All’s Whale That Ends Whale

Rating:  2 out of 5 Krakatoa Specials


Baloo has a secret.  He actually has a wad of cash saved up in a box beneath the floorboards of Higher for Hire.  He tells Kit that in six weeks, he’ll be able to buy back the Sea Duck.  To help the cause, Kit flips in a coin.  Then, they go fishing to practice for all the free time they’re going to have once they buy back the Sea Duck.  Kit’s peanut butter accidentally spills into Baloo’s bait and the bucket sinks.  After a moment, this huge whale pops out of the water, grinning.  Then, he dives, which creates a huge wave that knocks Kit into the water. While Baloo is screaming and trying to disentangle himself from his hammock, the whale pops up with Kit on his back.  Kit takes a shine to the whale and wants to keep it as a pet until Baloo talks some sense into him and tells him that they’ve got to get back to work.

Cody:  I don’t know about you, but I felt like I’d entered the Twilight Zone or something.  Baloo’s saving money and wanting to work?  And Kit’s wanting a whale for a pet?
Gidget:  And Kit’s such a cheapskate here --- one measly coin?  What about another hundred smackers like in Double or Nothing?
(as Baloo):  Heh-heh… thanks, kid.  But I don’t think your bottle cap collection will help.
(as Kit):  Hey, you’re the one with the bottle cap collection! (Pizza Pie in the Sky ref.)

Cody:  Hey!  After all they went through in that episode, would you honestly be willing to loan Baloo more money?

Gidget as Baloo:  Please, Kit!  If ya lend me the dough, I'll be able to send for a kit that grows real live sea monkeys!  


At Higher for Hire, Rebecca’s booked the afternoon solid with people who want to fly around and look for Moby Dimple, a whale that escaped from Seymour’s See More Seaquarium.  Our boys hear that there’s a big reward and decide to go after it themselves.
Gidget:  Baloo falls in the water and the people go crazy, attacking him with their nets and harpoons.  “No!  Not me!”


They find the sleazy park owner, Seymour, in a bad mood—until he hears their news.  Upon learning that they can take him to Moby Dimple, Seymour readies his plane, which includes an illegal Smith and Wesson Oil double barrel harpoon gun, and follows our boys back to the cove.  Seymour uses the harpoon to snag the whale (C:  Don’t worry ya’ll—this is Disney so no animals were hurt in the making of this scene. ;P)

Gidget:  Frankly, I'm surprised the harpoon isn't armed with a rubber toilet plunger.

In gratitude for Baloo and Kit’s service, he gives them a couple of tickets to the afternoon show so they can get their reward.  But their eagerness is short-lived when they see the show and Seymour’s shoddy treatment of animals.  Baloo offers to buy Dimple with the reward money, plus and the money he’d saved up for the Sea Duck.  Seymour scoffs at them, saying, “That whale brings in fifty times that every day.”  That, however, is not the end of things.  Baloo and Kit leave and return with Inspector Burrough from ACHOO—the Association Concerned with the Happiness of Oceanic Oddities.  Seymour’s flunkies race ahead of the group and fix things up so that Burrough is completely fooled.


A perplexed Baloo says, “I don’t get it.  Seymour must be runnin’ some kind of scam.”


Burrough sniffs.  “If ‘scam’ stands for Super Clean And Marvelous --- then you’re right.”


Having failed to get Seymour shut down legally, our boys decide to do something just a little illegal:  Steal Dimple.


They buy an Acme Whale Catcher with their stashed cash, Wildcat installs it, and they go back to Seymour’s where Kit, dressed as a seal, makes for the whale tank.  Along the way, Seymour catches him and makes him take part in the seal show.  Kit is not a team player and he ruins the act.  Just as Seymour figures out that Kit’s not a seal, Baloo comes to the rescue.   Kit races to the whale tank and tells Dimple to jump, --- the whale obeys and lands on the whale catcher.  Seymour gets in his plane and gives chase.  Baloo flies through Cape Suzette and past Inspector Burrough’s place, where the otter is enjoying a cup of tea.  As Seymour goes by, Burrough gets a load of the illegal Smith and Wesson Oil double barrel harpoon gun and calls the cops, telling him smugly, “I knew from the start there was something fishy about you.”
Gidget:  Not bloody likely.  After all, you overlooked Seymour’s bribe and were fooled by those cheap props during the inspection.  You were totally snowed.

