Pizza Pie in the Sky


2 out of 5 Krakatoa Specials



Rebecca goes to the Businessmen’s Boot Camp to learn to make more money, leaving Baloo and Kit in charge of Higher for Hire.  Baloo, Louie and Kit start their own pizza delivery service, calling it Pizza Pie in the Sky.  Louie bakes the pizza, Kit takes the orders and then helps Baloo deliver it.  The pilot ‘borrows’ a dollar from the H4H safe, saying:  “Not havin’ money’s no problem --- as long as you know someone who does.”

The trouble begins when Baloo ignores Louie when he tries to explain that he’s severely allergic to anchovies.  He and Kit start ‘advertising’ their wares by dropping hot, messy pizza on the streets of Cape Suzette.
Kit:  “Is this mass marketing or mess marketing?”

At first the plan works --- Louie bakes the pizzas and the boys deliver it.  Then someone orders anchovies, which makes Louie too ill to continue, so Baloo and Kit end up cooking the pizzas mid-air and nearly get blown up by a volcano.  All this is for nothing when the Inspector finally catches up to them.
The Inspector pops out of the safe and fines Baloo $499 for all the damage.
Baloo (kisses roll of bills):  “G’bye, boys!”

Inspector lectures him on checking with the board of Health first.  “Remembah!  We’re here to help ya!”

Baloo (sarcastically):  “Yeah, to help yourselves to our money!”  Looks down sadly at the one-dollar bill he started with.  “Well, at least we broke even.”

Suddenly, a voice startles him.  “Get your paws off that safe!  Dipping into petty cash, again, Baloo?”


“Uh… how was the seminar, Rebecca?”

”Oh.  It was… very interesting.  I learned all about how to make a business growl…” She corrects herself.  “I mean grow.  We got pizza for lunch, right?  But it was delivered by a real bunch of losers --- filthy, plain, disgusting delivery people!  If a company like that can make money delivering pizza, then Hire for Higher can make a fortune!”

Two clunks --- the sounds of both Baloo and Kit fainting with exhaustion.

Rebecca is perplexed.  “Baloo?  Kit?”  Then she shrugs.  “Some people can’t handle success.”

Quibbles and Bits

When Nanook, the igloo-dwelling customer throws the second pizza at Baloo, it hits the snow and forms a snowball as it rolls down the hill.  Just before it hits the pilot, it freezes in mid-frame.

Baloo opens the barrel of anchovies, saying proudly, “Got the whole barrel for a dollar --- can I smell a bargain or what?”; Louie passes out from the smell.  As he lies there turning green around the gills, neither Kit nor Baloo seem concerned about his health.
Kit:  “If Louie’s sick, then who’s going to make all those pizzas?”
Baloo:  “And how am I gonna pay back Rebecca?”
Cody:  *snorts* Some friends.

When Kit yells, “You can’t put a grease fire out with water!”, both smoke and Baloo freeze in mid-frame.

The plane should have blown up in the volcano.  No way could it have stood that kind of heat. 
Gidget:  Kentucky Fried Kit!
Cody:  I think you mean Kentucky Fried Bears.  And how come Baloo’s bum didn’t get fried?  He didn’t have any protection on it.  That whole scene was poorly done.

Gidget:  Did Rebecca actually stay at the seminar for two days, like she said she would?  It seemed like one day.  Did Nanook’s ‘Land of Midnight Sun’ count as night in Cape Suzette?  My head hurts…
Cody: (hands Gidget an aspirin) The time was really, really messed up, IMO.  There’s absolutely no way that they could have advertised in a magazine or newspaper or anything else in two days.  See, there’s this little thing called a deadline for ads, and it’s usually three or four days (or even a month in the magazine biz) before it goes to print.  And how did they pay for it?

Neat Little Details

The guys use unorthodox methods to bake two hundred pizzas:

-Louie stomps on the tomatoes like they’re grapes to make the sauce.
-a cement mixer is used to mix the dough, then a steamroller to roll it out.
-to make the circular shapes, Kit attached a garbage can lid to a pogo stick and jumps all over the dough like a giant cookie cutter.

-shovel for the sauce and toppings
-when Kit dumps the stove overboard, they fly over a raging volcano to cook the dough

Gidget:  If they’re so hard up for money, how could they rent heavy equipment?

-You find out that Rebecca likes anchovies, and that Louie is allergic to them.
Cody:  Well, there goes the possibility of them as a couple. ;)
Gidget as Louie:  *sniff* There goes the only girl I’ve ever loved this week!
Schroeder (as Baloo): "Awww, Louie, there's plenty of anchovies in the s--oh, never mind..." ;)

-Louie sleeps in a frilly canopy bed.

