh at the comical situation before him.

Karnage let go of his minion, to which Dumptruck dropped to the floor and gasped for air. Fully regaining his composure, the flamboyant leader theatrically bounced up unto the stage.

“Now, Louie,” he said, after clearing his throat, “I have come to order a cake from your most able bakery – a very large ice cream cake – with lots of chocolate frosting and the little sprinkly doohickies on top!”

Large, huh? Suits yer ego, Karny.

“No can do, Karnage! Even if I had the time – and the inclination – I don’t have any ice cream!”

“Oh, that is no problem – I brought my own!”

Briefly and sharply clapping his hands twice, Hacksaw rolled in three large boxes of ice cream on a trolley upon command, to which Molly instantly recognized the brand name on the sides.

“Hey! That’s the stolen Frosty Pep!!”

“Of course it is,” Karnage proudly boasted to the child. “I stole it!”

The she-bear cub glared right at him. That creepface

But Baloo was enraged. Having this pirate coming in to his favourite joint was bad enough, but to be such a braggart on his latest acquisition that may have cost the livelihoods – or lives – of his fellow pilots was another.

“Why, you –” he growled, balling up his fists into lethal weapons, about to step up to the pirate leader.

Aw, man, worried the orang-utan. Cuz, don’t –!

But,” Karnage placated playfully, jingling a change purse in front of him as his pirates unloaded the ice cream, “I will pay for it when I pick it up! What do you think of that?”

“Since when have you ever paid for anything, Karnage?” questioned Louie contemptuously.

“Just have the cake ready at five o’clock , and you will see that Don Karnage can cut a round deal on the up and out! But do not disappoint me, Louie,” he said menacingly as he tucked away his purse into his inner coat pocket, “or I may have to get angry!”

Karnage signalled his men to leave, and as they headed out the door, he turned his head around momentarily and said: “Oh, and I want twenty ice cream sundaes too – also with the sprinkly doohickies and little candles on top! Arriverderci!

 “Tw-tw-twenty sundaes?!?” he said in exasperation, not believing the pirate leader’s verve over the additional demand he had just given.

“He’s kiddin’, Louie!” scoffed the grey bear. “‘Sides, you’re not really gonna make that lousy pirate a cake, are ya? Ya know he won’t pay!”

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned the hard way, cuz, it’s that Karnage doesn’t kid about his threats,” sighed the primate. “If I don’t give him a cake made outta that ice cream by five o’clock today, he’s liable to burn my place down – or worse!”

“What that guy needs is a good birthday spankin’!” the pilot fumed. “Y’know, he didn’t just steal the Frosty Pep – he took the whole darn plane! Those pilots can’t work without their plane! An’ now this!

“Yeah!” Molly added. “But what are we gonna do?”

Suddenly, a wicked smile creased Louie’s face while rubbing his chin.

“Hold it, cuz! What if there was a way to get that plane back, get Karnage off my tail and give him a ‘spankin’’ he’ll never forget?”

Baloo grinned. If there was one thing he loved more than napping, flying, partying and eating, was a good practical joke – especially if one was played on that egotistic blowhard, Karnage.

“Heh-heh! I like the idea already – whatever it is!”



Azzzzuuuucar!!” shouted Rebecca spiritedly.

Aboard the day cruise ship, the S.S. Festivia; just a few kilometres away from Cape Suzette , the businesswoman was leading a conga line along the large stern deck with several other merrymakers to the beat of the lively onboard Latin jazz quartet that provided the musical entertainment.

She was allowing herself to enjoy life for a change, like Baloo always have told her to do and for once, she agreed with her pilot’s call, even if she didn’t want to admit it to his face.

As the music ended, the other passengers applauded the quartet and Rebecca, who bowed and caught her breath, enjoying the attention.

“Thank you! Conga lines are my specialty!”

“And how are you at slow dancing, Miss…?”

Turning to the elegant voice, it belonged to a suave-looking canine with his hair parted down the middle and a pencil-thin moustache in a well-tailored three-piece suit with a most pleasant smile.

Her face brightened upon first sight.

“Please, call me Rebecca. And…let me guess…your name is Skippy?”

“Heavens no! My name is John!...”

Ha! There are real men with normal names out there, Fly Boy!

“…but call me Taddy! Everybody does!”

Okaay…unusual nickname, she thought, but he does show some promise…

“So, Rebecca,” said Taddy, courtly kissing her hand, “what do you say we go ask the band to play ‘Moonlight Melody,’ shall we?”

Oh, my!

“Sure – why not?” she replied, trying not to let her feelings come to the surface.

She took more caution this time around, considering her previous experiences with such men that presented themselves like this in her life, including one that almost got her knifed the first time she went to Louie’s Place.

A real man at Louie’s…what a laugh. What do you know, Baloo?...

As she and Taddy walked together towards the stage, something slightly perturbed her. Why was she even thinking about him for?



Meanwhile, not far away; Mad Dog’s squadron was aimlessly flying around the area in search for a band to play for their leader’s birthday party that was in a few hours away from now – and desperation was starting to settle in.

“This is just dandy!” complained one of the pirates. “Gibber comes up with some fancy-pants idea, an’ we do all the work! An’ if we come up empty-handed, the captian’ll string us up by our earlobes!”

“Oh, quit your whining and keep looking!” ordered Mad Dog, in the lead.

Then, his ears then pricked up a bit, hearing some gaily-sounding music coming from somewhere nearby. Looking around the portside, he saw behind him a day cruiser and could just make out a small stage on the stern deck with some people with musical instruments.

He grinned with delight.

“Hot dog! Jackpot at six o’clock !!”

