A Baloo Switcheroo

Rating:  2 out of 5 Krakatoa Specials





Professor O’Bowens, a chimpanzee and a daredevil archaeologist, has just discovered the Idol of the Soul- Switcher.  As he unsuccessfully explains to the greedy pirates, “According to legend, it can steal your very soul and switch it with another.”  He manages to escape and gives the idol to Baloo and Kit, promising to meet them at Cape Suzette.  Unfortunately, Kit and Baloo both look at the idol during a thunderstorm and exchange bodies.  Trying to live each other’s lives gets even messier. 


Later, when Karnage tries to steal the idol from H4H, Rebecca intercepts him (the point of his sword accidentally pokes into an outlet, electrocuting him).  They get switched, Karnage (as Rebecca) escapes with the idol and a series of mistaken identity incidents occur.  O’Bowens warns our heroes that if they don’t retrieve the idol and somehow start a lightning storm before sunup, they will remain this way forever.  Kit comes up with the idea of cloud-seeding (similar to cloud-dusting, but with salt) to create a storm.  A confrontation with the Air Pirates results in mutiny, a huge storm, a successful switch and a lost idol (those things are always getting lost in these episodes).


But in the end, Mad Dog and Dumptruck have a problem…

Quibbles and Bits

  Animation and dubbing (when characters exchange roles) are poor for the most part.  Mouths don’t match the words either.


Gidget:  When Rebecca tells Baloo, “…anyway, you’ve got your own competition…the Fly-Offs.”, she looks at Kit.  Baloo’s soul is in Kit’s body, but she does not know that yet.  Why would she look at Kit? And why wouldn’t she smell a rat when “Kit” reaches into “Baloo’s” pocket to check the Fly-Offs schedule?

Cody: Maybe she’s just seeing what would happen since “Baloo” was the one who was so worried about the track tryouts being moved? I don’t know. That bothered me, too.

Gidget:  A mystery for the ages…

Baloo (as Kit): “Where ya goin’, Beckers?”
Rebecca (at wit’s end): “To take an aspirin… I have a headache… my ears hurt… I’m going crazy!”  When she leaves, instead of heading upstairs to the medicine cabinet, she goes out the front door.

Cody: She’s going to Wildcat’s to steal some of his stash. The whole aspirin thing is just a cover.


Gidget: Coach pats (Baloo as Kit) on the head with his clipboard.  Jerk!

Cody: “Kit” should have bitten him.

Gidget: That Baloo… eating again.  No self-control. *tsk*


Gidget: When Karnage and Rebecca switch bodies, “Rebecca” runs away with the idol while “Karnage” shakes his fist, shouting, “Stop, or I’ll call the police!”  Oh, sure, that’ll make a thief turn around and come back.  What she should have said was, “Stop, or I’ll shoot!”  Something a little more intimidating, you know?

Cody:  Yep. Just another irritating thing about ol’ Beckers. J

Gidget:  Whaddaya mean, another?  ;)


Gidget:  When the Iron Vulture tips and the bomb bay doors open, everything rolls out (oil drums and Sea Duck); but our heroes manage to get handholds on a smooth bolted iron floor.  How come they don’t fall too?  And they manage to hop aboard a speeding plane, which is doomed to plummet into the ocean, another stupid move.

Cody:  I think with all the body-switching, their brains were scrambled, too. Or maybe they developed super traction on the soles of their feet and palms of their hands.


Baloo (as Kit) roughly shoves Rebecca (as Karnage) away as “he” tries to make the falling plane pull up.  Similar to the way he pushed Plane Jane in Waiders. That’s no way to treat a lady trapped in a man’s body, Baloo! 


Gidget:  At end, when Mad Dog and Dumptruck switch bodies, the idol is ‘forever lost’.  How did they ever switch back?

Cody: They went scuba diving and got it back. Then, the ship’s cook seeded a cloud with a little salt and voila!

Neat Little Details

Gidget:  One-shot character Professor O’Bowens is a meek version of Indiana Jones, complete with a Raiders-like opening scene as he searches for the idol.

Gidget:  One-shot character Teddy, Kit’s rival at school (actually two-shot, if you count his fleeting appearance in crowd scene in “Last Horizons”; he has no dialogue, but conveys so much contempt for Baloo (as Kit) in a smirk, a glare, folding his arms and shaking his head in disbelief at who… us?  Could Coach be his father?  They have similar jawlines.  And they’re both bears.

Cody: Could be. They do look an awful lot alike. And Teddy’s actually a four-shot character. He was in Plunder and Lightning part 4 and Louie’s Last Stand. Wonder why he didn’t show up in Sheepskin Deep, since that actually takes place at school.

Gidget:  Probably in the boys’ room, giving Oscar a swirly.


Gidget:  Karnage is electrocuted for the second time in the series (first time in Plunder and Lightning).


Gidget: Kit finally flies the Sea Duck (while he’s in Baloo’s bulbous body).

Cody (as Kit): Gee, this is harder than it looks!  Especially in Baloo’s tub-of- lard body.

Gidget  (crusty sea captain’s voice): Swim, laddie, swim!

Brody:  We’re gonna need a bigger boat.  (Jaws ref)

Funny Stuff

O’Bowens, trying to be tough:  “Not this time, pirate!  Feel the fury of my whip!” (it gets sliced to pieces) and “Did I say ‘whip’? I-I meant ‘wimp’!”


