A Star is Torn

In June 1999, I wrote my first fan fic -- a three-part adaption of the televised episode, based on screenplay by Dev Ross.  This was one of the few shows to deal with the love-hate relationship between Baloo and Rebecca.  TaleSpin Awards: Winner of Best Comedic Story and Best New Author of 1999 (I'm still thrilled by that!).

A Star is Torn, Part 1 A Star is Torn, Part 2 A Star is Torn, Part 3


A Fair to Remember

In 1999, I starting writing my second fan fic, and finally finished it in June 2006.  Rated PG for mild coarse/suggestive language and occasional violence.

When a traveling carnival arrives in Cape Suzette, a desperate fugitive and a mysterious woman are set on a collision course -- with our gang in the middle...

2004 - Revised chapters --- details here
Chapter 1   Chapter 7   Chapter 13
Chapter 2   Chapter 8   Chapter 14
Chapter 3  Chapter 9 Chapter 15  
Chapter 4   Chapter 10   Chapter 16
Chapter 5 Chapter 11 Chapter 17  
Chapter 6  Chapter 12 Chapter 18

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Evil screengrab by Scarlet.  See more at Pirate Island!

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