The Road to Macadamia

Rating:  4 out of 5 Krakatoa Specials



Baloo and Louie stop at Macadamia (a small “Arabian” desert kingdom) to deliver a shipment of ten sacks of chocolate-covered nuts to a run-down kingdom.  After several attempts to collect their pay, they are constantly turned away without pay by the royal chancellor --- Trample and his goon-guards --- so they sneak through the gates and into the palace disguised as fortunetellers.

Gidget:  Shades of the gypsy routine in Disney's Robin Hood?

They overhear him arguing that since the tax money is missing, that the villagers are ready to revolt.   Of course it's just a scam into order to convince King Amuck that he's too incompetent to rule Macadamia.  They go gaga over Princess Lotta Lamore and use their guise as mediums to use their mystical 'powers' to find the treasure and are welcomed as guests of the King.  And they get the best suite in the place --- Trample’s room!
Gidget (as Trample):  Don't you dare touch my Legos!  Leggo my Legos! 

Despite their cozy digs, best friends can be ruthless --- especially when it comes to a pretty face.  As in For Whom the Bell Klangs, the guys fight over the lovely Princess Lotta and engage in several humorous hijinks when they're not trying to find the treasure.  She's very diplomatic in the face of what is really sexual harassment, IMO.  Unfortunately, this only fans the fires of animal lust ---in a very funny scene that you have to see to believe (see Funny Stuff).
Gidget:  What is it with these guys and their attraction to vixens?
Louie:  Well, you don't expect me to go for my own species, do you?  We orangutans are pretty darn fugly!
Baloo:  Self-acceptance is the first step to enlightenment.
Louie:  Hey, I'm the seer with the pearls of wisdom, not you, Hairy!

Lotta detaches herself from their eager hands and begs them, "Don't fight!  You see, I'm very fond of you both.  You're so brave! (To Louie)  You're so strong! (to Baloo)"
Gidget:  Oh, aren't we feminine! (*gags*)

"You're so right!" both chorus.

"But you don't work together, you'll never find the treasure!"

"You can count on us!"

"Thank you."  She kisses Louie on the cheek, then Baloo making them melt into puddles of goo.  "and you!"  With a flirty sigh, she leaves them alone in their suite.

Baloo starts primping in the mirror, parting his hair in the middle.  "Looks like I'm just her type!"

"Yeah, dumb, dark and hairy!  I'm the one with the magic."

"Good!  Then why don't you just disappear?" (he jams Louie's turban over his eyes)

Two notes are slipped under the door, both from Lotta, inviting them to meet her for a romantic rendez-vous in the garden.  The lovestruck louts walk right into an ambush and find themselves dodging arrows and falling statues.  The assassins in the garden block the door, but our heroes finally escape to their room, terrified for their lives, shivering in each other's arms.  Lotta enters, asking, "Uh, am I interrupting?"

They quickly disengage themselves and turn on her.

“Now back off, Lotta Hari!"  Baloo thrusts the note in front of her accusingly.  " You set us up.”

"But that isn't my handwriting.  Please, you have to believe me!"
Gidget:  A weak defense, considering how they just met her.  How can she expect them to know her handwriting from someone else’s?

She pleads for them to stay and search for the treasure, but they've had enough and start to pack.   Quite by accident, an encounter with a snake exposes Trample as the thief.

Later they discover that Trample plots to take over the throne and marry Lotta.  The missing tax money is found cleverly hidden in his room and his plot revealed:  He stole the tax money to force King Amuck to step down and to pay for his reign as king.  


Lotta is elated.  “I don’t know what I can do to thank you!”

Louie puts arm around her.  “Well, I’d be happy to prepare a short list.”

Baloo nudges Louie out of the way:  “And when it comes to ‘short’, he’s an expert!”

Louie jerks Baloo’s hat over his eyes.  “Isn’t it time for you to hibernate?”

King Amuck says, “Well, I have a way to thank them.”  Trample and two former rhino guards in convict stripes carry in a big ‘Ark’-like chest. 