-Rebecca’s seminar takes place in The Takeover Hostel.

Funny Stuff
Baloo keeps his donuts in Rebecca’s safe.
Rebecca:  Oooh!!

Louie serves pizza with his hands --- no plate, no tray.  Ick.

When Baloo starts eating the pizza, Louie smacks his hand with a spatula.
Rebecca:  “Hey, I need that!  What if the squid comes back?”

Pizza Pie in the Sky advertising --- Baloo flies Seaduck over town, dropping pizzas everywhere (similar to the way Kit threw muffins into the office windows at surprised secretaries).  Pizzas land in the strangest places…

-on top of a live telephone line

-the streets

-a car (windshield wipers scraped off the mess)

-a stop sign

-the Health Inspector’s head

When the Seaduck flips upside-down the volcano steam hits, Kit shouts at the pilot, “Nose up, Baloo!  Nose up!”
Baloo is disoriented.  ”Which way is up?”
But he does find yet another lost sandwich in the cockpit.   “I’ve been lookin’ for this since last month!”  Takes a bite and spits it out.
Gidget:  He probably thinks salmonella is a small fish covered in cheese.
Cody (as Baloo):  But that’s what Becky said it was.  And she also said that E. coli was a fancy kind of cough drop.


Rebecca, doing checklist before she leaves for seminar:
”…books balanced…accounts accounted for…petty cash…*sigh*…petty.”

Baloo pooh-poohs the idea of her going to a seminar, telling her that he could tell her a thing or two:
”You need common sense… and I’ve got the most uncommonly common sense.”
Rebecca:  “Well, I use more dollars and less cents.” (Gidget:  stepping into it there…)
Cody:   (snorts) Like she had any sense to begin with. ;))

Baloo:  “Don’t worry… we’ll take good care of everything while you’re gone.”
Rebecca:  “Maybe I should just take a correspondence course.”
Baloo:  “Naw, go!  Don’t ya even trust me ta run things for two days?”
Rebecca:  “Yes… if you just follow one simple instruction.”
Baloo:  “What’s that?”
Rebecca:  “Don’t do anything!”
Baloo (to himself):  “That’s what I do when she’s here!”

Baloo tries to come up with ideas for starting a business:
”I know… a watch-chicken!  It’ll guard your house and give you breakfast, too!” (laughs uproariously at his own joke)
Gidget:  Okaaaaayyyy…
Cody:  But you notice how Kit came up with the overnight mail idea?  I’d definitely say he’s the brains of the bunch. J
Gidget:  That’s like being the smartest one of the Three Stooges.

Baloo helps himself to the safe at H4H:

Kit:  “Isn’t this a little like stealing?”
Gidget:  You should know, you little ex-pirate, you!
Baloo:  “Bite your tongue, kiddo!  I’m not gonna take any money --- I’m just gonna borrow it, uh, without tellin’ Rebecca.  Great gal, Becky --- but no business sense.”

Baloo proposes a partnership with club owner Louie:
”With my know-how and your… whatever, we’d make a fortune!”

Baloo delivers a pizza to their first customer:
Baloo:  “Hey, did somebody named Nanook order a pizza?”
(A huge polar bear, much taller that Baloo, crawls out of the igloo and stares down at him intimidatingly)
Baloo:  “Whoa!  How’s the weather up there?”
Nanook:  “Cold!”

Baloo takes a lot of punishment here. Each time he tries to deliver a pizza, something goes wrong.

First, it’s the wrong size (Nanook brings the whole box down, so Baloo’s head pops through the whole mess.

Second, it’s delivered too late and gets frozen solid:
Baloo (they’re in the Frozen North, after all) *pointing at icicles forming on crust: ”It’s not cold --- it’s just room temperature.”

Third, the anchovies were missing, but Baloo catches a fish and tosses it on the pizza:  “There!  Nothin’ fresher than that!  I always thought Rebecca was the only one who liked anchovies.  Guess that makes two of ya.” Then a whale leaps out of the water and gulps down the whole thing!  “Maybe three?” Nanook hurls him into the freezing water.

Baloo explains what anchovies are:  “Anchovies --- little guys with salad oil all over their bodies?”
Rebecca (seductively, holding a bottle of Newman’s Own):  Come here… 

Bob the Fish Seller (trying to dissuade Baloo from buying bad anchovies):  “Perhaps I could interest you in a tasty octopus --- mmm-mmm!  Yum-yum!” and when Baloo practically threatens his life unless he gets his anchovies:  “Right.  But you won’t like them.”

