Cody Hawkins

A real pain-in-the-butt with delusions of being a mercenary.  Coldly calculating, she’s good with a knife and always in very good shape---a necessity in her line of work.  She’s also got a gruff, prickly personality that doesn’t encourage friendships.


Vital Stats:

Species: Vixen

Height:  4'10” (as an adult)

Build:  Wiry and petite

Hair: Strawberry blonde

Eyes:  Blue-green

Voice:  Reba McEntire


Jonathan "Jons" LeRoux

Owner of a bar and dancehall called Ferret's Folly.  A bit eccentric---will not let his patrons leave unless they dance at least one dance.  Gruff yet gentlemanly, he’s a no-nonsense sort who won’t hesitate to shoot the occasional troublemaker---or at least threaten their lives.


Vital Stats:

Species:  Ferret

Height:  5’6”-ish

Build:  Slight, almost too skinny at times

Hair:  Black 

Eyes:  Dark brown

Voice: Hugh Jackman (Southern style;))


Carla "Trixie" Jones

Deceptively classy-looking, this lovely lady’s profession is the world’s oldest---she’s a prostitute.  She has a strong maternal streak and would do anything for a child.


Vital Stats:  

Species: Feline

Height:  5’7”

Build: Very curvy

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Voice: Demi Moore



Tony Scarlatti

A womanizer and often considered a pervert, Tony comes on a little strong, but he’s basically harmless.  A waiter at Ferret's Folly, he spends most of his time flirting with women who, for some reason, find his brand of flattery charming.


Vital Stats:  

Species: Bulldog

Height:  5’2”

Build: Stout

Hair: Light Brown

Eyes: Gray

Voice:  Danny Devito

Adam "Buckteeth" Wheat

A waiter at Ferret's Folly, Buckteeth’s real name is Adam.  He’s an easygoing, fatherly figure who has a tendency to give unwanted advice.


Vital Stats:  

Species: Rabbit

Height: 6’

Build: Gangly, scarecrowish

Hair: Graying brown

Eyes: Brown

Voice: Andy Griffith


Pat Wheat

Buckteeth’s wife, Pat is motherly in every sense of the word---and she ought to be.  She’s the mother of six.  She’s a good wife and a very caring, capable woman who has the talent of putting people at ease immediately.


Vital Stats:  

Species: Rabbit

Height:  5’2”

Build: Pleasantly plump

Hair: Graying blonde

Eyes: Gray

Voice: Betty White


Toby Fletcher

A wealthy surgeon, he keeps up the image of genial, ‘good-old-boy’ charm in public.  He is not stingy with his wealth, especially where the Land’s End Orphanage is concerned.


Vital Stats:

Species: Fox

Height:  6’1”

Build: Average

Hair: Red

Eyes: Brown

Voice:  Michael Caine



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