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The Ransom of Red Chimp



Rating:  3 out of 5 Krakatoa Specials





You know this will be a laughfest when the title card is a still picture of Louie’s amorous Aunt Louise pinning a terrified Karnage to the floor (tidbit:  the only other episode with a title card is Jolly Molly Christmas (Molly’s staring dreamily into a snow globe). Baloo and Louie are relaxing with junk food, orange fizzies and Tiddly-Winks when they hear the radio announce the arrival of Louie’s rambunctious Aunt Louise, a daredevil pilot and five-time winner of the annual Air Race, on her way to this year’s competition.   Loud, pushy, man-hungry, yet strangely endearing, this old gal is more fun than a barrel of… never mind.


She proceeds to turn Louie’s Place upside-down (wild dancing that loosens the floorboards, baseball with coconuts, to make ‘snow’ for indoor skiing, racing gorilla birds).  Everybody in the joint loves her.


Although Louie loves his aunt, her wild antics (not to mention the fact that she calls him the hated name, ‘Louis’) soon drive the peace-loving ape to the all-time low of tricking her into leaving his island.  He creates a hoax over the radio, pretending that Jacques Toujour had tauntingly challenged her to race, if she isn’t ‘chicken’.  Outraged, she sets out to teach him a lesson.


Meanwhile, Don Karnage is happily sunbathing until his crew informs him that they’re bored and want some action.  He sends them on an errand to kidnap Aunt Louise and hold her for a $5,000,000 ransom.


When she’s captured, Aunt Louise manages to: start a food fight, race fighter planes inside the hull, give ‘pirate’ lessons (the ‘HAR!  Mercy!’ bit), hijack the Iron Vulture and terrorize Don Karnage.   When Baloo and Louie set out to save her, Karnage is so desperate to escape her passionate pursuit that he pays them to take her back (at a big discount!).  Our heroes drag the lovelorn woman away, sobbing, “You don’t understand, Louis!  This is true love!”


Back at Louie’s, Aunt Louise drowns her sorrows in another one of Louie’s sarsaparillas.  Jacques Toujour, a French pilot, stops by the bar; Aunt Louise is infuriated by his so-called arrogance, then intrigued by his continental accent.  As she carries him out, he protests, “But I have an air race to attend!”


“Not anymore, my little croissant!”

Quibbles and Bits 

Drives me nuts to watch her carelessly drop money and throw it around (my personal peeve, not a quibble, because it does suit her character)


The black mole on her face keeps moving from her upper lip to chin or disappearing altogether


A couple of times, the wonderful Jim Cummings (voice of both Louie and his aunt, as well as Karnage) slips briefly out of character when doing Aunt Louise’s voice:

“Play it again, man.” (when drowning her sorrows in the bar at end, her voice veers from feminine Louise- falsetto to Louie-speak).  Who cares?  This is a Cummings show and he’s great.


Neat Little Details

During Baloo and Louie’s game, the smooth voice of the radio announcer (Ed Gilbert, voice of Baloo) informs us that the song was by “Happy Harry Howley and His Hawaiian Boys” (sort of like Baloo’s fictional rich uncle in Save the Tiger:  ‘Happy Huey Hartley Hoover’.  Thanks to Jeff for that hard-to-catch bit of trivia.


Aunt Louise’s airplane, the Pink Piranha is decorated with shark’s teeth (grrrr!); well, it’s feminine yet tough (unlike the Rebecca’s nightmarish paint job of the Sea Duck in P & L) (brrrr!)


At the party, the song Aunt Louise plays on jukebox is the swingin’ Sing, Sing, Sing, Sing!


Karnage wears an old-fashioned bathing costume… he’s quite buff


After threatening Aunt Louise’s life over the radio, a seagull lands on Karnage’s head, prompting angry, very-hard-to-hear muttering:  “Sacramento…California…Del Mar.” Obviously an in-joke. Thanks to Jeff for the translation.


