Gidget's TaleSpin Review


My Fair Baloo


Rating:  4 out of 5 Krakatoa Specials





In order to secure an invitation to the Businessmen’s Ball at the famous Spruce Moose, an exclusive social nightclub, Rebecca needs an escort.  Naturally, she has an ulterior motive:  To make great business contacts with the filthy rich.  After asking nearly 30-40 men, including a fussy bird-lover, appropriately named Dudley, she’s about to give up until Kit suggests that she ask Baloo.  Understandably, she has misgivings, but Kit manipulates her into agreeing, then acts as ‘middle-man’ (Kit: “Miz Cunningham wants to know if you’ll take her to the Businessmen’s Dinner.  Baloo:  Dinner!  Now, that’s my kind of business!”)


Cody:  Didn’t that remind you of elementary school a little? But I loved the way Kit conned Beckers into it.  That boy’s going to be dangerous when he grows up. ;)
Gidget:  (wipes drool off Cody's chin)


Kit and Wildcat coach Baloo in etiquette, using the Spruce Moose as a reward (it was a huge airplane that couldn’t get out through the cliffs, so it was converted to a nightclub---Baloo had been trying to get admitted for five years).


Baloo and Rebecca take a limousine to the Spruce Moose and are in complete awe of its size and grandeur.

Baloo:  “Oh, baby, ol’ Baloo would love ta take ya for a spin!” (btw, he’s talking to the Spruce Moose, not Becky J)

Cody:  Well, that’s a relief. ;)

Then later:

Rebecca:  “Oh, Baloo, this is it!  The wealthiest, most successful businesspeople in Cape Suzette! Isn’t it marvelous?

Baloo:     “Yeah, think how much cargo this place could hold!”

Rebecca (sharply):  “Remember your manners!”

Baloo:     “Oh!  Uh… right.” 


Gidget:  (makes whip-cracking noises)

Cody:  Pathetic, isn’t it?


The evening is a fiasco from the beginning.  Baloo does his best, but his extreme discomfort in this posh setting and well-meaning oafishness alienates the elitist guests, especially an old dowager (vulture?) named Mrs. John D. Rockefeather, head of the Chamber of Commerce.  Rebecca is mortified and near tears… no threats work here.  He eats nearly all of the hors d’oeuvres and accidentally causes a bowl of dip to land on the head of nasal-voiced executive called Herman Grapple.


While Baloo’s somewhere getting a towel to clean up the mess, Owl Capone and his gang rob the guests and hijack the plane.  With the police in hot pursuit, Lefty, a gangster with piloting skills, manages to fly the former airplane through the cliffs by tipping the craft vertically, just making it out of the city.  As Capone and his gang rob the guests, Baloo manages to sneak into the belly of the Spruce Moose and tamper with the cables (resulting in a hilarious tug-of-war with the felonious pilot).  He sabotages the craft, causing the crippled plane to nosedive. 


The bad birds bail, callously leaving the passengers to die.  But Baloo manages to take the controls and guide it to a bumpy landing.  Mrs. Rockefeather yells at him for ruining their party, as well as nearly killing everyone.  Baloo leaves in a huff, but Rebecca stands by her bear and tells the old bag off.  When she leaves to run after Baloo, Capone and the gang return and capture the guests, forcing them to build ‘a nice little raft’.  (Gilligan, are you taking this down?)
Cody:  Really.  They could build a radio out of coconuts and palm fronds, but couldn’t build a boat.


Rebecca is nearly strangled by a snake, but luckily is saved by the Big Guy.  After some coaxing from Rebecca, together they concoct a plan to rescue the wealthy wussies. The gang is caught, and thanks to Baloo’s ingenuity, the Spruce Moose is again airborne and headed home as everyone dances… in their underwear.

Gidget:  Those crazy kids!
Cody:  LOL!  That reminds me of the time…uh, never mind.
Gidget:  You little minx, you!


Quibbles and Bits


Believe it or not, I really love this episode, despite the many mistakes caught… even found some more when watching tape again to check the review:


When the name ‘Dudley’ (perfect name) is crossed off Rebecca’s list, it’s Kit’s hand holding the pencil, not hers (Thanks for pointing that out, Deg!)

