Lands End -- People and Places (landmarks)

Frank “Buck” Milhouse (Babette’s secret lover and stooge) (some sissy name that embarrasses him so he calls himself ) I like this:  Buck and Babette (nice ring to it)

Buck the Doofus:
I imagine he was an errand boy and had a habit of following the wrong crowd.  It's only natural that he should get in over his head.  Maybe he kills out of rage for all the crap he has to take from his colleagues and directs it at people who can't fight back.  I see him as aggressive only if he's got back-up.  The mob mentality --- he's too stupid to act independently (Babette controls him).  He's probably too cowardly to confront anyone without his 'buddies' helping him. Yep.  And I also have a hard time imagining him killing anyone--in my mind, he's just too dumb.  I guess he would though--what you say makes sense.  He probably wouldn't be a bad guy unless he was with a bad influence.  He'd still be a loser, though.  I can't see him doing anything with his life.  He'd probably be a barfly at Louie's if he knew about the place.  ;)

   Carmel (‘leader’,cat)
    Coco (tough-talking bear)
Lolly (rabbit with bad dye job and the bad luck of meeting our girls) ;) They do have that effect on people, don’t they? :D
   Taffy (perky Pekinese)

La Putain, Babette – (bear) (voice: Bernadette Peters?) runaway gun moll – schemes to screw Hardin in more ways than one.  Babette is constantly annoying our girls and they try to lose her in the crowd but when she 'proves' herself by 'rescuing' them from danger, they let her tag along, unsuspecting that she's weaseling her way into their tight little circle. Joanna, she considers a threat (older, less inclined to follow orders). 

Mel's Diner  (Mel)Mel, (diner) victim of Eggsucker (the unlucky witness and bystander) Nice guy, doesn't deserve it.

Winston Rogers (sort of a teacher’s pet) Also, he and Buck should have different speech patterns, so dialogue tags aren't always needed to tell reader who's speaking.  Maybe Rogers (is more articulate, calls Hardin 'sir' and 'Mr. Hardin' like a teacher's pet, in contrast to the cruder and 'youse guys'-type Buck?)

“Say hello to Smitty for me, won’t you?”  Rogers is starting to sound like an evil James Bond.  I like it! There’s a good guide to his character --- elegant, well-groomed, polite but deadly.  Sort of like Covington , but WAY more competent.


Schwartz, Eddie (see Eggsucker)Eddie "Eggsucker" Schwartz (smelly lion goon) (Jack Nicholson?)  (sucks out his victim’s eyeballs)

Smitty, Joe (Doberman henchman) Joe Smitty (Ill-fated goon who tortures Jons and pays for it)
Stepford, Martha (Miss)
Stepford Manor
    Chastity (rabbit in a nun-like dress)
    Rachel (plain, bookish squirrel)
    Elizabeth (pretty young ferret)