Baloo's Dentalwork


"How To Take A Bite Out Of Mine"


By Bearcat  


Okay, all kidding aside. As I ponder the removal of a molar in my own mouth I began thinking of Baloo's teeth. 

Yes... I know what you maybe thinking... "He's nuts!" 

Well... not quite, for you see, there is something odd about our big bear’s teeth. Baloo's teeth change throughout the show. 

(Long Pause) 

You mean you didn't notice! Good grief, then let me explain. 

Most of the time, when Baloo talks, opens his mouth to yawn, eats or otherwise shows off his pearly whites we only see the two lower canines (fangs to the rest of you). However, there have been a few episodes when we've seen his teeth taking on a more realistic "bear" type form to a more human appearance. 

The first case you can see in two of my favorite episodes, "Time Waits For No Bear" and The Incredible Shrinking Molly and of course Plunder & Lightning. 

In the first (Time Waits For No Bear) we can see Baloo's row of bear teeth when he yells out to the goons of Trader Moe. 

Oh, come on! You must remember that scene? 

Baloo's on the phone outside the office building were Trader Moe has his office. The goons are on the phone with Baloo and are, as usual, totally out to lunch. When they ask Baloo if they’re to let him see the boss now Baloo sticks his head in the doorway yelling, "Yeah! NOW". Only at that moment do we see his jagged carnivore teeth. 

The second episode we see Baloo's bear-like teeth when he's at the controls of the Sea Duck and Rebecca's on the tow line. As he yells back to her from the cockpit, you again see his teeth (nice sharp predator teeth). 

Finally in Plunder & Lightning, however, we don't see all his teeth. However, what we do see (and it's the only time I know of) are all four of his canines (fangs).  It's when he bites through the rope holding Kit upside down. 

Now *those* are teeth! 

The rest of the time we only see Baloo's two lower fangs. Yet, on the rare occasion that Baloo smiles we see his teeth as straight, box-like and rather human. 

** Future note to Disney animators... He's a BEAR guys! Give him the right teeth! ** 

Ahem... Sorry about that. Where was I? Oh yes... Baloo's choppers. 

With such a wide variety of ivory in that substantial skull of our hero you begin to wonder if he's got a drawer full of dentures? A little oral glue and a variety of teeth to sport for that particular day or evening event. Sort of like wigs, but without the furballs. 

EW! Maybe I shouldn't make that visual image. Makes me gag too. Anyway... 

My overall point is that it appears the animators decided to leave detailed carnivore teeth for Baloo's mouth only when it was truly necessary; usually when there was a life-or-death struggle or when angry humor was required. 

So... that's about it. While I'll I want for Christmas is my little tooth (which is *really* about to be extracted) it seems Baloo's in worse shape. If he ever had to put the "bite" on anyone, the animators left him a bit short.


Dec 2004

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