Bob, the pelican owner of Bob's Discount House of Fish, reluctantly sells Baloo a barrel of anchovies for a dollar.  Baloo proudly presents it to Louie, who falls over in a dead faint.  "Can I smell a bargain or what?"

When it’s obvious that they can’t cook the pizzas and deliver them without Louie, Kit muses that it’s too bad they can’t do both at the same time, Baloo exclaims, “You’re a genius!  Surprised I didn’t think of it.”  They then take Louie’s stove and cook the pizzas mid-air.
Gidget:  Um, with an oven preheated to 450 degrees or so and smoking, why didn’t the plane explode? 
Cody:  ‘Cause the heat hadn’t reached the gas tank—the whole plane wasn’t 450 degrees, remember.   As for the smoke, it was an inconvenience, but not hot, so…At least one thing in this episode made sense.
Gidget:  Okee-dokey. 

They dump the flaming stove into the ocean.
Baloo:  “Heh-heh!  When I put a fire out, I put it out!

Flying over a live volcano to cook the pizzas (after dumping the flaming stove):
Kit:  “Uh-oh!  Baloo, I think we gave the volcano indigestion.”
Baloo:  “Glad we didn’t toss in the pepperonis --- it might have got an ulcer.”

Tiger Instructor: ”I’m going to turn you into lean, mean, business machines!”

At the Takeover Hostel, the Instructor, a tiger, takes the two hundred pizzas from Baloo, saying, “I always like to end a seminar with a free lunch.  It challenges their preconceived notions.”
Gidget:  I finally got that one.  It’s actually quite clever.  And did anyone else notice that it was the leaning tower of pizza?

Cody:  LOL!  Two of ‘em!

When Kit jettisons the extra heavy items from the plane,
Kit:  “We aren’t gonna make it!  The pizzas are too heavy!”
Baloo:  “It must be the extra cheese!”

Kit dumps yet another array of Baloo’s weird ‘treasures’:
-a mattress, utensils, a record player, a moose head (!) and of course… the kitchen sink.  Someday I should make a list of all the crap Baloo keeps stashed away. 
Cody:  Pogo sticks and lingerie… offhand, I’d say our Baloo has some serious issues. ;)
Baloo:  “Hey!  Not my bottle cap collection!” 
Cody:  I found that ironic—in Plunder and Lightning, Baloo acts kind of condescending when he thinks Kit’s treasure is a bottle cap collection.
Gidget:  He was condescending.  And I noticed that bottle cap thing too.

Louie (mistaking the Inspector for his arch-enemy):  “Holy pepperoni!  It’s the king of the anchovies!”
Cody:  Did you notice how Disney edited that scene?  In the original before it was aired on Disney Channel and Toon Disney, they actually showed the Inspector’s head turning into an anchovy just before Louie said, “Why, it’s the king of the anchovies!  You’ll never take me alive!”

The Inspector, fed up with wrestling with Louie, leaves in a huff.  “I’m switching to an easy job --- with the bomb squad!”



Gidget:  It wasn’t as bad as say, Flying Dupes, but it commits the sin of mediocrity.  For me, the one-shot characters kept things lively.  Bob the pelican fishmonger is fun to watch as he tries to placate Baloo with everything but anchovies.   He’s a meek character and an honest businessman to a fault in that he doesn’t try to trick the boys into buying spoiled fish --- it’s Baloo’s own fault that he gets stuck with it.  Serves him right, too… Baloo was kind of a bully in the fish store.

Cody:  Kind of?  He reached across the counter and nearly throttled poor Bob!

Gidget:  I hate it when he uses his size to intimidate innocent people.  Kit, as usual, is caught in the middle of the Big Guy’s schemes, much in the way he was in Double or Nothing.

A word from Schroeder:  The "Bob's Discount Store Of Fish" scene appears to be a tribute to a Monty Python's Flying Circus routine called the "Cheese Shop sketch" (I *think* that's the one, anyway...).  Well, if not so, I still believe it to be very Pythonesque, at least sort of in the way Bob lists all the seafood in the world he *will* sell rather than give Baloo and Kit the anchovies, That and the way the dialogue goes back and forth too. :-)

Gidget:  This was a ho-hum episode, IMO.  The boys go to ridiculous lengths, risking their lives to bake a pizza.   Sorry, but that’s just dumb.

Cody:  I agree completely with your rating.  The timing was badly skewed, the animation was pathetic, and the plot was too farfetched. Kit was the only one with any sense, but even he wasn’t enough to save Baloo and Louie from themselves. :P


February 2003

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