On the Festivia at that moment, Rebecca just happened to be standing on the stage and made her request to the trumpeter bandleader, to which he replied: “‘Moonlight Melody?’ Why, it just so happens that’s the very next song we’re going to play, beautiful!”

The she-bear blushed slightly. “Thank you.”

A sudden rush of airplane engines ran past above the ship, causing the passengers to look up and around in confusion.

The conga player then shouted out the obvious: “Look – air pirates!!”

Pandemonium ensured, people scattering in all directions in panic. And before anybody knew it, the squadron’s grappling hooks adeptly hooked onto the stage with the musicians and the businesswoman – unintentionally caught up in the chaos – were carted off the deck.        

“Hellllp!!!” she cried out.

“Jump, Rebecca!” Taddy called up to her. “I’ll catch you!”

But it was futile. In the confusion and fear, she couldn’t hear what her potential suitor had said, trying mostly to stay stable on the wobbly stage. It was just then the dapper canine had a second thought.     

“Wait! What am I saying?? I’d ruin my suit!”

Up in the air, the hostages frantically tried to maintain a sense of balance as the planes and platform gained altitude. But Rebecca’s heels made the task difficult, making her slip and then tumble off the edge headfirst.

 Her life flashed before her eyes as she screamed at the top of her lungs.

Thinking quickly, the bandleader ripped the cord from under the microphone stand and tossed it toward her.

“Catch this!” he called out.

Just in time, she caught the wire and swayed wildly from beneath the bandstand. Looking down at the rushing water underneath her, she felt panicky. The other band members came to their leader’s aid, proceeded to pull her back up.

“Hold on, Miss! We’ve got you!” the trumpeter shouted to the dangling she-bear.

Hurry! I’m slipping!!”

As the musicians pulled, Rebecca wrapped the cord around her hand a couple of times, creating a tightening bond which felt like it was cutting into her flesh and clenched her feet inside her shoes to prevent them from falling into the ocean below.

Within a sweat-breaking minute, the Latin jazz quartet had successfully pulled her safely onto the flying deck that had finally stabilized itself to the best to the ability of the Air Pirates’ control. The bandleader grabbed Rebecca by the wrists and helped her climb onto the stage.

Ohhh,” she panted in relief. “Thank you!”

“Anytime!” he replied.

“Omigosh!” the percussionist swooned. “We’re being kidnapped!”

Grabbing onto one of the grappling ropes, Rebecca looked up at the planes in anger and fear, openly brought out the fighting question: “But why would Air Pirates want us for?!”

This is just peachy! I go on a day cruise to unwind, finally meet a decent guy for a change and now I’m abducted by Air Pirates – again! Could this day get any worse?!  


            Checking his watch and the skies again, Louie and a handful of his maintenance crew waited for the Air Pirates to come collect the cake and ice cream sundaes that Karnage had “ordered,” with a mix of anticipation and nervousness on the delivery pier at five o’clock precisely.

            Maybe they won’t show up, the orangutan thought hopefully.

            “Look!” stated one of the crewmembers.         

Coming in on the approach was a moderately-sized cargo seaplane with the familiar pirate insignia clearly marked on the tail heading toward his lagoon, much to Louie’s displeasure.

So much for my horoscope bein’ right today…

The seaplane landed in the natural harbour and taxied right up to where Louie and his company were waiting. Within minutes, Dumptruck and five other armed comrades came down the lowered back ramp, confronting the awaiting primates.

“The Captain sent us to collect da cake an’ sundaes,” announced the hulking Great Dane.

“Sure thing, pal,” said Louie in his best diplomatic manner. “That’ll be two-hundred an’ sixteen dollars an’ seventy-eight cents plus tax, Max.”

Dumptruck’s eyebrows went into a deep furrow and shoved his pistol into Louie’s face point-blank , while the other pirates cocked their guns in an intimidating manner at the others.

“The name is Dumptruck,” he growled, clicking off the safety. “An’ how ‘bout vee let you live in lieu of payment, Mister Comedian?” 

“Uhh, yeah!” Louie grinned nervously, his forehead heavily perspiring like a cascading waterfall. “Yeah! That’ll be fine! That’ll be fine! Just had to ask, cuz!”

The Air Pirate just smirked.

“H’okay, boys,” he ordered. “Take ‘em avay!”

As the brigands hauled off the ill-gotten birthday favours onto the plane, the Great Dane noticed a large purple box with a blue ribbon wrapped in a bow next to where the cake had been. He looked at it curiously.

“Vat is that?” he demanded.

“Oh, just a little prezzie for ol’ Karnage in appreciation of him choosing our most humble establishment to exclusively cater his twenty-ninth birthday party,” Louie explained, adding coyly, “But, if you don’t want it –”

“Vee’ll take it,” interrupted the hulking pirate. “I’m sure da Captain vill be thrilled with your gift.”

I was hopin’ you’d say that, tall-dark-and-gruesome.

Taking the present away, the pirates backed into the seaplane with their weapons at the ready with Dumptruck being the last to get on board, still aiming his gun at the nightclub owner.

“An’ don’t get any ideas in trying to stop us,” he said as he closed the back ramp.

“A pleasure doin’ business with you, cuz,” said Louie sarcastically. “Tell all your friends ‘bout us.”

Gotcha, brainless.

The seaplane started up its engines and made off into the late afternoon sky. As his attendants walked off to tend to other matters, their employer took off his hat, wiped the inside rim with a handkerchief and breathed a sigh of relief.

Well, that went off without a hitch. Things should go accordin’ to our plan, he thought, then added with some concern as he saw the Air Pirates’ plane disappear into the horizon, I hope…


End of Part Two