Cody:  Not real bright is he?

Gidget:  You gotta get up awfully early in the afternoon to fool that Seymour!

Meanwhile, Baloo and Kit have taken Moby Dimple back to the cove where they found him, stuck a palm tree in his blowhole (Dimple:  It's just not the same...), and are pretending to fish.  A seriously steamed Seymour lands and demands that they hand over the whale.  Before things can get uglier, the cops arrive and arrest Seymour.  After they leave, Baloo and Kit bid farewell to Dimple and head home.

Quibbles and Bits


Gidget:  When Baloo says that his stash isn’t quite enough to buy back the Sea Duck, but it will be, he winks, then the winking eye does this weird eye roll, like he’s Marty Feldman (the British wall-eyed actor in ‘Young Frankenstein’ and ‘Blazing Saddles’).

Cody:  LOL!  I didn’t even notice that!  But, yeah, that whole scene was really weird for me.  I’m trying to block it out of my mind. ;P

Gidget:  When Kit takes a small fish out of the sardine can to dip it into peanut butter, the dead fish look like they’re sleeping peacefully with little smiles on their faces.  Real fish cannot blink or close their eyes at all. 

What is Kit’s problem? He wants a whale for a pet?  He’s been brainwashed!
Gidget:  And what the heck on those weird little bumps on Dimple’s head?  I suppose they’re barnacles, but they make him look deformed.

Cody:  Disney’s token try at realism?  I dunno.  Maybe he has cancer.  

Gidget:  How can Baloo lie in a hammock sipping a drink in one hand and fly-fish with the other?  You need to be standing up to cast the rod properly --- not to mention have clear space behind you.  He could so easily have caught Kit in the eye with the hook.  I remember being taken fly-fishing with my dad when I was about twelve.  I cast the line backwards, tugged and felt a sharp pain in my side.  Yep, I’d hooked myself.

Cody:  LOL!  Well, at least you didn’t have to throw yourself back.
Gidget:  It would have been cruel to the fish.  ;-)


Cody:  Since when is Baloo model employee of the month?  He’s saving money and showing up for work a whole five minutes early?  He’s been brainwashed, too!

Gidget (as Wildcat):  At least his dirty mind is clean, man.

Cody:  Baloo has a mind?!  ;)
Gidget (as Baloo):  Hey, I represent that!  I ain’t just a pretty face, y’know.

Cody:  Suuuure. ;)


Cody:  When Seymour goes by helicopter to catch Moby Dimple, he uses the Smith and Wesson Oil double barrel harpoon gun—with a spear.  How come the spear didn’t go through the whale’s tail?  Instead, the rope attached to the spear loops around his fin underwater.
Gidget:  And why didn’t Dimple just drag him and the helicopter underwater?  Dumb whale.  And how can anyone find a whale in five lousy minutes? 


Cody:  And when Seymour gives them free tickets to the afternoon’s show so they can square up the reward, he throws them in the water.  Wouldn’t they be ruined?
Gidget:  I suppose they can blow-dry them with the Duck’s propeller.  Frankly, it wouldn’t surprise me if they did.

Cody: Nope.  (as Baloo):  Stand clear, kid!  I’m firin’ up the props!