When Rebecca gets thrown across room during the plane tilt, and she shrieks, “Balooooo!”… for a couple of seconds, her hair and fur are exactly the same color.


When Owl Capone and his gang rob the guests of their cash and jewelry, Mrs. Rockefeather (who’s wearing two necklaces) surrenders only one --- and he doesn’t object.


Check out the human-looking lady in the yellow dress and picture hat who’s standing behind Rebecca during the heist.  I have no idea what kind of animal she’s supposed to be.  Every time the camera passes her face, she mutates into a totally different character:


1.   Droopy hat brim, no hair, small, almost human nose (like the letter c) and no lips (reminded me of a reject from Whoville (Dr. Seuss ref.)

2.   Ugly, pear-shaped face, large, hooked nose, shorter than Rebecca

3.   Long red hair, eyelashes, bright red lipstick on full lips, pretty by TS standards, taller than Rebecca


It’s Rebecca’s turn to fork over her valuables; Capone growls, “Oh, holdin’ out on us, eh?”

Rebecca:  “Um… not exactly, it’s just that…(embarrassed, she whispers to him): “I don’t own any jewelry.”  This earns her jeering laughter from the gang and snobbish guests alike.  She’s a widow with a daughter… and she doesn’t have a wedding ring?  And what about that pearl necklace she wore to impress the clients in A Touch of Glass?  In Disney Adventures, Issue 1 (Louie’s Ristorante), Baloo urges her to reconsider wearing the earrings and necklace to what she thinks is a fancy nightclub (boy, is she in for a treat!).  In Feminine Air, she plants one of her earrings in a crate of scavenger hunt items, hoping villain will steal it and incriminate himself.  Good lie, Beckers… you are holdin’ out on Capone!  Smart girl.


Cody: She’s got jewelry, all right, but she sure wasn’t wearing it that night. I wonder why.  That pearl necklace would have looked good with that dress, even if the dress was pink and a little odd-looking.
Gidget:  I dunno about the pearls.  They didn’t go with her turtleneck sweater and they would have been buried under that awful frilled collar.  It does seem odd that she’d wear pearls to impress Muffy and Buffy during a brief plane ride in A Touch of Glass and not load up on every trinket she owns to dazzle the folks on the Spruce Moose.

Cody:  Didn’t you think she looked a little like Wilma Flintstone with that necklace?  I mean, those pearls were huge!
Gidget:  Yeah!  Or else Marge Simpson.


How come a bird gang uses parachutes? (as the old song goes, Fly, Robin, Fly.)


If the Spruce Moose has never been flown (too large to get out past the cliffs), how come the Owl Capone gang is able to hijack it?  Since it’s been a restaurant for years, how does it fly without gas?

Cody: Plot holes, right here!

Gidget:  Get yer plot holes!  Only a quarter!


When the Spruce Moose is crashing, and Rebecca is tossed to the other end of the room, and Baloo (who has left the room to get a towel to clean up a mess) is lying near an overturned table.  How can he be in two places at once?  Also nobody even loses their hat!  What did they do, staple ‘em on their heads?
Indiana Jones:  Works like a charm.


When Lefty banks the plane back into position, the guests, namely: Rebecca, Rocky and Grapple goofily ‘float’ in a little circle before landing in a heap on the floor).  It reminds me of the way Peter Pan and the Darling children fly around the nursery in the1953 Disney film.

Cody: (as Rebecca) “I can fly, I can fly!”

Gidget: And without the aid of a manual. (pause)  And what kind of idiots leave a dog to babysit their kids?

Cody:  See, they were really hoping to get rid of their kids.  Wendy, John, and Michael are so annoying that even their parents can’t stand them.  Truth is, Peter Pan kicked them out of Neverland.
Gidget: They could just lock the kids in a cellar with the dog and forget to leave food.  See who comes out a month later.  ;)


Baloo just happens to have a wrench handy to pry open the floorboards (and attack errant houseflies).  Wildcat would do this, but I don’t think the Big Guy would. 

Rebecca: “Baloo, is that a wrench in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” (Bad, Gidget, bad!)

Cody: Wonder what she thinks when Wildcat walks in the room. He’s probably got wrenches and screwdrivers and everything else in his pockets.

Gidget:  If he fell into the bay, he’d probably sink.

