Useful Tips for Writing Wildcat


By Monrobia

I've noticed a few things about Wildcat. When it comes to TaleSpin characters, I think he's overshadowed a bit. But I think he's a great character. Here goes.

1.  Wildcat's Vocabulary
Wildcat does not have the best vocabulary. He often stumbles over words he has never seen before when reading aloud (See Flight of the Snow Duck). However, he does know some big words, just doesn't know how to pronounce them.

He may say something like, "Miz Cunningham is a great entrepreneur." But he might say it like this: "Miz Cunningham is a great entrep-, treper-, no--a good businesswoman."

2.  Wildcat and Drugs
Wildcat may have a few screws loose, but he is not taking drugs. And he doesn't drink either. Please don't make him a swaying drunkard or high on controlled substances.


3.  Wildcat's Personality
Wildcat is soft-hearted. He can't help but notice others in need. Don't make him a brainless and heartless puppy-kicking buffoon. He is very creative and comes up with unique and innovative solutions. Another thing to note is that he is honest, except when Baloo cons him into going along with some sort of harebrained scheme. (War of the Weirds, Time Waits for No Bear, and Citizen Khan) Wildcat is also extremely modest. He often walks a step behind Baloo and Kit. He does have moments in the spotlight, but he doesn't brag or lord it over his friends. He is very slow to anger, but does know the meaning of forgiveness, unless it's Crazy Edie.

4.  Wildcat's Relationships to the Rest of the H4H Crew


Wildcat and Molly can get along like old friends, partially because I think Wildcat is a child in adult guise. Both Molly and Wildcat love playing pretend and have a certain lean toward mischief, although not malicious mischief. (Kinda reminds me of Tummi and Sunni in Adventures of The Gummi Bears.)


Wildcat's relationship to Kit is more co-worker than playmate. They are capable of working together and getting along. Neither one is resentful of the other. If you consider Kit's father figure Baloo, Wildcat might be the "uncle."


Wildcat's boss. Rebecca is often a little doubtful of WC, but he often can satisfy her. Baloo can often get around Becky, but Wildcat tends to give in.


Baloo knew Wildcat before Plunder and Lightning.  Baloo probably doesn't know Wildcat as well as Louie, but they can interact adequately. Baloo doesn't understand Wildcat's need to talk to machines or his concepts, so there is some slight disagreement there.

5. Wildcat's IQ:

Wildcat is not stupid. He is an expert mechanic. Beyond his work, he can comprehend that puzzles Baloo. Bottom line is don't depict him as a complete numbskull.



March 2001

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