Cotton pickin':  No real definition.  Just one o’ them thangs you grow up hearin’. ;)

Flat as a flitter: Very, very flat.

Grandbabies:  Grandchildren

Grits:  Grits are ground corn.  Why not call it cornmeal, you ask?  Well, cornmeal is more finely ground.

-g’s:  Droppin’ g’s at the end of words ending in ‘ing’   We do have the tendency to bite off the ends of most words--almost as if it takes too much effort to say the whole thing.

Honey child (or Honey chile):  Sure, that's how it sounds.  Except for the 'honey'.  It usually ends up sounding more like "hon'y chile".Icing (it's never frosting--it's icing. I always howl when I watch Feminine Air and Becky says "frosting on the cake")

No bigger than a minute:  Small

Sweet milk:  Milk that ain't buttermilk.  No, we don't put sugar in our milk. :D

Sugar tit:  For babies to make them stop cryin’.

Tea (never hot, always sweet)

Take you a nap:  Go have a nap.

Y'all (or ya'll): Used when talking to more than one person.

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