Gidget:  Baloo and Kit were dumb to climb on a high diving board to say good-bye to Dimple.  Why not do as the inspector did when he asked the whale if he was happy?  Stay on the ground, you morons!  And don’t sharks eat whales?  Dimple is obviously a baleen-eating mammal… they would have eaten him and those bears.   And why isn’t Dimple pissed off that the bears captured him for Seymour in the first place?  Why didn’t he didn't just say, 'the hell with it' and let Baloo and Kit get eaten by the sharks?  And why would three sharks with razor-sharp teeth be afraid of Dimple --- sure, he's big, but they could easily have chowed down on whale meat.   Sharks are notoriously vicious and do attack whales.    I’d have let them get eaten.
(as Dimple):  “Mwahahaha!  This time… it’s personal!”

Gidget:  When Baloo decides to spend the money he and Kit saved for the Sea Duck on Dimple, he says, “And I can’t think of a better way to spend it.” As much as I care about humane treatment to animals, I’d still spend it on a house or something.    

Cody:  As much as he gripes about that stupid plane, I’d definitely have thought he’d spend the money on that.  But this is the “everybody act completely out of character” episode, remember?


Gidget:  When Dimple lands onto the Whale Catcher, his weight should have crashed the Sea Duck.  And he’s lying a little too close to the twin propellers too.

Cody:  Maybe they shaved those barnacles off.
Gidget (as Dimple):  Look at me!  I can go to the prom after all!

Neat Little Details

ACHOO stands for Association Concerned with the Happiness of Oceanic Oddities.
Gidget:   Nice anagram (rolls eyes)

Gidget:  They sneak in a little Reese’s ad in-joke here:
Kit:  “Yuck!  Bait in my peanut butter!”
Baloo:  “Yuck!  You got peanut butter in my bait!  What a waste of perfectly good Triple-Action twisted wrigglies!”
Gidget:  Wow… Trojan does it again.

Cody:  Huh.  Is that what Baloo takes on the honeymoon?
Gidget (as Rebecca, standing in her bridal finery, yelling at the departing Sea Plane):  “You dumb bear!  What about me?” 

Cody:  It’ll be more fun for him without you, sugar. ;)

Gidget:  When Seymour drags Kit-as-a-seal away for the act, he says, “Come on, Roland, it’s show time.”   

Kit has an allergic reaction to raw fish—the clock swims before his eyes. J
Louie:  Man, I know the feeling.  Anchovies… brrr!
Cody:  Ahh… TaleSpin and running gags.  I think the Mouse has something against seafood—both Louie and Kit are allergic to some form of it—and then there’s that whole fertilizer thing.  


Cody:  Echoes of Stormy Weather—Moby Dimple has to jump through the flaming Hoop of Doom.  Ya think Kit was having flashbacks? J  And Baloo sounds an awful lot like Daring Dan when he says, “It’s all part of the act.”

Gidget:  Speaking of which, the scene of Baloo and Kit at the whale show opens, with a very creepy flag --- a deformed-looking fish with the words ‘See More’ on its side.  It’s like the artist painted it while it was still waving in the breeze.  And when Dimple jumped through Seymour’s flaming ‘Hoop of Doom’, I was reminded of the ‘Flaming Tunnel of Fear’ in Stormy Weather.  Seymour and Daring Dan are very similar characters, I think.
Cody:  The Smith and Wesson Oil double barrel harpoon is a play on Smith and Wesson guns.

Gidget:  And Wesson cooking oil.



When Moby Dimple makes his big appearance, Kit says the dumbest thing: “Hi there, whaley!”

Cody: Arrrgghhhh! What is he --- five?
Gidget:  When Dimple first jumps out of the water, why aren’t the guys scared?  I sure would be! 


Kit falls into the ocean after Moby Dimple rams the Sea Duck.  Then, he comes up on the whale’s back and says, “Can I keep him, Papa Bear? Please?”
Gidget:  Keep him?  We're not even sure we want to keep you.  :-)


Baloo laughs.  Keep him?  You’d need a fishbowl the size of Thembria!”


“But he’d make a great pet!”  Kit says defensively.

Cody: Stop your whining, kid. *searches for whatever Disney used to brainwash Kit*

Baloo:  “Say, that guppy’s as friendly as a puppy!”