Baloo and Louie’s eyes pop.  “What do you think?  Gold?  Jewels?  Or stupid amounts of money?”

King Amuck beams:  “A nice, big reward!”
Gidget (as Amuck):  My daughter!  Go with the nice men, sweetie.  Don't forget your sweater.

Baloo and Louie are barely contain their glee.  “Stupid money!”


Later, on the Sea Duck, Baloo asks Louie, “Well, should we wait until we get home?”

They both grin.  “Naw!”

Louie sucks in his breath.  “It’s---!”

Baloo finishes, disappointed,  “…exactly $192.12 and ten sacks of nuts.  King Amuck wasn’t as crazy as we thought.”

"Want to go back to Macadamia?”

Baloo snorts.  “Aw, no.  I’ve had my fill of those nuts!”

“We going out on that joke?”

The pilot shrugs.  “Looks like it.”
Gidget:  That last scene kind of took me out of the story --- it's like they're aware that they're in a show and know we're watching.  Otherwise known as the Fourth Wall.

Quibbles and Bits


Gidget:  I get the feeling that there’s only three subjects (not counting the chicken) in Macadamia.  That town is dead.  There’s nobody to rule.  Trample wouldn’t get a kingdom, he’d get a bridge club.

Cody:  At least he wouldn’t have to worry about a big revolt.
Gidget: Unless he cheats at cards.  


Gidget:  A vixen is the offspring of a rabbit?!  If Lotta’s mother was a vixen herself, why didn’t she eat King Amuck after they were done?  Like a black widow spider, you know?

Cody:  Maybe she tried and he ate her instead. And here’s a quibble:  Why would they go through so much trouble for ten measly little sacks of nuts?  Baloo wanting his money, I could understand, but Louie making a big fuss over such a paltry shipment, even if he did pay for it, was a little odd.
Gidget:  Maybe they were really hungry?  Seriously, Rebecca would give the Big Guy grief if he returned empty-handed... unless this adventure took place before Baloo lost his business to her.  What about Louie's hair?  If it's fuller (as in For Whom the Bell Klangs) then it was probably in the pre-Becky days.

Animation is very crisp and clean.  And at the end:  sky and clouds are yellow and green!
Cody:  Yeah!  I loved the night scene in the garden—very well done.
Gidget:  I could smell the flowers! *sneezes*

Baloo and Louie’s creative attempts to enter the kingdom walls, disguised as Floss-o-matic toothbrush salesmen.

Louie chimes in,  “Can we see the monarch of the house?”

As they’re thrown over the walls, they halt in mid-air in time for the longsuffering camel to step out of the way --- just like a Warner Bros. cartoon. 


Gidget:  Is it me, or does Trample remind anyone else of Jafar? (Aladdin).
Cody:  It’s just you. ;)  Naw, he really does.  Especially with the whole ‘marry the princess and take over the kingdom’ scheme.
Gidget:  At least he didn't hold the world ransom for... (pinky smirk)... one million dollars!


Gidget:  Trample’s recording of ‘Down with the king!  Down with the king!’ That cheesy record player reminds me of Ratigan’s record player playing the deadly message, “Goodbye, So Soon” (when it’s rigged with multiple booby traps to go off when the record ends)

Lotta Lamore means 'lotta love' (loose French translation) and Amuck is just a play on the phrase, 'High-mucky-muck' (like Big Cheese, Head Honcho... Col. Spigot also calls the High Marshall, 'O Mighty Mucky-Muck')

”Hey there pal/what’s new/not much old pal/so what do we do?/Aw, let’s just clobber these two!”
Peas porridge hot…routine –very Hope and Crosby.

Gidget:  When Baloo swings from the rope/curtains in a Tarzan imitation it's hails back to the old stunts of Errol Flynn.

See no evil (Lotta); Hear no evil (Baloo); Speak no evil (Louie) before they smash heavy vases on the guards’s heads.
Cody:  They did that tableau again in Idol Rich, with Louie and his two bouncers (who look remarkably like Trader Moe’s ape goon) doing the honors as Baloo is booted out the door.