Karnage (scoffing at the cautionary tale of the idol):  “Who cares about that?  All I want is the jewels.”


Karnage (after being dropped into the ocean by his men): “When I get back, I will hang them by their pinkies!”


Kit: “Come on, Baloo.  Anyone can fly.  The plane does all the work.”  Wait till Flight School Confidential, Kit.

Cody:  Hey! He flew…sorta.


Baloo (after turning into Kit, regards himself from Kit’s viewpoint: “How’d you get so big? (admiringly) And ruggedly handsome!”

Cody: Did Baloo turn into Karnage when no one was looking? That sounds so atypically Baloo!


Baloo (as Kit): Whoa!  I’ve heard of going through a second childhood, but not somebody else’s!” (during this scene, we get a close-up of his eyes, and again in From Here to Machinery)


Kit (as Baloo): “I know what you mean, Baloo.  Suddenly, I feel so heavy.”

Cody (as Kit): And would it kill you to lay off food for a while?


Baloo (as Kit, about Baloo):  I didn’t wanna tell ya… but inside that head is the mind of a child.”

Rebecca (scolds):  Kit! You shouldn’t say things like that! (under her breath)...even if it is true.”

Cody: Don’t hide your feelings, now, Becky.


Baloo (as Kit): “Hey, back in school I was number one in track and field… or was that field and stream?”


Coach (suspiciously):  “What’s wrong with your voice?”

Baloo (as Kit): “Uh, gee, I guess I’m just growin’ up, that’s all.”


Coach: “You jump over hurdles!”

Baloo (as Kit): Aw, get outta here!  The only thing I jump to are conclusions!”

Cody: LOL! That line is pure gold!


Rebecca:  “Enough!  Things are bad enough without you two being at each other’s throats.”

Baloo (as Kit): “Or worse – in each other’s throat.”

Cody: Wouldn’t Becky have noticed and commented on that?


Karnage:  “Idol…idol.  You know, I really like that word.”


Gidget: O’Bowens finally makes it to H4H (on a makeshift raft, with a big palm leaf as a sail, which he’s been blowing all the way from the idol site). “That last 400 miles is a killer!”

Cody (the vixen): I’d rather go 400 miles on that raft than in an airplane!

Cody (the author): Who asked you?


Gidget: Rebecca (as Karnage, looking down at her new body with disgust): “Oh, great!  I get to spend the rest of my life as a thief!”  Then she tries to draw her sword, but it remains stuck.


Kit (as Baloo):  “Let’s hurry (to find idol) – I hate being being old and fat and tired…”

Baloo (as Kit, insulted):  “Okay! We get the message!”


Rebecca (as Karnage): comments on the manmade clouds:  “I’ve got powder puffs in my makeup case bigger than that!”

Cody: If that’s makeup she wears, I’d hate to see her without it!


Karnage: (as Rebecca), reacting to the leers of Mad Dog and Dumptruck: “Get your hands off me and slap yourself!” and (after hands are tied and pirate refuse to make a deal) “You have to trade!  I am a man – I cannot live like this!”

Dumptruck picks “her” up and sets her down, out of the way. “Shut up, skirt.”

Cody: You think Karnage became a women’s lib activist after this?


Rebecca (as Karnage): To Baloo (as Kit) as he attempts control the plane:  “Stop!  We’ll never make it!”

Baloo (as Kit):  “Would you rather wear boxer shorts the rest of your life?” (rather odd statement for someone never wears pants)

Rebecca (as Karnage): “Go for it.”


Karnage:  “My beautiful bod!  I am my wonderful self again.  I’m so… me!” (kisses himself all over, the way a traumatized airplane passenger would kiss the ground)




Gidget: I didn’t like the animation (too dingy and choppy in places) and the dubbing was poor.  But O’Bowens is a very likable character, quick-witted and tries to be brave, although endearingly clumsy.  When he tries to distract the pirates from pursuing the Sea Duck, he swings on a vine like Tarzan, shouting, “Just passing throooough!” This was an interesting concept, probably borrowed from Disney movie, Freaky Friday (where a mother and daughter switch bodies).  Some discussion generated suggestions for other, more entertaining switches, namely with Karnage/Kit and Baloo/Rebecca.

Cody: I agree with your rating. It’s fun, but not particularly memorable, though it does have great lines. As for more entertaining switches, you really do have a sick mind. Or maybe I do. Or maybe both of us do. Anyway. J



Kit commanding the pirates, freaking them out with his basic decency.

Cody: Kit: I say we give this stuff back to them. I don’t know why we took it in the first place.

Maddog (whining):  But Cap’n…!


Karnage coping with school try-outs and having to wear gym strip.

Cody: Karnage (as Kit): I am not believing this. You want me to do what? How dare you insult my wonderfulness!

Image-conscious Rebecca trapped in Baloo’s bulbous body with no pants.

Cody: She’d probably be something like Gadget on that ep of the Rescue Rangers where she switched bodies with Dale. Gadget: Kinda drafty in here, isn’t it? (grabs a little cup and uses it as a skirt)


Baloo (cross-dresses for fun but doesn’t understand women), not being able to dislodge the coconuts.

Cody: *shudders at the idea of Baloo trying to “dislodge the coconuts”*

Gidget (as Baloo):  Aw, you’re just jealous ‘cause mine are bigger!”



Gidget:  Yep.  Coulda been fun.



February 2000 (originally written)
October 2001 (Revised with Cody’s two cents)

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