Kit bids the whale farewell.  “Bye, big guy.”
Gidget as Baloo:  “Whadda ya mean, kid?  I ain’t goin’ anywhere.”

Cody (as Kit):  Gee, I wish you would.  Then maybe I could actually find food in the refrigerator.

Gidget (as Baloo):  Aw, sorry, kid!  (rummages in shirt pocket) Here, have a tic-tac.


Baloo lands at the Higher for Hire docks and he and Kit step onto the dock to find Rebecca waiting for them.


“Kit ‘n Baloo reportin’ for duty, Miz Cunningham.  Spit-shined, lookin’ fine, and back a whole five minutes early!”  Baloo is obviously proud of himself.
Rebecca (unenthusiastically):  Big whoop.  And wash that spit off. 

Baloo:  So does that mean I get a raise?
Rebecca (purrs):  As soon as I slip into something more comfortable, Butterball.
Baloo:  Hot diggity!


Upon learning that the people lined up at the dock are looking for a missing whale from Seymour’s See More seaquarium, our boys use their “four minutes of free time” to go investigate.  Seymour is delighted that they’ve found the missing whale and explains, “Moby Dimple is just too young to understand that a tame whale can’t survive in the wild.”


Kit frowns a little.  “I don’t know.  He looked okay to me.”


“Which are you going to believe—me or your own eyes?”  Seymour asks smoothly as he prepares his helicopter.
Gidget:  LOL!  That’s my favorite line!


Kit notices an oddity on the nose.  “What’s this doing here?  A Smith and Wesson Oil double barrel harpoon?  Those things are illegal!”


“Yeah, and they’re against the law, too,” Baloo says.
Rebecca:  No, but I never wanted him for his mind, anyway.  Yoo-hoo!  Butterball!  Come to Honey Lips!

Cody:  Not the brightest, is he? (pauses)  Wait a minute, I’ve already made this comment.  Nobody’s really bright in this episode.


Not missing a beat, Seymour replies,  “Only if you hunt with them. Y’see, this is a museum piece from the seaquarium’s collection.”

Cody: (as Seymour) And if you buy that, I’ve got a great deal on this diamond mine in Timbukthree.
Gidget:  What I don’t get is, if he claims it’s a museum piece, why do they believe him? You don’t bring a museum piece for nothing --- you leave it in the museum.

Cody:  Seymour hypnotized them.  That’s it.


As Seymour’s showing them around the park, Kit and Baloo can’t help but notice that it isn’t an animal friendly environment.


Kit steps over to the seal pool and looks at them worriedly.  “Golly, you could fry an egg on those seals.  They could use some shade.”


“Shade costs money, kid,” Seymour snaps.
Gidget as Baloo (steps in front of the seals, casting a huge shadow.  He holds out his hand):  All right, I’ll do it.  How much do ya pay?  

Cody: LOL!  (as Seymour):  All the anchovies you can eat. ;)

Gidget as Baloo:  And how about them eggs?  I’m hungry!

Gidget:  I liked it when he said, “Shade doesn’t grow on trees, y’know.”


They pass a disgusting fish tank—it’s so dirty that the fish has to hold his nose—and Baloo delivers a gem.  “That tank’s dirtier than last week’s laundry.  You ever clean these things, Seymour?”

Cody: That’s a little rich coming from Baloo, don’t you think?
Gidget:  Yeah, I thought so, too.  And when Seymour bans the pair from the park, Baloo says, “Whew! That guy’s about as pleasant as a pair of sandpaper underpants.”
Hey, maybe that’s why he doesn’t wear pants.  He’s been traumatized by the one time he tried wearing them!

Cody (as Baloo):  These things chafe my willy. (Robin Hood: Men in Tights ref)
Gidget (as Rebecca):  Oh, poor Baloo!  I’ll get the ointment!


Baloo and Kit return to the park with an inspector, who Seymour promptly tries to bribe.
The inspector, a squirrel, briskly introduces himself.  ”My name’s Burrough.”
”Rhymes with ‘thorough’!” Baloo adds.
The inspector returns the money wordlessly and the group takes a tour of the park.  As they near the seal pool, Baloo and Kit are baffled.