Cody:  It would save the mob the trouble of fitting him with cement boots, wouldn’t it?

Rebecca is drawn with a very large head compared to Baloo.  In her usual outfit, she looks fine in the beginning, but wearing the party dress, she looks somewhat out of proportion to me.

Cody: You’re right. She does. Her waist is constantly expanding and shrinking and that hairdo makes her head look really big. And I swear she’s got no fashion sense at all! Yeah, yeah. Meow. J

Gidget:  But if we don’t say something, who will?

Before they landed, the island was almost completely covered in foliage; when Baloo brings down the Spruce Moose for a landing, the palm trees are very conveniently lined up on either side, exactly like a runway. 

The rich folks, unused to physical labor, barely manage to build Capone’s raft without breaking a manicured nail.  But when repairing the Spruce Moose, three of them each deftly toss ropes over the other side of the huge plane (my, aren’t we athletic!) and where, oh where, did those derricks and pulleys come from?

Cody: Yet another example of this episode’s gaping plot holes. Do you think the writers were smoking something when they wrote the script and passed the animators a hit when they sat down to draw it all out?


While Capone and his gang stand on the wing of the Spruce Moose, Baloo decides to give them a little ride:  He manipulates the wing, shaking all four thugs off it.  Quibble:  Before the fall, all are wearing parachutes.  After the fall, when they land in a heap, the parachutes are missing!  Also, the machine guns conveniently scatter in all directions.  Nobody falls on the weapons.

Cody: This could have turned into “Massacre on a Desert Island.” I could see that light-bulb guy falling on a machine gun and getting blown to bits.

Gidget (tries to blow out birthday candles):  Damn.


When Baloo summons party guest to board Baloo Airlines, only a few run up the gangplank before Baloo shuts the door.  Hopefully Rebecca and the rest of them were already on board.  (“Balooooo… wait for me!”)

Cody (as Baloo): Bet ya don’t think I’m useless now, do ya, Beckers!

Gidget (as Rebecca):  Hey, I never said you were useless.  I said you were good-for-nothing!

Cody (as Baloo):  Oh. (pauses)  That’s different, then.  Hop on!
Rebecca:  Later.  You sexy lug, you!


The parachute is made of the ‘donated’ clothing of the guests, which were evening clothes of many colors… why, then is the parachute striped black-and-white?  I know, it’s easier to draw, but that still bugs me.  And, why not make the balloon out of the tablecloths instead of clothes? (thanks, Annette, for bringing that up!).  At least they have the smarts to burn the tables and chairs (that’s why there’s no furniture during the dancing)

Cody: Methinks this shows Baloo’s perverted side. He, at least, would have thought to use the tablecloths, I think, but the rich people wouldn’t. As Mrs. Rockefeather said, “We may be wealthy, but the truth is, none of us can’t change a flat tire.”

Gidget:  I guess after 'Vowel Play', Rebecca said, "Ohhh, all right!" and stepped out of that hideous gown.
Rebecca (to Baloo):  “Do you think I look fat?”
Baloo:  “I’m in hell.”

I wonder who was the first to strip in that ep? Probably Baloo. Imagine how awkward it would be, with everyone standing around, waiting for others to go first.

And what if there wasn't enough material for the 'balloon'.
Baloo: "Okay, let's have some bra-seers over here!"
Rebecca: "Ask Mrs. Rockefeather. She has more...material."

How come the instruments, supposedly damaged (piano rolls into a wall, a guy falling body punctures a drum), are still working properly?  And after spending the entire night repairing the Spruce Moose, the partygoers still feel like dancing?  

Cody: They took some uppers they found growing on the island. Yeah, that’s it.
Gidget:  Makes sense to me.


If Lefty had to tilt the plane sideways to escape Cape Suzette’s cliffs, how’s that big hot-air balloon supposed to get through cliffs on the way back?

Cody: At the end, the plane was flying over the cliffs. I don’t think they need a runway for a hot air balloon.

Gidget (rolls eyes):  Oh sure, bring logic into it.

Cody:  Well, you started it. J



Neat Little Details

Although the names on Rebecca’s list of escort prospects seem too contemporary for the 1930’s (Jymn, Terry, Scott, etc.), they are the first names of the RL artists/writers/producers/directors, etc. related to the show. (thanks, Deg, for letting me know!)


