High Flight Board Posting Guidelines

This is a compilation of good advice and general guidelines to keep in mind when posting on this discussion board. They are here to ensure that everyone here has as fun and pleasant experience as possible. Please read, remember, and respect them!By Ted Heinz.  Updated by Gidget

Please direct any questions or concerns to the HF Board moderator, Gidget.  Remember to remove the 'mailto:nospam' from the address before sending. Thank you!  


Please post off-topic subjects on The TaleSpin Off-Topic Message Board
Schroeder was kind enough to provide a message board for this purpose, so there you go.

Never Forget that the Person on the Other Side is Human

Because your interaction on the HF Board is through a computer, it is sometimes easy to forget that there are people "out there." Situations arise where emotions erupt into a verbal free-for-all that can lead to hurt feelings. Please remember that people all over the world are reading your words.

Do not attack people if you cannot persuade them with your presentation of the facts.  It really doesn't matter if they agree with you or not --- the point is to engage in discussion.  The world will keep spinning and people will respect you more.  Screaming, cursing, and abusing others only serves to make people think less of you and less willing to help you when you need it. Hasty words create more problems than they solve. Try not to say anything to others you would not say to them in person in a room full of people.


This is a *Discussion* Board

Get involved! Share a thoughtful opinionÖ thatís what this board is here for. Youíre not going to make any real friends here if all you do is pipe up when you have a new pic or whatever to post. Contribution to this board isnít about what you draw, what stories you write, or what sites you createÖ itís what you think. Sometimes people never or rarely contribute to the discussions here, and end up feeling "left out." But itís a simple fact: no one can pay attention to you if youíre not there. 


Your Postings Reflect Upon You

Donít forget that we will know you only by what you say and how well you say it. Presentation is always important. Take some time to make sure each posting is something that will not embarrass you later. Minimize your spelling errors and make sure that the article is easy to read and understand. Writing is an art and to do it well requires practice. Since much of how people judge you on the Net is based on your writing, such time is well spent.


Accidental Multiple Posts/Server Errors

It happens to us all. From time to time, either your computer or the boardís server will burp just as you hit the "submit" button, causing your post to display multiple times, or display at the top of the page as a new thread when it was meant to be a reply to a previous post.

In the case of multiple posts, donít fret. Excess posts can be deleted if they need to be.

In the case of the server accidentally bumping your reply to the top of the page, please copy the message and paste it back under the post you were trying to reply to. That way, I will be able to delete the accidental thread and conserve space on the board.


Selling/Trading Merchandise

Please donít do it here, even if itís TaleSpin merchandise. Mentioning a neat/cool TaleSpin item you found on Ebay is all rightóif you donít start a new thread over it.  Post it under an old thread.


Space on the Board

The HF Board will hold the 300 newest threads, 20 threads to a page, regardless of how long the replies get. However, most of us are only concerned about the first page of the board, and only look over the latest 20 threads. Because of this, itís important to conserve how many new threads are created. Please use discretion, and remember that for every thread thatís created, one has been bumped off forever.

No one should post more than two new threads in a day. Even posting one new thread per day is overkill. Itís a good idea to use the reply button and write a follow-up post to one of your own previous posts if you have something new to say, rather than waste a new thread for it.


Contacting People Who Have Worked on the Show

In some cases, TaleSpin fans are fortunate enough now and then to contact people who have actually worked on the TaleSpin series. What you do with your email is your own business, but itís forbidden to post about such emails on the HF Board. We are not in need of anyone being a "messenger" between board members and someone who worked on the show. Doing so will be seen as an attempt to selfishly call attention upon yourself, and will cause angry results.Also, remember that they most likely would prefer to keep their privacy intact.People in the entertainment industry are not public property --- they are just doing their jobs.


Use Descriptive Subject Lines

This applies more to new threads than it does to replies. However, due to the relatively small number of people that frequent it, the HF Board is special from most Internet discussion boards in that if you post something, it *will* be read, regardless of what subject line you give it.

If no one replies to your post, it doesnít mean it hasnít been read. It just means no one has wished to add a reply. You should never *expect* anyone to reply to one of your posts.


Donít Post Anonymously

You donít have to give your real name, but at least create an alias that the board members can identify you with.


Read All Follow-ups and Don't Repeat What Has Already Been Said

Before you submit a follow-up to a message, read the rest of the messages on the board to see whether someone has already said what you want to say. If someone has, don't repeat it.


G Rating

Yes, most of us are adults and a little swearing isnít going to give anyone a heart attack. But treat the HF Board as if you were in someoneís living room. Donít be crude. This is a TaleSpin board, letís keep it in the essence of the show.



