The Incredible Shrinking Molly

1 out of 5 Krakatoa Specials


Molly, fed up with being small and told what to do, runs off to explore a mad scientist's house where he's working on a shrinking machine. When she hears him coming, she panics and accidentally shrinks herself. Baloo, Becky, and Kit go look for her and run into Dr. Zibaldo. After finding and losing Molly, Baloo and Becky, in the Sea Duck, get Dr. Zibaldo to shrink them. They find Molly in a possessive rat's lair, rescue her, and get enlarged. Unfortunately, the rat gets enlarged, too, and Molly saves the day by plugging the machine back into the outlet.


This ep is great for the Molly fan, but doesn't have much else going for it. Liz Spenser's doobie-smoking, 3 am writer must have worked on this one because it stinks to high heaven. Molly is at her absolute worst: whiny and sniveling without an ounce of her usual cuteness to leaven it. This pep’s only redeeming feature was the first five minutes in which the Higher for Hire gang was watching Frankenstein. The animation in that was fantastic and I liked the bit where Baloo hid under his seat and pretended to look for a nickel.



How did they get the Sea Duck into Dr. Diablo’s house? I mean, they couldn't have just pushed it in the front door.
Gidget:  Exactly!  I noticed that too.  And even at the end when they headed for the Sea Duck to go home, it still looked tiny.  The room is huge and the window towers over all of them, even Baloo.


The size of that plug on the shrinking machine just kept getting bigger. Either it was an animation glitch or they were all standing too close to that shrinking machine.


Interesting quotes:


"I, uh, lost a nickel." --Baloo


"Aw, ya big baby." --Kit


"Why are you stopping here? We're only halfway to Mommy." --Molly


"Beats stomping shrunken little girls, doesn’t it?" --Dr. Zibaldo


"Believe me, I'm not planning on letting go!" –Rebecca


Quibbles and Bits

Gidget:  When she sees the scaaaary shadow of the ‘mad doctor’, Molly dodges under the shrinking machine and hits the levers with her doll, thinking she’s turning off the lights.  Lights are usually situated near the door, blondie.

Hasn’t the good doc heard of locking his doors at night?


When Dr. Z asks, “What are you doing?”  Rebecca has no eyebrows.


Kit doesn’t sound like himself when he says, “Roger, teeny-weensy Papa Bear!”


Kit and the doc are both shrunk during the plane chase and grow back without any explanation.

Neat Little Details

In the Frankenstein movie, the mad scientist uses a golf club as a conductor for electricity (giving monster life).  When the monster awakens, he says, “Maybe I should’ve used a seven-iron.”


Rebecca retrieves Molly from the balcony: “Come on, young lady.  Until next time, the balcony is closed.” (the closing quote from the old Siskel and Ebert At the Movies)

The centipede gallops like a horse

Some camera shots are great, especially the point-of-view ones of Molly looking up at the machine, after shrinkage


Lucy, Molly’s doll, is human


When Dr. Z comes to, his first sight of Baloo is triple vision, then the 3 Baloos snap into one with a ‘boing!’


Molly blinds rat (temporarily) with a handy-dandy fountain pen (the kind you dip into an inkwell and squirt at the kid in front of you in class during the good ol’ days)


When Baloo ‘stings’ the hornets with the propellers, they form the word, ‘OW!’ (similar to the way panic-stricken crowds formed the word, ‘Le Pew!’ when the girl-crazy skunk Pepe Le Pew sauntered by)


Rebecca ties the rope around her waist and tries to cloudsurf without an airfoil:

Baloo (shocked):   “Where are you goin’?”

Rebecca: “Out the back.  Kit does it all the time.”

Baloo: “Hold it---Kit knows what he’s doin’.  And he’s got a board!”

Rebecca:  “Baloo, that’s my daughter!”  (In Ripley voice:  “Get away from her, you b****h!”)

(sails out the back, yelping)

Baloo:  “Hold on!”

Rebecca (raps on his window):  “Believe me, I have no intention of letting go!” (hey, Beckers, you just did let go to rap on the window, didn’t you?)


One line by Rebecca (Sally Struthers) was well-acted:  “Kit!  The rat!” She had just the right note of panic.


Baloo (when rat is enlarged while they’re still small): “Beats me!  He’s got us surrounded, and there’s only one of him!”


Dr. Zibaldo is voiced by Dan Castellaneta (voice of Darkwing Duck’s Megavolt, Homer Simpson and countless others)

Although not particularly deep or even two-dimensional, Dr. Zibaldo is a zany, colorful character:


(thinks the gang are robbers) “Here…take my watch…take my money…take me out to the ballgame!”


While gang is worrying about the kid, he laments: “Why does toast always land face-down?  I drop 10 pieces of toast…100 pieces…”


Looking for Molly:

Rebecca:  “Molly?”

Baloo:  “Come on out, kitten.” (still got Kiki on the brain, Baloo?)