Characters named after real-life personalities of the 1930’s:

 Mrs. John D. Rockefeather = Rockefeller family

 Owl Capone = Al Capone (famous Chicago mob boss) and obviously based on Robert DeNiro’s interpretation of the gangster in The   Untouchables (the mole on Owl Capone’s right cheek is a dead giveaway).  Owl Capone also speaks with James Cagney mannerisms. “We’re goin’ for a little ride, see?” and his constant use of “Yeah!”


Title is an affectionate parody of My Fair Lady (where scruffy character gets a makeover and lessons in manners) and the plot has elements of The Poseidon Adventure, Gilligan’s Island and even Titanic.


The “‘after you…no, no, after you’” gag from Save the Tiger is again used when Baloo, Kit and Wildcat all try to walk through the hatch door at the same time.


Baloo is obsessed with flies:  Think about it; he just can’t leave ‘em alone…


In The Jungle Book:

While floating down river with Mowgli on his belly, a fly lands on his nose.

“How ‘bout swattin’ that mean ol’ fly off your ol’ Papa Bear’s nose?” (one of the monkeys hits him instead, kidnapping the boy… no big loss. J)


In Waiders of the Wost Tweasure:

In his king costume (uses bent fly swatter as a mask), Baloo sees a fly on the buffet table and tries to crush it, causing purple sauce to splatter on one of the palace guards.

While flirting with a disguised Plane Jane, a fly lands on him.

Baloo (trying to be suave):  “Well, I’m kinda busy lookin’ for someone.  Maybe we could get together later and discuss…literature?”

Plane Jane:  “Uh… you’ve got a fly on your nose.” (walks away)


In My Fair Baloo:

A fly lands on his bread… so Baloo attacks (“Oh, a freeloader, huh?”) and swings a big wrench down on it, sending a bowl of goop splattering on Grapple’s head.

Baloo (embarrassed): “Wrong size wrench, huh?” (he would bring a wrench to a fancy dinner; I suppose it’s the writers’ way of ‘shoehorning’ the handy-dandy wrench into the plot when it’s time to sabotage the plane)


This part reminds me so much of a typical conversation between Leia and Han Solo in the Star Wars saga.  Trapped in a doomed airplane, Rebecca asks Baloo (who’s struggling to control the plane):

Rebecca:  Can you get us down?

Baloo:     Down’s the easy part, sweetheart.  It’s stayin’ in one piece that’s hard!

Cody:  I never noticed that! And Becky’s got a hairdo that would make Leia proud.

Gidget:  Yeah… ornamental and bulletproof.  Especially bulletproof.


Rebecca, despite the ear-pulling and yelling, really cares for Baloo.  While she might chew him out for poor judgment and irresponsibility, nobody else is allowed to:

After a ‘safe’ landing, Mrs. Rockefeather stomps over to B&B, one foot stuck in a metal wastepaper basket:

Rockefeather: “So, Mr. Pilot!  Is this what you call having ‘everything under control’?”

Baloo:  “Huh?”

Rockefeather: “First you ruin our ball, then you almost get us killed!” (to Rebecca) “How could you possibly think this buffoon could fit into our group!”

Rebecca (blankly):  “I… I thought…”

Baloo (angrily):  “Hey, don’t worry about yer little tea party, lady!  I’m headin’ for bluer skies!” (stomps off plane)

Rockefeather: “Oh, goodgoodgood!  Run away!  We’ll be safer without you!” Rebecca has had enough.

Rebecca:  “Clam up, you ungrateful old goat!”

Grapple: “You can’t talk to Mrs. Rockefeather that way…”

Rebecca (wheeling on him):  And you! You can stick your light bulbs up your nose!  Wake up, you weasels (voice from the past:  That’s Weazel!)!  That man just saved our lives.  Maybe he’s crude and rough around the edges… but I’d take him over all of you put together!”  (storms out)

Rockefeather: “Hmmph.  Well, good riddance.  We can do jolly well without those two. (briskly) Now… who knows how we call a taxi?”