King Amuck’s eyes roll around in different directions.  He sounds like Mayor McCheese from the old 70s McDonald’s commercials too.
Cody:  LOL!  Never noticed that!  Of course, that was just a little before my time, too. ;)
Gidget:  Don’t rub it in.

When they trap the snake in the basket, Baloo dribbles it like a basketball, complete with the sound effects of invisible cheering sports fans!

Funny Stuff


Louie and Baloo mistake the guards as concierges and Baloo’s first words to Trample, all robes, turban and self-importance:  “What are you, the doorman?”


Running gag — starving villagers chasing a chicken brandishing cutlery.

Louie’s mystical ‘powers’ (eg: guessing the card Baloo is holding and predicting the distance to Macadamia by peeking at the gas gauge).


Louie to Baloo, proving his ‘powers’:  “Okay, I’ll prove there’s no hanky in my panky --- blindfold me, man!”

Everybody is broke in this ep!  Baloo asks Louie for money to tip the guards and Louie opens his coin purse, releasing a fluttering moth.  The kingdom is broke.  Even King Amuck --- in lieu of a monetary donation to the ‘seers’, all he can offer from his coin purse are two crummy buttons!


Psychotic guard roars in Baloo’s face, nearly taking it off.

Louie:  “Has he had his shots?”

Louie and Baloo’s seer identities:  The Amazing Louie and his assistant Babaloo!
Cody:  Nice I Love Lucy ref, wasn’t it?
Gidget: Don't you mean I Love Louie?

The guys scramble into position when Lotta knocks on their door.

Baloo and Louie:  Battle stations! (when Lotta enters, she finds Louie sitting cross-legged on a pillow and Baloo (what’s he doing again?)


Lotta, perplexed by Louie’s communing with the spirits --- namely, moaning over his crystal balls… um, ball --- asks Baloo:

“What is he doing?

Baloo:  “An out-of-body experience.  And no wonder --- with a body like his.”

Louie deliberately aims his crystal ball at the light, shining it into Baloo’s eyes, blinding him and singsongs:  “Better out of my body than out of your mind!”


Baloo and Louie mooning over identical notes from Lotta to meet her in the garden.

Baloo:  “Oh, a note to me… from Lotta!”


Lotta walks in on Baloo and Louie in quivering in each other’s arms after they’re nearly killed in the garden.

“Um, am I… interrupting?”


Baloo and Louie’s rivalry over Lotta – especially bouncing on the couch!


The guys primping for a date with Lotta.  Baloo combing his hair and Louie squirting perfume under his armpit like deodorant.


Louie inhales the perfumed paper mightily, snorting like a bull.  “I got one too!”


Snake is crushed by the chicken and villagers.




Baloo to guards:  “Handle with care, guys.  I’ve been known to tip heavily.”
Louie (mutters):  “Not in my lifetime, man.”
Gidget:  I think he means the scales, Louie.


Baloo:  After being bounced from the walls of Macadamia:   “Oh, I must be alive, ‘cause I hurt too much to be dead.”


Lotta’s reaction to Chancellor Trample’s proposal of marriage (to save the kingdom):
Lotta:  “He’s a loathsome, festering carbuncle on the face of our beloved kingdom!”
Trample:  “What are you really trying to say?”

Lotta:  “Touch me and you’re dust, buster!”
Schroeder: Note "dust buster" pun...

Baloo:  “I like that gal’s spunk!”

Louie:  “The rest of her ain’t bad either, man.”

Gidget:  I hope he didn’t mean ‘spunk’ in the ‘Sex in the City’ sense of the word.
Cody:  Hmmm…makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
Gidget:  A riddle for the ages...


Trample:  “But your majesty, the people are ready to revolt!” (tugs string attached to a hidden record player, activating it to play, “Down with the king!  Down with the king!”