Party Guest Cameos:

 -that dog pilot from P & L (who gives Baloo the message from ‘Little Britches’)

 -partying lady pig (also appeared in Louie’s Last Stand)

 -Oscar Wiggerstomper (from Bearly Alive)

 -if you look quick, a big brown bear dances behind Baloo and Louie at the party.  He’s a burly fellow who wears the same flight cap (except brown with a burgundy flight jacket and blue shirt). I swear it’s a brown Baloo!

The way Aunt Louise feeds the jukebox is cool – she rapidly feeds a whole roll of coins into the slot


After Karnage locks her in cell, she uses a hairpin to pick the lock (the way she does it is very subtle… considering how unsubtle she usually is)


Baloo borrows $5 from Louie (to bet on gorilla bird race); at end of episode, Louie gets $5 back (Karnage pays him to reclaim his aunt)

Funny Stuff


Baloo to Louie: “This is the life.  A bag of chips, an orange fizzy and thou.” They’re playing a game of Tiddly-Winks, using their substantial bellies as game boards.


Louie (panics) “Run for your lives!   It’s Aunt Louise!” (he and his staff dash around putting up camouflage, ringing a fire siren and Louie dives behind potted plants wearing a pith helmet)


Karnage (sunbathing, notices a cloud blocking the sun): “Something is casting a shadow on the splendor of my radiant tan.  (Mad Dog opens fire with a bunch of guns built into the cliff wall and blows the cloud away) (to his men): Thank you.  You may turn me over, now.  Now, now, now… what is keeping you held up?  Do you want your captain to become French toast?”


Pirates use huge paddle to turn Karnage over like a pancake


Karnage calls his men, ‘my lethargic losers’ and ‘my fierce minions’


When Mad Dog complains that they’re bored, Dumptruck says, “Yeah, we haven’t done any good pirate stuff lately.”


Aunt Louise (angrily ranting against Jacques Toujour): “If there’s anything I can’t stand, it’s somebody with a big mouth!  What in the world…!” (beak of Iron Vulture opens, capturing her plane)


The squawking sounds of Karnage fighting with a seagull over the radio make Baloo and Louie think he’s torturing his aunt:

 Louie: “Okay, Karnage, you win!”

 Karnage (surprised) “I do? Oh, but of course!  I always do!


Louie blows his nose on the hem of Baloo’s flight shirt (ew!)


Louie drops coconuts bombs from the Sea Duck, provoking Karnage:

 “You are supposed to be bringing me $5,000,000, not ruining my lovely paint job!”


Mad Dog (indignantly): Quiet!  You’re supposed to be begging for mercy.  Can’t you see we’ve got you at bay?


Baloo comforts Aunt Louise:  “Aw, now, Aunt Louise, there are other sharks in the sky!”


Don Karnage/Aunt Louise exchanges are very amusing:

-DK: Cyst and disease! You are my captive! (Karnage-speak for ‘Cease and desist!’)

 Aunt Louise: Then captivate me!


-DK (hears explosion): What in blue blazes was that?

 Aunt Louise: (dreamy sigh): The pounding of my heart.


-DK (in horror, as Aunt Louise pursues him) Madam!  Are you in possession of all your marbles?


-DK: Madam!  Get a grip on yourself!

 Aunt Louise: I’d like to get a grip on you!


Aunt Louise’s nicknames for:

  Louie - Louis, Baby

  Baloo – Kid (when she arrives at Louie’s)

Karnage – Sweet little pirate, my little passionate fajita

  Dumptruck – You big Swedish meatball

-Jacques Toujour – My little croissant


And of course:  HAR!  Mercy!  HAR! Mercy!



Louie’s parties are always fun to watch. Definitely up there as one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen.  Aunt Louise is a wonderful comic character (and probably the one person that Karnage is afraid of).  This is a Jim Cummings tour-de-force… he voices Karnage, Louis and Aunt Louise, sometimes all at the same time.



March 2000



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