Rebecca slides down a tall palm tree to from the plane and goes searching for her pilot.  Unfortunately, she encounters a nasty boa constrictor that promptly gives her a big hug.  She screams, and Baloo (btw, in the ep, In Search of Ancient Blunders, Baloo admits that he’s afraid of boa constrictors. (Cody: He does? I’m going to have to watch that again.), without thinking about it, charges to the rescue and wrests the snake off her, ties it in a knot and pitches it into the bushes.  He’s one brave bear!


Rebecca embraces him gratefully. “Oh, Baloo!”

He hugs her back. “Easy, Becky… everything’s fine.” (a tender look passes between them, and they close their eyes, savoring the small moment…*sigh* 

Cody:  *gags* Was that a tender look or gas?
Gidget (as Rebecca):
  (dreamily) Does it really matter?

Rebecca lets go. “No, Baloo. Owl Capone is back.  We have to help the guests!”

He scowls and crosses his arms. “Now gimmee one good reason why I should bail out those snotty-nosed moneygrubbers!”

Quietly, Rebecca offers, “’Cause you’re better than them?”

Baloo is surprised but pleased. “Hey, good answer!  Let’s go!” Grabs her arm as they head toward the plane.


Both Baloo and Rebecca are adept at slipping out of  (Cody:  their clothes?) crowds (Cody: Oh.) during danger (Baloo during heist and Rebecca after telling off Rockefeather)


I could almost swear I saw Muffy and Buffy of A Touch of Glass dancing near the end.

Cody: Don’t you just love the way Disney uses the same characters over and over again? I think they were in Louie’s Last Stand, too.


Grapple to Rebecca as they dance with their partners:  “Oh and Miz Cunningham, I’d like you to consider shipping our light bulbs… those I haven’t shoved up my nose, that is.”

Rebecca:  (chuckles) “Bright idea.”

B&B smile at each other and happily dance the night away as the Spruce Moose floats back to Cape Suzette.



Funny Stuff


Rebecca (trying to get a date for the Businessmen’s Ball): See the list of names she crosses out after each phone call ----those are a lot of refusals!

Gidget (as Rebecca):  *sniffs her own armpit* Don’t tell me I ‘offend’.
Rebecca: ”No, Dudley.  I didn’t know you fed the pigeons in the park every night.” (Kit snickers at this)
Dudley:  “Well, you wouldn’t want them to go hungry, just for a party.”

Rebecca:  (barely concealing disgust, even sticks out her tongue) “No, I wouldn’t want them to go hungry.  Have a nice time… birdbrain!” (slams down phone)

Cody: I love the Becky-Kit exchange.
Gidget:  I’d love to exchange Kit!  ;)

Cody:  Watch it, you.

Kit: Aw, cheer up, Miz Cunningham. I’ll be your date.

Rebecca: Thanks, Kit. But these business folks would frown if I showed up with…a younger man.
Kit blushes, flattered.


Rebecca complains about not being able to get a date for the affair.

Kit:  “Well, how about Baloo?”

Rebecca (visibly brightens): “Baloo?” Then:  “No, no, impossible… he’s…”
Kit: (slyly) “…a slob?”

Rebecca: (picks up one of Baloo’s smelly old socks from a bin, looks pained) “To put it mildly!” (makes a face)

Kit: “Nope. You’re right.  Who needs all those rich business people with their big contracts…for us little air companies?”

Rebecca: All right, all right, I’ll ask him!” (walks out of the office as though she being marched to the gallows).

Cody:  It’s a prospective date with Baloo.  Wouldn’t you be less than thrilled, too? (pauses)  No, don’t answer that.
Rebecca:  As long as I get to wear the dress this time.


Wildcat and Baloo’s version of baseball (Wildcat throws sandwich makings (a sausage and a tomato) through the Sea Duck’s spinning propellers to slice them)
Baloo:  “Strike three, I’m out… to lunch, that is!”  (happily eats soggy remains of sandwich and burps off screen)

Cody: I kinda wish there had been more Wildcat-Baloo-Kit episodes. They can be crass without worrying about what Rebecca will say.


Rebecca’s attempt to be tactful:  “No, I don’t think it’s such a good idea… it’s fancy and formal and… well… (plucks a tomato slice from Baloo’s shoulder)… you wouldn’t fit in.”

Baloo:  “Why?  Are the doorways too small?”

