Louie's Last Stand

Rating:  3 out of 5 Krakatoa Specials




After being made fun of for his investment in glow-in-the-dark sunglasses, Douglas Benson, an overzealous employee of Shere Khan, decides he wants to purchase Louie's island.  Louie refuses and sends Benson packing. Benson finds out that Louie has a squatter's deed, which means he has to stay on his island for his deed to be renewed. Benson breaks into Khan's office, makes out a "permission slip," and goes back to Louie's with Khan's elite pilot force to help him forcefully ’evict’ Louie.


Everyone but Kit and Baloo leave, and the three put up a good fight. They pelt Khan's men with coconuts and pineapples and lead them on a merry chase around the island.  But when Benson brings in the fighter pilots with their guns flaring, Louie gives up.  At the office, Khan inadvertently finds out that his pilots are ‘busy’ and goes to investigate. Just as Benson is about to blow up Louie's club, Khan snaps the line and demands that Benson explain his actions. Benson tries to justify himself, but Khan sees right through it and fires him.


Later over fruit juices, Khan apologizes to Baloo and Louie for Benson's "excess zeal."  Benson calls them to come outside and tells them he's going to blow up the club. Everyone ducks but Kit, who is leaning smugly against the wall. When Benson pushes the detonator, the shoddily built shack behind him explodes and sends Benson flying. Kit then tells them, “I… sorta moved the dynamite."



Quibbles and Bits


When Benson is writing the "permission slip," it takes him a whole page to write, Do whatever Mr. Benson asks'.


The time was seriously skewed. When Louie, Baloo, and Kit climbed up to Louie's sign, it was evening. Louie's light goes on ("It's on a timer."), Khan's pilots find them and open fire, then Louie says that it's an hour before midnight.


Why did Benson wait for nearly an hour to get Louie off the island? Louie surrendered an hour before midnight, and it was five minutes until midnight when Benson finally decides to ship 'em off.



Benson is launched from that boat ejection device, sending him flying into the lagoon before Baloo and Kit tell Louie they’ll stand by him and fight.  If he’s briefly away from the island getting changed into dry clothes, forging Khan’s signature, recruiting pilots, powdering his nose, etc., how does he know there are three people to deal with when he gives pilots their orders?  Baloo and Kit could have gone home while he was away making preparations.



Neat Little Details

Reference to Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Benson chuckles demonically and says "No one's foolish enough to risk the wrath of Khan."


Not only did Louie high-five Kitten Kaboodle, there were several characters who appeared in previous eps:


 -the pilot from Plunder and Lightning who relayed Kit’s message to Baloo

 -Broadcast Sally from The Time Bandit

 -Teddy from Plunder and Lightning and A Baloo Switcheroo

 -the lady rhinoceros from Plunder and Lightning and Vowel Play.



Miss Harmond (the lady tiger executive from the board meeting).

Also the pig lady (pink dress, curly brown hair and mole) who grabs some partygoers in her arms and laughs --- she was in Louie’s Last Stand and Ransom of Red Chimp.  I can’t forget her.

Slight King Kong reference when Louie climbs on top of his sign and swats at the planes.



During the presentations at the business meeting, Benson shakes his head sadly and yawns, obviously pitying his colleagues for not being ‘visionary’ enough to invest in glow-in-the-dark sunglasses.

Benson: (explaining his investment to Khan)  “…they’re easy to find during a power failure.”

Khan:  “And when you find them… you wear them in the dark?” (Khan makes a rare joke here!  He does have a sense of humor.)


the hydraulic chair Khan uses to perch above everyone at the table (reminded me of the little tricks Col. Spigot uses to make himself taller)


Gotta love that boat ejection contraption that gets launched through Louie’s window!


Baloo:  “Let’s make like a tree and get out of here!” (a Biff quote from Back to the Future)


While Shere Khan is grilling Benson on the pier, a dragonfly hovers a little too close to the water--- a big fish jumps out of the water and swallows it.


Funny Stuff

Baloo slurping fruit juice while firing pineapples at Benson and Khan's pilots.


Khan's men invade the nightclub through the windows of Louie's main bar, so they go to the treetop hotels where they hurl furniture at Khan's men.

"Give it up, Louie! I've got more men than you've got furniture!" Benson yells.

One of Khan's pilot's finally gets his hands on Louie, who bites him and says, "I have not yet begun to bite!"


The pilots swarm into the hotel room and Louie turns to Baloo. "You a swinger, Baloo?"

"The swinginest!" Baloo grabs a vine and Louie and Kit pile onto his back. Baloo jumps over the railing and they smash through the temporary headquarters Benson had ordered the pilots to build.

"Don't make things like they used to," Kit observes.


Baloo, Louie, and Kit in the basket. Louie groans and says, "Somebody in this basket should go on a diet."

"Yeah, and his initials are Baloo," Kit says.

"Hey, I'm just big for my age," Baloo protests.

"Must be the Stone Age." Louie grunts and pulls the basket the last few feet to the mountain ledge.

