by Ted
February 2001
[Thanks to Michelle for proofing and critiquing!]



February 14, Higher for Hire


Kit entered Higher for Hire, hiding something behind his back as he approached Rebecca’s desk.  He grinned from ear to ear.


“Hello, Kit,” Rebecca greeted him.  “What’s that?”


“Oh… just a little something,” he replied.  He presented her with a pink heart-shaped box.


“Oh, Kit, for me?”


“Happy Valentine’s Day, Ms. Cunningham.”


“How sweet!  I don’t know what to say…  thank you.”


Kit ducked his head.  “Aw, don’t mention it.”


Rebecca shook the box.  “Chocolates?  Candy?”


Kit started to back away.  “Uh, you’ll see…  look, I gotta be going now.  Have a good one!”


She shook her head and smiled as he abruptly hurried out of the building.  Oh, he’s just being shy, she thought.


Kit ran at full steam, imagining Rebecca opening her present.  When he was a block down the street, that’s when he heard it:




Kit fell to the ground, laughing.  That had to be the most worthwhile trip to the bait shop he ever took…


The End… ?


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