Rebecca:  “I give up!” (starts to walk away)

Kit:  Wait, Miz Cunningham!  Let us teach him some manners, and I promise ya, by Saturday night he’ll be ready to rub elbows with the filthy rich.”

Wildcat:  “Saaay!  He’s already filthy!”

Rebecca:  “Well…”

Kit (meaningfully):  “You may never get another chance to hobnob with the snobs…”

Rebecca (hems and haws):  “…all right.”

Kit:  When Wildcat and I are through with him, Baloo’ll be a real gentleman!”

Wildcat: “Yeah, or my name isn’t Horatio!  Wait a minute… my name isn’t Horatio…is it?”

Kit:  “All right, Baloo… at a formal dinner, where does your date sit?”
Baloo:  “On her backside… like everyone else!” (laughs loudly and slaps Wildcat-in-drag on the rump)

Wildcat (titters in coy girlish falsetto):  Tee-hee-hee!   Fresh!” (slaps Baloo hard)

Cody: Oh, I love that scene! Wildcat and Baloo yuk it up while Kit tries to be all serious.

The photos of Baloo’s girlfriends pinned over his bed look suspiciously like starlets’ publicity photos.

Cody: You know, Baloo is really portrayed as a pervert, isn’t he? I mean, those pics had to come from a girly magazine. Otherwise, he wouldn’t make such a fool of himself over women like Lotta Lamour and Katie Dodd.


Kit:   “Okay, Baloo… now according to the rules of etiquette, there are certain ways that a man is supposed to treat a lady.”
Baloo:  “I always treat my ladies well!  Isn’t that right, baby?” (kisses one of the pictures)
Kit:  “Quit goofin’ off, Baloo.  I’m talking about real ladies.”
(it’s a bit unclear whether ‘real ladies’ is referring to ‘real-life women’, or ‘morally upright’)  Is Kit implying that Baloo’s girlfriends are ‘fallen doves’, while Rebecca is a ‘real lady’ (morally upright by 30’s standards)?

Cody: I think he means flesh-and-blood women as opposed to pinups.

Wildcat (emerges from behind door in drag, complete with a skirt, a feather duster wig and a pair of coconuts; his voice is girlish falsetto):  “Did somebody call… me?”


Baloo:  (dismisses a utensil) “That’s not a butter knife.” (he produces a huge, scabbard-like knife, brings it kung-fu-style down on the makeshift ‘table’ (a barrel covered with a tablecloth), splitting it in half) “Hee-yaa!  That’s a butter knife!” (spoof of Crocodile Dundee gag (“That’s not a knife… that’s a knife!”)


Baloo answers the door, ready to go to the ball (yellow shirt, red-and-white polka dot bowtie and hair parted in the middle) grandly opens the door for Rebecca at Higher for Hire, then ruins the effect by wiping his nose on his sleeve.


She’s very impressed with his efforts to look presentable

Rebecca:  “I can’t believe it!  You’ve really changed!”

Baloo (preening):  “Hey, who says ya can’t teach an old pilot new tricks?”
Gidget:  Thank goodness for Scooby snacks!

Cody:  LOL!  (as Rebecca)  Okay, Baloo!  Sit up!  Beg!  Good boy!


Rebecca thoughtfully presents Baloo with a garment bag containing a rented tuxedo, realizing the poor guy can’t dress himself.  Note that the garment bag is much smaller than the suit. 

Baloo:  “Well, what’s wrong with my flight shirt?  We’re visitin’ an airplane, aren’t we?”

Rebecca:  “Well, yes, but… they say you can judge a man by his clothes.” (must be before A Touch of Glass and Gruel and Unusual Punishment, when she supposedly ‘learned her lesson’ about being hung up on appearances)

Baloo:  “Hey, I kinda like bein’ judged as a pilot!”

Rebecca:  (playfully cajoling; flutters eyelashes like she did in P&L (“So… you gonna be my pilot or what?”) “Please, Baloo… for me?”

Baloo takes one look at the ‘monkey suit’ and moans, “Aww…” (like a little boy being forced to dress up)

Notice how he complies, but keeps the tacky polka dot tie from his old ensemble.

Old dowager Mrs. John D. Rockefeather introduces herself to B&B.  She speaks in a very affected haughty tone, rolling her r’s.