“I like a man who shades his seals, Seymour,” Inspector Burrough says.


“An hour ago, this place was in worse shape than Wildcat’s lunchbox.” Baloo peers at the shade, which has suddenly appeared, thanks to Seymour’s goons.


“Fast growing tropical hybrids, sir.  I have special fertilizer,” Seymour says smugly.


That I believe,” Baloo mutters.
Gidget:  I’m surprised that Baloo is disgusted.  This is the guy who eats week-old sandwiches he finds in the cockpit.  And what is it with TS and fertilizer?  Baloo’s smelly friend Fred tries to get Becky to agree to shi---um, ship it in A Touch of Glass.


When they look at the tank —which is suddenly squeaky clean—Baloo voices his confusion.


“In my business, we call that clean, not to be confused with dirty.”  Burrough chuckles.  “But I don’t want to give away too many trade secrets.”
Gidget:  LOL!  I love that one too.  It’s almost a throwaway line, said very
casually.  When I think about it, though, I start to choke.

Cody:  Yep.  It’s one of the best lines in this episode. *grumbles at Disney’s treatment of Kit*


Gidget:  Seymour tried to save a dying seal show by having Kit, disguised as seal perform a number on the horns:
“How about a little classical music?”

Of course, Kit’s song is very off-key…
Seymour is incensed.  ”That was classical, all right --- classically bad!

Baloo and Kit have bought an Acme Whale Lift and Baloo is getting out the money to pay for it when Wildcat and Kit come in, brandishing a bill.


“There’s a guy out there with a really big package and a really big bill!”  Wildcat says.
Gidget as Baloo (glumly holding a bill):  “Hey, my package ain’t that big!”

Cody as Rebecca:  “C’mere, big boy.  Let’s measure it and find out.”


“Wildcat, tell the deliveryman we’ll be there in a minute,” Baloo says.


After Wildcat has assembled the Whale Lift, he calls excitedly, “Hey, guys!  I did it!  So --- exactly what did I do?”


“That, old buddy, is the Acme Portable Whale Lift,” Baloo says.
Gidget:  Acme Whale Lift --- how very Warner Bros.


“Gee, all we need now is a whale,” Wildcat observes.


“You can leave that to us, Wildcat.”  Baloo starts for the plane.


Kit follows him.  “Yeah, we know just the spot to catch one.”


“Just so I don’t have to throw ‘em back!”  Wildcat yells over the sound of the engines.  More quietly, he adds, “’Cause they’re heavy.”
Gidget:  I love Wildcat.  J

Cody:  Only one with any sense in this whole episode.  And that’s saying something.



Cody:  All I can think of when I see this episode is “Free Willy.”  It’s not particularly memorable, Kit acts like a nitwit, and I have an awfully hard time seeing Baloo saving money.  The only reason I gave it two Krackatoas is because Kit’s in it (even if he’s acting goody-goody) and it does promote humane treatment of animals.  Hmmm…can’t think of much else to say about it.  It was a definite “fluff” episode.
Gidget:  I’d give it two Krackatoas too.  Not that I enjoy ‘message’ shows at all, but Seymour and Inspector Burrough are great one-shot characters.  Kit acts as goofy as Molly did in Mommy for a Day, falling for an improbable pet.

Cody:  I think the writers got together and said, ‘Okay, let’s see how we can make these guys act completely out of character.’
Gidget:  I liked the ending, though.  When Kit says, “Now he has the whole ocean to play in” the Sea Duck flies into the horizon, it’s a typical lovely sunset (like Old Man and the Sea Duck, Macadamia or Stormy Weather).  It was definitely mediocre, although not quite as bad as the worst of them all... maybe Flying Dupes.

Cody:  Yeah…but the pretty ending doesn’t make up for the crappiness of the rest of it!


January 2003



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