Baloo gets out and says indignantly, "I am NOT that heavy!"

The basket bounces off the ground and Louie and Kit are thrown out. Baloo looks at them in bemusement.


Louie pulls the bushes off the rope and pulley with a flourish.

"A whole lotta loggin' to knock their noggin'," he says. He pulls the rope, but nothing happens.

"This is your super-duper trap?" Baloo asks dubiously.

"Okay, so it's rusty," Louie grumbles.


Khan's deadpan expression. When he found out that his pilot squad was still on that special assignment, he didn't look surprised or angry.  


The moved dynamite. Guess Dougie got a lift out of that.



Louie:  “Hey, what’s with the flaming pastry?” He blows out every candle but one, so he snuffs it by jamming it into the cake.


Remember when he pulls the rope, a pulley causes a bird nest  to revolve, startling the bird!


the mining car crashes into the rock wall, spilling their pursuers.

Louie:  “One of these days, I’m gonna have to put in that tunnel.”

Baloo: (looking down at the dumped pilots) Bar-U-tal!” (brutal!)


Benson lines:

(congratulating himself):  (singing) “You did it, you did it, Dougie-boy---I mean Douglas!”

(angry): “That’s it!  No more Mr. Nice Doug!”

(surprised that dymamite didn’t go off):  “No boom-boom?”

And of course:  “Stop laughing!”




Cody:  Okay, I really like this ep. I wish the producers had done more with Kit, Baloo, and Louie together instead of just Kit and Baloo or Baloo and Louie. It gets 3 stars because it was a fairly mediocre ep.  Benson was stereotypical: a poor, picked-on nobody who desires power. It was a neat look into Khan's world, though. Guess he really gets into his work. He never seems to leave the place and he's even got an apartment above his office.

Gidget:  That’s one way to get to work on time.


The animation was nothing special. It wasn't as badly done as Pizza Pie in the Sky and not as good as Stormy Weather. If the animation had been spectacular, it would have been a four-star ep, though it was nice to see more of Khan's office and Louie's island.


Kit was great. Not only did he find another use for his airfoil, but he had the sense to watch Benson and make sure he didn't get his hands on that dynamite. I also loved the part where the three of them are in a basket going to Louie's "super-duper trap" and he and Louie gang up on Baloo.


The best part was... no Molly! Any ep without that annoyance is a pretty good one, though I have to admit she was good in Mollycoddled.


Gidget:  I agree with Cody’s rating.  It’s a fun episode and gives an insider’s ‘tour’ of Khan Industries and Louie’s Place (very cool) and even shows Khan letting his hair down and having a drink with the guys, but not especially exciting.  I can’t take Benson seriously as a villain; he reminds me too much of Daffy Duck or someone in Bugs Bunny’s long roster of enemies (hot-headed, arrogant, idiotic, etc.)  The way he was thrown in the water over and over was like Wile E. Coyote taking those multiple plunges into the canyon with a *poof* of cloud-dust.   It was fun to try to spy the cameos of former ‘one-shot’ characters, though.

jb points out:
Two iconic 80s pop songs are used in jest: Corey Hart's "Sunglasses At Night" 
During a business meeting, all Khan's executives tell the CEO how they intend to invest their money.  When it's Dougie's turn, he pipes, "I'm investing my money in glow-in-the-dark sunglasses.  It'll make them easy to find during a power failure."
Khan is not impressed.  "And when you find them [glow-in-the-dark sunglasses], you wear them in the dark?"

And later Dougie says: "My future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!" (by Timbuk 3)

At the final battle, Louie pleads, "All right, win.  Just don't blow up my club!" He pronounced them as "Doug-Lips" not "Douglas."

And a word from guest commentator Gabe Bennett:
Dougie Benson obviously didn't think things through very clearly. Even if his scheme to use evict Louie by using Khan's elite pilot force had worked, acquiring Louie's Place would not be the big money maker he had hoped for and he would've still lost everything. Here's why:

1. Customer Loyalty
Once word got around about how Louie lost his place, I doubt any of his old customers, especially any of the freelance pilots around Cape Suzette, would give Benson their business. Maybe a few of Khan's pilots might stop by, but even this is doubtful (see below): I got the impression they didn't like him very much.

2. Khan's Wrath (No "Star Trek" joke intended)
Even if Benson had taken over Louie's business, Khan would no doubt have fired him anyway: as seen in Louie's Last Stand, he doesn't take too kindly to people forging his signature and misusing his pilots. Also, Khan would more than likely forbid his pilots to stop there as a result.

3. A Little Taste of his Own Medicine
Assuming that Khan has fired Benson and he has no business, what's to stop Baloo, Kit, and Louie from coming back when the deed is due to expire and throwing HIM out? After all, without Khan's pilots backing him up, he's just a spineless little wimp!

4. Money Sinkhole
With no business, Benson would spend much more money then he would ever get out of it, and without return dollars, he would soon have to close his doors.

Consider these four things, and Benson is more of an idiot than before!



September 2000

Revised February 2003


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