Rebecca (rolls the r): “Rrrrrrebecca Cunningham, Owner of Higher for Hire.” (sees Baloo gesturing wildly from behind old lady) “And this is my escort, Baloo.”

Gidget:  No, I thought she was the escort!  Naw, Baloo wouldn’t be able to afford her.  ;)

Cody:  Yeah, it’s hard to come by two cents, isn’t it? J

Gidget:  Watch it, you. J

Rockefeather: “Ah, pleased to make your acquaintance, Mr. Baloo---oooh!” (He shakes her hand (wing?) so enthusiastically that he musses up her hair.

Baloo:  “Glad ta meet ya, Rocky!”

Rockefeather (icily):  “Hmmph.  Well, I never!” (turns her back on them)

Baloo (puzzled): “Never what?”

Rebecca (furious): “Never mind!”


With one swoop, Baloo grabs all the hors d’oeuvres, sweeping them off the plate, leaving empty toothpicks.  “Mmm…thanks!”

The look on Rebecca’s face is priceless (blushes and her li’l bottom lip trembles… she’s close to the breaking point)

Baloo offers her some. “Hey, want some horse doovers?”

Rebecca knocks them out of his arms, hissing, “Stop it!”

He starts scooping them up to eat later and she stops him.  Leave them!”

There's a scene at  the dining table where Rebecca notices some patrons giving her disdainful looks at Baloo's manners, so she leans over to Baloo and says in a hoarse whisper, "Baloo... you're embarrassing me!" 
"Oh... sorry, Becky... I'll try harder."
Gidget:  To embarrass her?  
(as Baloo, modestly buffing his nails):  It's a gift.
(Thanks to jb for pointing out that one!)


Rebecca drags poor Baloo by the earlobe and chews him out behind a screen… a small group of partygoers zip in to eavesdrop, then disappear just before they come out again

Rebecca: “Baloo, I’ve worked really hard to get invited to this shindig so I can make some great business contacts.  If you screw it up with your stupid antics, I’ll clip your wings but good!  You copy?”

Baloo:  “Yes, ma’am!”

Rebecca  (stomps away, really mad, growling): “Ooooohhhhh!


Baloo’s idea of chivalry:

At H4H:  “Here… let me take your wrap.”  Gallantly takes it from her and carelessly drops it to the floor (Kit catches it in time, glaring after him)

At The Spruce Moose:  ‘helps’ Rebecca with her wrap, blithely throwing it over a passing waiter’s head, making him trip and drop his tray

offers a chair to Rebecca… but swipes it from another table, causing a male hippo to land on his rump. Incidentally, this character looks more like a gangster than a member of the elite (check out the wiseguy suit and hat)
Baloo (laughs and jams the guy’s hat over his eyes):  “Nice landin’!  But next time, try ta remember ta put your gear down!”

In the cockpit, when recovering from a rough landing on the island:

Baloo:  “Not bad, huh?  That’s the first time I ever landed a nightclub!”  He stands, then ‘helps’ Becky up by lifting her by the ankle.  She’s upside-down, with the back of her dress hanging over her head.  It reminds me of how I used to carry my dolls around.

Cody: At least the front of her dress wasn’t over her head. We would have seen more of Becky than we ever wanted to see! And didn’t you love the way she crossed her arms over her chest and glared at Baloo while she was upside down? Priceless!
Gidget: (sniffs):  You just can’t buy memories like that.
Baloo:  That’s true.  But you can always snap ‘em before they get away! (takes Rebecca’s picture and holds camera out of her reach)



Owl Capone and his gang enter the club with violin cases, claiming to be with the band and running late. We all know what’s really in those things.


This scene always makes me laugh:

Rebecca schmoozes with a wealthy guest at their table:

Rebecca:  Hi!  I’m Rebecca Cunningham, owner of Higher for Hire Air Cargo Service.

Grapple:  Herman Grapple, of Grapple Electric.

Rebecca: (gushing): Of course!  You’re the man who makes all those darling light bulbs! Why, you must have to ship them all over the world, don’t you?

Grapple:  Why, yes!  Say, maybe we could use your cargo business!

Rebecca: Goodness, Mr. Grapple… I never thought of that!

