All pix are scenes from my fic, A Fair to Remember.

As I Should Be - A much more flattering version of Pearl Clambake than in the novel

Joanna Bein' Stylish - I love her gown... reminds me of Grecian robes. (sketch) 

Molly Found - Joanna tries to find someone willing to take Molly home:
"Anyone lose one of these?" 

Hello Nurse - Lance looks like he needs rescuing!

"You're just jealous!" - Pearl's parting shot to Joanna (unseen) as they leave the police station. 

"See my ring!" - Pearl is so happy it's heartbreaking...

"You must be this tall..."
- Too bad for Col. Spigot and Trader Moe! ;-)


Getting a Shot - A nurse gets a taste of her own medicine... 

Becky Gets Drunk - Becky:  "Baloooooo... come heeeeeere... (giggle)"

Sisters -  a reference to Joanna's past in AFTR.

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