Baloo:  “The only thing revoltin’ around here is that cheesy chancellor!”

Louie’s magic incantations:  “Mumbo-jumbo and a side of gumbo!  I can see it in the stars!”

Louie:  “I predict you can’t do this to me!  I’m a famous medium!”

Trample:  “Good.  I like my mediums rare.”

Trample to rhino guards: “Fetch!”

Baloo and Louie:  “This is us --- leaving!”
Gidget as Snagglepuss:  Heavens to Mergatroid!  Exit, stage right!

Louie:  "Let's make like a nose and blow!"

Louie:  “There’s guards behind us, guards ahead of us…”
Baloo:  “Sounds like we’re about to become a hero sandwich.”

Gidget:  Awww… without Lotta?
Cody:  If only Katie had been there…;)
Gidget  (as Baloo):  Yeah, don't forget the tomatoes!
Joanna:  I think those melons would roll out onto the floor.


Louie: “C-can’t you charm a snake with music?”

Baloo:  “Yeah!  I’ll sing!”

Louie:  “I’ll take my chances with the snake.”

Baloo:  “….half-gainer hike.  You be the bait.”

Louie:  “How come I’m always the bait?”

Baloo:  “’Cause ‘bait’ rhymes with ‘ape’.”

Louie:  “Can’t beat your logic.”


Louie’s habit of riding piggyback in both ‘Klang’ and this one:

Louie:  “That sand is mighty hot, and my tootsies are mighty particular.”

Gidget (as Baloo): “Imagine taking him on a camping trip!”


Gidget:  Same reason why Baloo’s always the taxi --- ‘cause he’s got the biggest spare tire! (Klang ref)
Schroeder:  And he's better upholstered.  :D


(Louie, eyeing the swords):  “Whoa!  Mama didn’t raise me to be no cold cuts!”


While the boys prepare an ambush, Lotta plays the decoy.  Reclining on the divan, she looks up at the guards and purrs seductively, “Looking for me?”


King Amuck:  “Ooh!  Is the circus in town?”
Cody:  Did you see that indulgent look Lotta gave her father?  I’m beginning to think that she’s the one who really runs things.
Gidget:  I think so too.  She's the smartest one in the show.


King Amuck:  “Well… anything to say, Trample?”

Trample:  “Convict me!  Jail me!  Torture me!”

Baloo, Louie and Lotta:  “Sounds fair!”




Gidget:  The dialogue sparkles here, especially Louie’s (eg:  “Circle the wagon!  Retreat to fleet!  I almost got turned into a Louie-kabob!”  My favorite scene is the one where Baloo and Louie and Lotta are bouncing all over the couch while the guys fight over her.   Their rivalry nearly turns into a ménage a trois!

Cody:  Thank goodness they’re clothed. ;)  But I agree with you.  Dialogue is wonderful, as is Louie’s cheesy medium act.  And, surprisingly, this isn’t bad for a non-Kit episode.  I’d give it a three. J

Gidget:  It’s basically a comedy of errors, but I give it a four because it’s one of the best episodes showcasing Baloo and Louie’s friendship.  The other is For Whom the Bell Klangs.  These guys are forced to deal with a foreign element --- namely females.   When women are absent, things are rosy, but throw in bombshells like Lotta Lamour, Katie Dodd, and even the evil Kitten Kaboodle, and all hell breaks loose.  The episodes A Touch of Glass and For a Fuel Dollars More are somewhat darker; but the problem remains the same --- in both, Rebecca is the catalyst for the disharmony.  Although Baloo and Louie don’t fight over her, they are put in the position of taking sides.  When it comes to business (Louie’s Place or Higher for Hire), it becomes a bone of contention between them.  Both have competitive natures over the women who cross their paths, even though they subconsciously know that it’s a just a game.  I really don’t think Baloo and Louie think beyond the present, so planning a future with Katie or Lotta doesn’t even enter their minds --- they just want to take them dancing and maybe steal a goodnight kiss.

February 2003


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