Kit (seeing all the test tubes and weirdo gizmos in the room)  He is a mad doctor!”

Dr. Z:   “I’m not mad!  Of course, I’m not thrilled about you being here either.”


Baloo (admiring the shrinking machine):  “Wow, I bet a radio this size can pick up the moon.”

Dr. Z:  “Don’t touch that! (calms down) It’s not a radio.  It’s a shrinking machine, my life’s work.  It makes things smaller so they’ll fit into suitcases better.  Or it will, once I’ve perfected it.”  His life’s work?  Okaaaaay.  O_o


(at the possibility of Molly having been shrunk) “Goodness, if she has, do you know what this means? She’s going to need a whole new wardrobe!”


Baloo comforts Rebecca: “Now, just calm down.  I’m sure Molly’ll pop up sooner or later.   She’s a trooper!”

Then Molly is magnified by the toaster’s mirrored surface as she stands on the lever.

“There she is!”

Baloo (winks, but here it looks like a weird facial tick):  “What’d I tell ya?”

when pop-up toaster ejects shrunken Molly from the lever:

Rebecca:  “Molly!”

Baloo:  “Molly!”

Dr. Z:  “Butter!” (catches the toast slice)


B&B allow Dr. Z to shrink them and the Seaduck (which, as Cody points out, mysteriously made it into the doctor’s house)

Dr. Z: “I don’t like this.”

Rebecca: “Doctor, we have no choice!”

Dr. Z: “Easy for you to say.  But if something goes wrong, it’ll be my insurance premiums that’ll skyrocket!”


When the plug comes out of the outlet:

Kit:  “The plug!”

Dr. Z:  “Remind me to pick up an extension tomorrow.”

Kit: “If you’ve got a tomorrow.”


“You know, I once tried to develop an English muffin.  It had nooks, but no crannies.”


Baloo (when Kit picks up the shrunken Sea Duck and its occupants):  Easy!  We’re not maracas, you know!”


Baloo:  “First time I ever landed on a runway shorter than my plane!”


Rebecca:  “What’s… television?”

Baloo:  “I bet this is the last we hear of Dr. Zibaldo or television.  Come on, let’s go home!” (implies that Baloo takes it for granted that ‘home’ is for all of them, not just him and Kit)


Funny Stuff

Kit (throwing down his model helicopter):  “Incoming, Baloo!”

Baloo (wakes up from napping in Becky’s chair):  “Wha-OOF!” BONK!


Baloo (napping, wakes up and pretends to be working when Rebecca comes in):   “Uh…good news, Rebecca!  We’re almost done!”

Rebecca: “I finished a half an hour ago.”

Baloo:  “Oh.”

Rebecca (distractedly opens a file drawer as she talks):  “Have you seen Molly?”

Baloo:  “Well, she wouldn’t be in there.”

Rebecca (shuts drawer, abashed):  “Oh… right!”


Baloo:  “Uh, maybe we should check the nice, safe houses down the street first?” (I didn’t know there were suburban houses near the docks)


Baloo:  “Uh, ya don’t suppose there really is a mad scientist in here?”

Rebecca:  “No.  Just a mad mother.”


All stand on tiptoe or one chairs to avoid squashing the kid:

Baloo (on tiptoe):  “Becky, not that I’m complainin’, but my arches are startin’ ta fall!”


Becky leaps into Baloo’s arms, shrieking at the sight of the rat:

Baloo (annoyed):  “Hey!  Watch the upholstery, lady!”

Then she jumps on his head, pointing at the rodent. (and lets one go.)  Just kidding about that last part.


Baloo comforts Rebecca:  “Easy, honey.  We just gotta think this through rationally.”

Rebecca (snaps):  “I am thinking rationally!”

Baloo:  “No, you’re thinkin’ loudly.”



Years ago, I would have given this ep 3 Krakatoa Specials.  Today, though, I’m more in agreement with Cody, although I would give it 2 (a extra merit for the sometimes excellent artwork, when it’s in proportion).  Molly is very whiny, like she says (nasal too… I think Janna Michaels (voice of Molly) may have had a cold during taping) and complains about how lousy her life is because she’s little.  It gets really old.  And instead of punishing Molly for breaking and entering a stranger’s home and nearly getting them killed, Rebecca apologizes to her:


Molly: “I’m sorry, Mommy.  But I didn’t think you’d notice me.”

Rebecca: “We do notice you, sweetheart.  Maybe we just don’t show it enough.  Oh, I’m sorry!” (hugs her)

Baloo (surveying the rubble of Dr. Z’s wall, thanks to the rough landing of the Sea Duck): “We’re sorry too, Doc.”

Dr. Z: “I’m sorry also.”

Kit:  “What are you sorry for?”

Dr. Z:  “I don’t know.  It just seems to be the thing to say.”


Dr. Zibaldo was quite a good sport about it, considering how he could have hit H4H with a big fat lawsuit for destroying his property.

August 2000

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