This is mainly a Baloo and Rebecca site, with general information about TaleSpin included.  Fiction, essays, parodies, reviews and artwork are welcome.  There are just a few guidelines (flexible, but please check with me first if you want it posted here). 


I would like the stories to be as close in spirit to the original show as possible, so the reader will be 'transported' to Cape Suzette and enjoy their stay.  In other words, please respect the show's 'vision'.  Let's try to continue the episodes that never materialized.

1.  Try to stay in character.  Please don't make Wildcat a drug addict or Rebecca too abusive to a certain employee.  Baloo does not speak perfect English.  Molly is toilet-trained.

2.  The occasional naughty word is okay (like 'hell' or 'damn'), if it's in character.  The other ones aren't.

3.  Do not end the story with, "...then she woke up and realized that it was all a dream."  The reader wants to believe they're following a real TS adventure, that the danger is real and will feel cheated if there's nothing at stake.

4.  No overt or subversive religious or political messages, please.  I want good, entertaining stories, not propaganda of any kind.  This includes personal crusades, like having 'save the cross-eyed zebras' and 'eating meat is wrong' lectures spout from the TS character's mouth, especially if they wouldn't say it in the show.  This site is meant to entertain and amuse.  I don't wanna change the world.

5.  Don't let poor spelling stop you from writing a good story. Use the spell-check function and your dictionary.  Do the best you can and I'll be glad to proofread it. 

6.  For the best advice in writing fan fic I've ever seen, check out DAFT in Links Page.  It's very thorough, clear and entertaining, as well as informative.   

7.  If possible, send Word documents or something similar.  No zip docs.

8.  I've decided that starting now, I'll only post complete stories.  I understand that people are busy with RL,  but I'd rather not post just the first chapter of a fic and then nothing is forthcoming.  It's only fair to the reader (and me) to give 'em the whole thing.

Essays, Parodies & Reviews

1.  Anything goes, as long as it's related to TaleSpin.

2.  Parodies/alternative realities are welcome, if well-written or funny.  Just let me know it's a parody, and not a serious story, so I can post a disclaimer and the reader won't be misled.

3.  Reviews:  Be fair. Be opinionated.  Don't be insulting.

For Spin a Tale, I am compiling information from other Spinners on what they consider to be building blocks to writing quality fics that continue the tradition of the show.  If you feel you know a character well, or have observed certain mannerisms, that's what I'm looking for.   This is not to be used as a weapon to win debates or to stifle anyone's creativity ever.   It's meant to be used as a writing tool only.  


At the end of September 2001, I will no longer be accepting art except on special occasions, like an art exchange or a similar exception.  Sorry, but I need the room!  ;)

1.  No art depicting nudity or sexual degradation will be accepted.

2.  Sorry, no horrific violence either.  I like scary movies, but they don't belong here.
3.  Parodies or 'evil pics', as some people call them, are definitely acceptable.  Just keep rules 1 and 2 in mind.

4.  Preferred:

-Baloo and Becky material, even if it's not lovey-dovey.  
-'one-shot' characters like Clementine Clevenger, Coolhands Luke, Katie Dodd, Kitten Kaboodle, Myra Foxworthy, etc.  I do accept the odd Kit and Don Karnage pics, but there are sites (see links page) that are devoted to them, and I'd rather they went to a good home.  

5.  Send artwork in jpg. or gif. format, please.  Preferably, the picture should be able to be seen on the page all at once, without slow downloading or scrolling.  I cannot accept huge pictures that take up a lot of memory.

6.  Limit is 20 pictures per artist.  The reason is simple:  I need the space for my own stuff.  If you have that much material (and talent) to display, I suggest you start your own website.  I'd be more than happy to help you get started if I'm able.

This site accepts G and PG material.  No explicit sexual or violent content, please.  Subtle, tasteful innuendo is okay and so is necessary violence, if it's integral to the story. (eg:  Batman's parents had to be murdered so he would be driven to fight crime)  Again, check with me.  If you have mature content, please include a disclaimer so the reader is warned.  I don't want angry parents flaming me. 

And awaaaaay we go!

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