Cody: Ya think she’s been taking lessons in being cloying from Molly?

Gidget:  Probably gave her lessons!  Man, I hate it when she sucks up.


One of two sleeping patrolmen sees the Spruce Moose take off.   He prods his partner awake.

 “O’Malley, wake up---we’re about to be run over by a restaurant!”

Gidget:  ‘Partner’?  Were they ‘busy’ before falling asleep?

Cody: LOL!  Those stakeouts get awfully lonely…
Gidget:  *G* Very lonely.


Owl Capone (collecting valuables from victims): “It’s for a charitable cause…the ‘Owl Capone Retirement Fund’!” (laughs)


Mrs. Rockefeather falls heavily on top of Herman Grapple (interesting last name there, Herman!) and smiles coyly at him.  He looks frightened!  (Thanks, Bunny)


Mrs. Rockefeather’s set of priorities… after the crooks have robbed them and bailed out of the plummeting plane, death is approaching fast:

Rebecca:  “They’re gone!”

Mrs. Rockefeather:  “So is our jewelry!”


Rebecca: (pointing):  “Look!  An island!”

Baloo (sarcastically): “Now that oughta break our fall!”


Baloo takes charge:

“All right… some of you go out an’ find anythin’ that’ll burn.  Another group… dig up some decent tools.  The rest of ya… go find needles and thread.” (Yeah, those’ll be easy to find!)

Cody: They could use thorns as needles and pick apart the seams of their clothes to get the thread.
Gidget:  But it’s nighttime.  How would they find the thorns and then sew in the dark? 


Rebecca (hands clasped together, looks at him adoringly):  “Oh, Baloo… I’m so proud of you.”

Baloo (basking in her praise, then is struck by an afterthought and calls out):  “Oh, and one more thing!  Take off your clothes!”

Mrs. Rockefeather: “My what?” (faints in Grapple’s arms (everyone gasps).

Rebecca (no longer impressed, stalks away):  “Ooooh… I take it all back!”

Baloo (gleefully calls after her):  “On the double, Beckers!”  (just what Becky would want to hear on their wedding night! *G*)

Cody: *shudders* Becky’d have to be on top. Baloo would crush her.

Gidget (as Rebecca):  But what a way to go!  *sigh*
Gidget (as herself):  Interesting tidbit:  In  September 1921, that’s how Fatty Arbuckle, a 320-pound comedian, accidentally killed young 23-year-old actress Virginia Rappe.  He was acquitted in 1922.  Isn’t history fascinating?  J


Gidget:  This is one of my favorite B&B episodes.  It’s got almost everything a B&Ber could want:  B&B on a date, drawing room comedy, adventure (both in the air and in the jungle), gangsters, romantic slow dancing in their underwear).  They share a blink-or-you’ll-miss-it tender look while they dance, just before the scene fades to the Spruce Moose floating back to Cape Suzette by balloon.  If you don’t care for B&B adventures, you’ll be disappointed, because they are the main characters here.  Kit does get the ball rolling (manipulates Rebecca into asking Baloo to escort her to the Businessmen’s Ball) and helps Baloo learn some manners, but after that, his work is done.  Buh-bye, Kit! J  The fifth Krakatoa Special is withheld because I would have liked them to fall in love during that episode.  Of all 65 episodes, that was the one that should have clinched their union.  Oh well, I guess it’s up to someone else…


Cody: Once again, you’re more generous than I.  I’d give it 3 Krakatoa Specials. Kit’s part was good, but there wasn’t enough of it.  Don’t you think it would have been much more interesting if Kit had been Becky’s date?  He could have let the boa constrictor eat her. J I liked Becky telling those rich snobs to take a long walk, but she was still so caught up in appearances. I think Baloo livened up that party considerably and they all should have thanked him for saving them from boredom instead of harping on his manners.

Gidget:  I agree with you.  They’re all a bunch of ungrateful old goats.  If Mrs. Rockefeather had said those things to me, I sure wouldn’t forgive her as easily as Baloo did.  He’s sweet --- a real gentleman.  Reminds me of Louie in A Touch of Glass --- after the way she treated him, I noticed that Louie was way more charitable to Rebecca than she deserved.



June 2000 (Originally written)


September 2002 (updated with Cody’s two cents) 



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