Scenes From the Show

Her Chance to Dream (2000) - My favorite scene. 

Hunting for Truffles (2000) - "Molly!  Young lady, come out of there this instant!"  -- Ted's joke

Evil Parodies

The Bear Witch Project (2000)

In October of 1991
three bears disappeared
from the airwaves near Burkittsville, Maryland
while shooting a cartoon.
Several years later, their footage was found.

Becky Grable (2001) - Based on the famous Betty Grable pin-up. 

Bex and the City (2000) - Becky poses for the infamous poster.

Breakfast at Beckany's (2001) - Rebecca as Holly Golightly, Audrey Hepburn's most famous role. 

The Honeybalooners (2003)
- B&B as Ralph and Alice Kramden.  Scary, ain't it?  ;-)
Also, see b&w version here.   


An Office Worker and a Gentleman (2000) - The most famous scene from An Officer and a Gentleman.

The Omen (2003) - Parody of the 1976 horror classic.  Guess who the little devil is?  :D

One Night at BaLool's (2001) - Parody of the 'One Night at McCool's' poster (the Liv Tyler and John Goodman roles)

Oscar Night (2001) -"I'd like to thank the Academy for this lovely doorstop... " Colored by Ted.  

Pandatown (2004)
- B&B as Jack Nicholson and Faye Dunaway in the 1974 film Chinatown.

Silence of the Cunninghams (2000) - Bearice Starling faces the epitome of evil...

Superbear (2001) - You'll believe a bear can fly. 

Village of the Cunninghammed (2000) - Parody of 1960 chiller, Village of the Damned.  Very disturbing.

Evil Pix

"Hey, kid..." (2001) - Big Al tries to befriend Molly.


The Little Bearmaid (2000) - Catch of the day?

"Mornin', Becky." (2000) - Not exactly an evil pic, but a naughty one.  Rated PG for mature theme.

Threshhold (2002) - A near-replica of a needlepoint picture I once did. 

Banners Up Close
These are the images I drew for the banners that Katarina made.   

Angry Prom Queen - Gidget as Carrie (before the pig's blood, that is).  Used for F.A.Q.  Sparklies added by Ted.

Groups, Pairs and Cameos - Muffy and Buffy, looking snobby.

Gidget's Characters - Big Al and Violet, in typical attitudes.

One-Shots - Katie Dodd, archaeologist.

Blonde Alley - Joanna finally has her own page.

Fiction by Gidget - Joanna reading the funnies.

Reviews - Baloo and Becky talking, Siskel and Ebert-style.

What's New - Gidget as a gypsy fortune-teller, using her handy-dandy crystal ball.

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