Debates, arguments, or even honest opinions that one may not like are *not* considered flames. Flaming involves name-calling, slander, and otherwise cruel intentions to start trouble. If you have dirt to dish with someone else, be responsible and do it via private email. Keep it off the board and spare everyone from having to read it.In other words, take it outside!

A general rule of ĎNetiquetteí is if you feel you are flamed or read something that makes you angry, calm down before posting a response. Or even better, donít post a response at all. If itís ignored, the problem will likely go away.


Private Conversations/Messages to One Person

If you have a message to give to someone, posting it as a thread isnít the thing to do. It wastes space. Use emails instead. Definitely never post a thread to inform someone that they have email, or inquire if they have received and email you sent. That is my pet peeveÖ I will delete the thread and ask God to send a plague of locusts to your house.

Donít post a thread to ask someone if "theyíre on."

Never post anything and expect it to be private between you and someone else. It wonít be.

Never post personal information about other people. (addresses, phone numbers, etc).


"Iím Back" Post

If you have been away or have not posted on the HF Board for a while, donít feel obligated to write a "Sorry Iíve been away for so longÖ" thread to let everyone know youíre back. This happens often, more than it should. The reality is, if you havenít been a big contributor to the board, most of us would not have even realized your absence. The better thing to do is to get involved in the ongoing discussions, and everyone will know "youíre back" just as well.  Same applies to "I'm leaving".  If someoneís a regular, chances are theyíve got everybodyís e-mail address, anyway.

Happy Birthday

Please use private email for wishing each other happy birthday.  These posts go nowhere.  It wouldn't be a problem if the replies were interesting, but all we get are things like 'Happy Birthday!' (nm) and 'Have some Frosty Pep' (nm). Honestly, do you find those answers the least bit interesting?  Most people don't. 


Promoting Your Work is Encouraged

As noted, the primary purpose of the HF Board is for discussion relating to TaleSpin. But posting to promote your TaleSpin related website, fan fiction, artwork, or miscellaneous projects is perfectly fine and encouraged. There is a lot of talent in our fandom and itís a joy to share it.

However, itís wise to refrain from posting every time you add a new link to your site, write another page in your fic, and so forth. Save posting about your progresses for important updates.

And please, keep in mind that regardless of how dear your work is to you, itís not to everyone else. Thatís not a judgment of how good your work is, itís just a fact of life. Donít expect anything from anyone, because you will just set yourself up for a letdown when people donít flock to praise you.


Off-Topic Posts

This is a TaleSpin board, letís aim to keep it that way. However, off-topic discussions are okay (as long as they donít get out of hand). If you wish to write a post that is not TaleSpin related, itís often courteous to label it as so in your subject line ("o/t), so others who are not interested can know to skip it.

Politics and Religion

There are other places to discuss the war in Iraq or whatever god you worship.  It makes some people uncomfortable and this is not the forum for it.  It's a cartoon message board, not a temple or a courthouse.  

No Hate Posts

No exceptions. Threats included.


Don't respond to posts that sound idiotic, rambling or rude. This is blatant abuse of the board.  Precious thread space is wasted and prolonged with this garbage.  This is a board for thoughtful, fun discussions, NOT stupid ramblings or "nm" one-liners that go nowhere.  It's boring, wastes time and insults our intelligence.  These kinds of posts will be deleted.

How to Detect a Troll:
1. Poster's name is Anonymous or something idiotic, like Smoochy, Goof or something. Most of us use handles --- either our own names or something TaleSpinnish.

2. A troll is a stranger (someone who *doesn't* start off by introducing themselves, but just spouts off something dumb. It's startling and possibly hostile.  Sometimes they flame everyone on the board.  The content of a troll's message is usually moronic, badly misspelled or just plain insulting (meant to get a rise out of a reader).

3. It takes practice, but please try to learn to 'read' into the content of a newby's post (see 1 and 2 above). It's like being street-smart --- never talk to strangers, etc. There are creeps out there who just enjoy jerking your chain, so don't play their game.  

No Libel

Libel is any written or printed matter tending to injure a person's reputation unjustly. This is a civil crime that is punishable by the law.

All Caps

Typing in ALL CAPS is the equivalent to shouting/ screaming. Itís rude and annoying. On the flip side, donít use all lower case, either. The Shift key is your friend. Donít be afraid to use it to capitalize proper nouns and words at the beginning of your sentences. Not doing so makes your writing look juvenile, and reflects badly on you.

Uncut Plunder & Lightning

Something that is often asked on the HF Board is if anyone has the uncut version of Plunder & Lightning, and would be willing to dub it for you (for a favor, price, etc). Unfortunately, the answer is
no, sorry.  Same with TS episodes.

Obnoxious Twit Rule

Don't be an obnoxious little twit.

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