Baloo the Dreamer
- Judging from his expression, is it about Becky or food?

B&B:  The College Years
- Becky helps Baloo 'study'.  "Hey, I passed Recess with flyin' colors!"

B&B:  Reading in Bed...Afterward - I really love this one.  Becky is so cute! And Baloo is so... unconscious!

B&B Forever
-'Nuff said.


Gone Fishin' - Colored by Ted.

Simply Becky
- Rebecca's true self.

Teddy Bears' Picnic - A sweet scene with the 'family'!  Colored by Ted.


Boardwalk - B&B celebrating the facelift of Baloo Lagoon!  Colored by Ted.

Scenes from Smuggler's Baloo

Spoiler Alert*

These are scenes from the fic by Herodotus.  Read Smuggler's Baloo first!

Precious Cargo
- A  scene from Chapter 2 

Seductive Stranger
- A scene from Chapter 5


Beautiful Stranger - A scene from Chapter 7.   Colored by Ted. 

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